Cool Stuff: Bye Bye Robot Star Trek TNG 25th Anniv. Poster + New Set of QMx Retro TOS Episode Posters

This year continues to be one of the best for new Star Trek art posters. There is a new poster commemorating Star Trek: The Next Generation from Bye Bye Robot, and a new set of retro-style posters for four episodes of the original Star Trek from QMx. Check them out below.


25th anniversary poster from Bye Bye Robot.

Bye Bye Robot has announced a brand new lithograph (available now)  featuring the bridge crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation commemorating the 25th anniversary of the series. The new lithograph, created by illustrator Tracie Ching, is titled “TNG 25” and conveys the heart and soul behind the characters of the series. 
Created using the red, gold and blue colors of the different branches in Starfleet, the 18”x24” lithograph features portraits of the 7 most iconic characters of the series and includes an illustration of the NCC-1701-D.

The “TNG 25” lithograph, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, is available for purchase today from  for $25 plus shipping.

Latest set of QMx retro TOS prints

QMx has released another set of four original series retro style pinto posters, designed by artist Juan Ortiz, who was commissioned by CBS. Ortiz has created an original retro-style art print for every episode of the original television series, including the first pilot – 80 in all. QMx is releasing them in sets of four, with a new set every month (not in chronological order).

The latest set of four includes "The Man Trap," " What Are Little Girls Made Of?," "This Side of Paradise," and "The Immunity Syndrome."

The Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints – Set 4 consists of plated-printed lithographs on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper. Each print measures 18 inches x 24 inches. Set of 4 costs $34.95 and can be purchased at

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Ooh, I love the TNG art. I also like the retro ones too. I don’t think I’ve seen one that I completely disliked.

Some great work there, the line of retro posters going back to the Alamo Draft house prints are a breath of fresh air.

I wish they’d apply this kind of creativity to the packaging designs to products. Get some really unique packaging out there for Trek. Make it stand out from the rest.

Unimaginative suited bastards at CBS Consumer Products!!!

I find the TNG poster uninspiring.

The TOS ones, however, are loads of fun.

No Wesley, no purchase. Bad robot!

Those look like they were designed by the guys who created Samurai Jack, the first Star Wars The Clone Wars and Symbionic Titan… perhaps they should be tapped to do new Star Trek animated series…

Agree with #4 on the TNG poster. also would be nice to see more supporting characters like Wesley (for better or for worse), Chief O’Brien, Ro Laren, Guinan and Dr. Pulaski

I agree that Wesley should be there, carl, but those others you mention are just supporting characters. It should be the full original bridge crew. But the poster is far from imaginative so I’m not interested.

Those retro posters are cool. But I don’t know if I’d actually buy them.

#6 – You mean Genndy Tartakovsky. Yes, I can see that, especially for the “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” poster. Personally, although I appreciate his style for Samurai Jack, I think the animation style and quality of the more recent Clone Wars is far superior.

@Kirk, James T.-Why are you even here celebrating Star Trek, then, if you feel so put upon? Because merchandise isn’t designed like what you want it to be? CBS Consumer Products has designed the goods to be the same to enforce a certain amount of brand loyalty; if you can’t get with that, I suggest you not buy any more official merchandise, and just buy this artist’s products from now on (I’d also advise you to STOP watching any of the new movies from Abrams & Co., but I know that such sage advice would fall on deaf ears.)

the retro posters are so filled with wonder!

Love to have them in a photobook, i just got one of the TOS.

Wheaton should have definitely been on that poster!

TNG 25… awesome!


Is there any way to get TNG 25 poster outside of the US?

I think the TNG one is rather inspired. The only issue I have with it is Picard’s likeness, which makes him look even more youthful than he did in season 1 (it looks as though the “let’s see what’s out there” shot from the pilot was used as reference).

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