Preview of Star Trek Comics For February – Including Issue 2 of New ‘Countdown To Darkness’ Movie Prequel

IDW have released the first details and cover images for their February Star Trek comics. Included will be the 2nd month for the exciting new "Countdown to Darkness" prequel series to the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie. Plus a new issue for the ongoing Star Trek comics set in the new movie universe and a collection of Brannon Braga’s "Hive" comics. See below for all the details.



Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #2 (of 4) [32 pages • $3.99]
written by Mike Johnson, art and covers by David Messina
Don’t miss the next chapter in this exclusive comics prequel to next summer’s blockbuster STAR TREK movie! New characters and new conflicts threaten Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise in this all-new story overseen by STAR TREK movie writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Main cover

Variant covers include limited CGC guaranteed to be a 9.6 or above!

Star Trek #18 [32 pages • $3.99]
Written by Mike Johnson & Ryan Parrott, art by Claudia Balboni, cover by Tim Bradstreet
The countdown to next summer’s STAR TREK movie series continues here in the pages of the hit ongoing comics series! This issue puts the brave and beautiful Uhura in the spotlight as we learn new secrets about her past and witness her first meeting with Spock! Don’t miss this all-new tale overseen by Trek movie writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Variant covers include Tim Bradstreet sketch cover and Photo Cover (not preview)

Star Trek The Next Generation: Hive [TPB • $17.99 • 104 pages]
Written by Brannon Braga, Terry Matalas, & Travis Fickett, art and covers by Joe Corroney
In the distant future the entire galaxy has been completely assimilated by Borg and it’s king… Locutus! The only hope for the future lies in the past, in the hands of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise—as Picard faces off against the Borg collective in one final, terrifying, and definitive encounter!


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More Trek! Awesome! I loved the last prequel comic and can’t wait for this one!

So what’s with Uhura’s shiny eyes? Is this a hint that Gary Mitchell affect is in play?


Pretty sure it’s just the way she was drawn. Didn’t they hire that blonde to play Dehner?

I notice the Continent of Africa is on the cover of the comic. I wonder what that could mean?

@ 4. It’s Paramount – November 18, 2012

“I notice the Continent of Africa is on the cover of the comic. I wonder what that could mean?”

The comic is about Uhura backstory, I guess, Africa will be a part of her origin story.

The details about the comic said:

“This issue puts the brave and beautiful Uhura in the spotlight as we learn new secrets about her past and witness her first meeting with Spock!”

@ Ahmed

Oh ok….lol……….I had a brain freeze. I should have thought of that.

Been reading The Hive. Very good continuation of Next Gen…
Looks like Brannon Braga has had time to recharge the creative batteries.

I have not gotten into Trek comics as much, but with Braga back writing this new Borg-based comic, I’ll have to give it a a try!

Cool. And one of the first 10 to post!

Elementary, I guess the next two countdown issues will feature Spock then Sherlock with gleaming eyes on the cover. Cue the Maniacal laughter.


Yeah, that’s some accomplishment right there, dude. Just don’t let it get to your head! :-)

Wait! New Trek comics? Clearly this is in response to Star Wars comics that are planned for 2032! Conspiracies I tell you! Conspiracies!!

I love Uhura but I thought this was supposed to lead into the new film so whty are we going into the past before the first movie, can you say shameless cassbin on the film without being a real prequel?

Trekweb also speculated about GalacticBarrierEyes, but they still look like normal reflections to me XD

#13 – Trekboi, a lead-in to the next film doesn’t have to take place right before the film, and comics give them the freedom to explore times/places that aren’t directly involved in the film’s storyline. It’s called backstory, and by giving us more of Uhura’s history, including her first meeting with Spock, this comic can flesh out that backstory, and thus, the character. Also, it’s possible for it to be a prequel to the next film while still having other non-film related stuff in the comic.

Also, WTH is a “cassbin” exactly? A typo perhaps? Or…?

It looks like Feb (Uhura) should match up with Jan (Kirk) to start forming one continuous cover but it doesn’t. Maybe these aren’t final designs.

@13 -The ‘lead in to the film’ comic is the one with the shiny eyes and ‘Countdown to Darkness’ in the title, we don’t know what that one is about yet.

The one about Uhura’s past is part of the ‘Ongoing’ (with Africa on the cover) series which sometimes re-tells TOS episodes and regularly delves into the past.

I would like if braga or anyone could make a comic where voyager or enterprise left off because iv never seen an enterprise comic ever and hive is really good.

Yes, an Enterprise comic mini-series would be great. Name it Enterprise Year Five or do the whole Romulan war…

I’ve noticed that the characters are partially transparent, perhaps this is part of the story rather than a stylistic choice? Perhaps whoever the new villain is has the technology to remove matter from existence completely?


“Trekweb also speculated about GalacticBarrierEyes, but they still look like normal reflections to me XD”

Possibly. However, if you enlarge the picture it looks more like the Doomsday machine is reflected in her eyes …


Perhaps the bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness is Tolian Soran (from Star Trek Generations).

I mean he was portrayed by a british actor Andy McDowell and Benedict is also a british actor.

Plus it will also be all changing event, kill the bad guy which kills Kirk in the prime universe…

Interesting thought..

Any ideas?

Sorry i meant Malcolm McDowell

Countdown to Darkness.
I just get this image of someone with their finger poised over a light switch, saying, “Five, four, three….”


I take it Hive completely ignores the series of events set forth in Destiny where the Borg are now gone?

She is so good looking.

25, I’d be more concerned if it didn’t at least note the failed Borg/Cybermen alliance in Assimilation2…

22. That’s a cool idea, but didn’t Soran enter the Nexus in 2293 and go mad trying to get back? At this point in the timeline, he’s just a research scientist wondering why that giant cube is making it’s way towards his planet.

People are reading too much into the artwork on the eyes. Just because some other site wildly speculates on something doesn’t make it real.

i want a star wars and star trek crossover

the light in the eyes could be that star trek into darkness is a dark film! however like 09 film which is also a dark film as well the characters are still full of life and will not be going into darkness?and this is a visual character insight!then again cool it could be Gary which would be so much cooler

#22 cool idea however they did say the villain is from the first season of tos
#28 in this time line he does enter the nexus in 2293 and someone following him and kick him out however in the past
maybe Sisko ?(yeah i know ds9 fans wish)

Something odd going on with the top right part of Uhura’s hair there. Look like there is a horizontal and vertical break in the image, almost looks like kirk’s hairline inserted?

Is that a picture upload artifact of part of the cover?

After thinking about it, the glint in her eyes is probably just lens flare …


The preview for the new “mirror mirror” comic looks pretty sweet. Has Chancellor Gorkon on it and some interesting talk between Scotty and McCoy about the “alternate universe” deal, with some shots of the TOS actors and Enterprise Refit. Kinda cool.

The Gorkon scene is neat, with a cool shot of new Trek Klingons.

“Shiny eyes” aside, at least IDW can now spell “darkness” correctly. Maybe that’s the reason why the covers don’t match up exactly – too many r’s in the issue #1 cover. Wait, that’s a clue… darrkness… arr… pirates! It’s a Star Trek-Pirates of the Caribbean crossover! Cumby is NuJack! Somebody tell Disney they stole their idea for episode VII.

Looking forward to this week’s issue of Star Trek Ongoing… heading to the mirror universe in this timeline….

Oh… and it has Klingons!!

Wow….people being drawn to Uhura’s eyes instead of her breasts!

Quite a switch!

What’s next….Harry Ballz developing a crush on Erica Durance?


@ 36

How come the TOS refit Enterprise is shown in the panels?

I seriously doubt that the glint in Uhura’s eyes has anything to do with the galactic barrier… In TOS, the Enterprise went through the barrier at least twice while Uhura was on board (in By Any Other Name and Is There in Truth No Beauty?), and she seemed quite unaffected by it. (As did everybody else for that matter, but maybe all the crewmembers just happened to have low ESP ratings.) So unless nuUhura has developed a psionic sensitivity that her TOS counterpart clearly doesn’t have, I too would say that we are dealing with reflections here. Maybe from lens flares, like lostrod said. ;)

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about Uhura’s backstory! I wonder how well the comic will mesh with the Starfleet Academy young adult novels… I haven’t read them, but I’ve heard that they show the beginnings of Spock and Uhura’s relationship – I don’t know whether that includes their very first meeting though, so maybe the writers can avoid stepping on each other’s toes. :) Anyone here who has read them?

@40 I’ve read them all, there is a sort of first meeting in “The Edge” but, technically, it isn’t really their first meeting (as they already know each other as student and teacher) it’s more like the first time they are alone in the same room rather than in the class with other students.

I will definitely get the comic about Uhura!

Looks interesting. I might have a look at it when it comes out, and may even buy it if its good enough.

Should “Enterprise” become a comic, and pick up as Season 5, the stories and arc should be overseen ONLY by Manny Coto! I think he would really dig it, someone should ask him to do it!