Check Out The New Movie Universe’s Mirror Universe In 7-page Preview Of Star Trek Comic #15

doctorTomorrow Issue 15 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe hits comic book stores. This issue begins a new two-part story that takes the new Alternate Universe into the Mirror Alternate universe. Check out a 7-page preview of the issue below.


Preview: Star Trek #15

Written by Mike Johnson. Art by Steve Molnar


The countdown to next year’s Star Trek sequel continues here, in an all-new re-imagining of the classic ‘Mirror Universe’ story! Witness the transformation of the new Enterprise crew in part one of this blockbuster story, overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci!


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Star Trek #15 will be in stores on Wednesday. You can pre-order the comics at discounted to $3.19.

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Nice cover with Quinto alt-Spock!

Um…why is there a Enterprise refit in the fourth image?

I’m actually going to get this one – this looks fun ;)

the enterprise looks like the refit from the original timeline.

The refit is shown, I’d think, as a way to show the alternate universes that scotty and mccoy are talking about.

Or it’s a screw up…either way, I love the refit, so no bother.

For those interested, Round 2 is shipping out the 1/350 (3ft long) ORIGINAL Series Enterprise 1701 that comes with enteriors (such as shuttle bay and bridge). Nice looking model kit.

Does anyone else think the “Mirror” uniforms look like something from Star Trek Online?

Great comic! Gory, but great.

Also dunno why there’s the TMP (refit) Enterprise depicted twice in the comic when it’s supposed to be from the nuTrek mirror universe….

But then again, maybe that’s the whole point.

As someone who always thought the Mirror Unuverse stories were more cheesy than effective, this actually captured my interest. The true brutality of the Mirror Universe was always hampered by the fact that the stories had to play out on commercial television. The panel of Alt-Mirror Spock ruthlessly but efficently executing Gorkon did more, at least in my mind, to sell the dangers of the MU than any previous iteration.

@6 Yeah I was thinking that too when I first saw the preview. But I’m loving this! Especially the artwork. More and more this seems to be building a nice foundation for a run of other titles based in the new timeline. I definitely like what I’ve been reading and I’ve collected issues 1-14 so far. Cant wait to get this tomorrow.

Now this is a Comic I will get. I loved it. Long Live the Terran Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful art work but….
can anyone tell me why the Klingons in this reality wear these masks?
I know the Klingons in the deleted scenes of the recent Trek movie wore the same masks– just wondering why? (To save money on make-up, perhaps? )

Can you imagine if the new movie was based on a Mirror Universe? All the speculation about Khan, Mitchell, and so on.

Try this one on: The Mirror Universe sets the timeline back to original canon. How’s that for a mind bender?

I loved the Pic where they show the Orignal Scotty and McCoy along with the new one’s. Seeing where Spock Executes Gorkon was pretty cool.
I can’t wait to read this.

That was a pretty good preview. I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Although like everyone else, I wonder why we’re seeing the 1701 refit rather than the new version. Reminds me of how one panel in Nero showed Spock Prime with red blood rather than green. They need to get someone who knows those details to check them before printing.

Generally I’m liking the new universe’s “expanded universe”. A good mix of old and new.

It has been a long time since a comic has captured my interest the way this one has. My sincere thanks to all involved. If the first nine minutes of Into Darkness are half as good, we’re in for an amazing ride. I dare anyone to disagree.

A little disappointed. Mirror is an old favorite, but for a short little comic, Scotty and Bones bantered about the set-up so long, I had time to get bored; the Klingons are green, Spock resembles renditions of Genghis Khan, and Sulu looks like Chakotay. Nevertheless, I’ll pick mine up tomorrow.

I am curious to see where the story goes, and I love to see them taking full liberties with re-imagining the old stories–Thanks Mike and Bob! I think we can draw some inferences about direction in the new U–Prime-Spock, true to character, I think, isn’t dishing and spoiling the future.

I’m thinking it was just bad coloring (like the refit Enterprise issue). The Klingons in the deleted scenes were obviously brown so I dont think they were meant to be green in the comic. And it’s only a 7 page preview so for a 2 issue comic it’ll be worth it. It’s really only a glimpse into the MU like the 2 part Enterprise episode was.

An imperial uniform without the golden hipcloth thing is only half as cool.

I believe the Bones and Scotty having the conversation are yet more alternate versions, not the 2009 movie versions. Check out the v-necks.
It’s a an alternate reality of the 2009-universe look at the mirror universe.

Whoops! Looks like they put the refit 1701 (ST-TMP) instead of the 2009 version in the panels. Or maybe it’s yet another timeline? Hee hee…

Looks good.
I’ll probably pick them up. I enjoy the IDW ST books. ;-)

I dig the cameos by Doohan and DeForest Kelley.

Beautiful. These keep getting better.

So are those Enterprise locations (crew quarters, briefing rooms, that sort of 10-forward) legit? As in, will they look like that onscreen?

I’m curious. Is the journey into darkness series basically just this continued comic series, but with that label because they’re happening directly before the movie… I’m curious whether the title (or some special title, befor ethey knew the movie’s name) was planned for the issues directly before the movie…

@11 I think they had the helmets in 2009 because the Supreme Court didn’t want to commit to how their Klingons would look, ridges or not. They are probably doing the same here so as not to give us a preview yet (JJ wouldn’t allow it), assuming Klingons are even in the 2013 film.

NCM. Could the timeline chatter be directed at fans who think original Spock should just reset the darned timeline and head home? Plus it establishes that the guy has apparently decided that noninterference is the answer — suggesting that we might not see him again (a possibility) and that he hasn’t given them a play-by-play of everything he’d encountered the first time around (again, maybe for fans who’ve said here ‘why doesn’t spock just tell them where to find the botany bay and leave instructions to keep the guy in stasis,” or variationd. Of course, Starfleet intelligence might not leave the guy in stasis, even if they knew… but still)…

Like the multiple existence explaination.
Like that Scotty seems to be embracing his inner alcoholic.
Like the Old Spock references.

Ent refit is possibly a screw-up but it actually kinda fits into a discussion of alternate-realities (they even show headshots of Prime-verse McCoy & Scotty).

Other than the TMP Enterprise being use instead of NuPrise, looks great. Anyone know why they goofed?

Whoohoo, looks like fun. And I love the new art style.

I wonder if this is the same Mirror timeline as we’ve seen before or an alternate version of that timeline?

Hi, Jack. I don’t object to the point about Prime’s non-interference. I’m glad they appear to be taking that approach. It seems true to form for the character, and having a crystal Vulcan would seem like the kind of cheat Kirk doesn’t do. I just think the story has to move quickly in a little comic book; and 3 pages (14 frames) given to Scotty’s exposition on alternate timelines seemed wasteful. Anyway, I know I’ll enjoy it.

The alternate universe has an alternate universe? Please Orci, stop hurting my head!

I would love to know with the alt-reality has a mirror-alt-reality but that seems like a bit down the rabbit hole, even further than just wrapping your head around alt-realities in the first place.

Mirror-Nero was really, really nasty. Or maybe they are gonna do something about it, cuz the final page does say that Mirror-alt-Kirk is out for vengeance. Or, as someone pointed out awhile ago, maybe the mirror-verse using the USS Defiant as seen in “In A Mirror, Darkly” cause their technology to jump to the level of the alternate-reality.

Like the artwork. Much better than previous.

Can’t understand why some people won’t let go of the past. This mirror universe has nothing to do with any previous explored. Its as simple as that… new verse new rules… anything goes period.

Maybe they fixed the Enterprise in the new film to have normal sized nacelles? One can hope.

From the alternate reality’s perspective, since it is likely that the Defiant of this reality is unlikely to have suffered the same fate as the Prime Universe’s, that alone will probably see to it that the alternate Mirror Universe’s path diverges as well.

Considering that the comic is somewhat overseen by the PTB, the new look of the Enterprise is indeed interesting.

I can see Dee Kelly but not Doohan in that panel and Spock does not look enough like Spock on the cover. That aside, it looks promising.

Going by what’s happend in previous Trek09 replays of classic eps, I’m guessing that Scotty’s still a bumbling idiot who can’t even get a crashed shuttlecraft off the ground, and Uhura leaves her post at a critical moment to save the day because her boyfwend is in danger.

Here’s a thought in regards to the Constitution refit seen twice…. Is it a hint as to what the Enterprise will look like in the new film next year? If the film is potentially set sometime after the events of ST09 then maybe, just maybe it’s heading in the direction of the refit of 2270/2271? Refit Constitution, best looking version of the Enterprise ever! Thanks primarily to Andy Probert (but not forgetting Joe Jennings, Mike Minor, Richard Taylor, Matt Jeffries and I’m sure Trumbull and Dykstra also had a hand in it’s design)

I’ve been anticipating this comic pretty much from the day I learned they are doing a Mirrorverse story, and by the looks of the preview I’m not going to be disappointed! The art is beautiful (it’s by Erfan Fajar btw, not by Molnar as the top of the page says) and I’m really liking the Imperial uniform for some reason, though I kind of miss the golden waistband too. ;)

So… are we to assume that some 100 years in the Prime mirror universe’s future, that mirror universe Nero got hacked off at mirror universe Spock and went looking for revenge, only to be yanked through a mirror universe wormhole which lands him some 120 years in Prime mirror universe’s past where he makes short work of Terran Empire starship Kelvin… and this, then creates an alternate time line for the Prime mirror universe… ? Is that what we’re saying?

Somehow I don’t get it. Why does the Narada-incident have an impact on the Mirror Universe when it is said that the Prime Timeline is not erased by the incident?

Wouldn’t the Mirror Universe be the same as in TOS?

Bones had added some muscle! He looks as though he could take on Cupcake. And win.

Agree w/ above about the TMP Enterprise; suspect that it’s no mistake. Remember: Bob promised us a mindbender!

P.S. I’m liking this thread. Talking ideas instead of tiresome boasts and rants by MJ and Co.

someone please help me..I thought mirror spock in TOS wasnt suppose to be evil?

lol…kind of ironic because zachary quinto does a great job in playing really evil charcaters.

41 – Exactly. How does what happened to the Kelvin have any affect on the Prime Mirror Universe? If this story is suggesting that it’s the exact same Mirror Universe as seen in “Mirror, Mirror” shouldn’t the uniforms and technology be the same as in the TOS episode? If you really wanted to bend minds, wouldn’t it be interesting for the alternate time line crew to cross over to the Prime Mirror Universe and encounter pre-Nero technology and fashion? The possibilities are intriguing.

LOVED seeing the original movie refit Enterprise. It’s my favorite design for the ship. I’ve enjoyed this book series. It’s been interesting to see the first adaptations were fairly close to the original and as they’ve progressed they’ve gotten more and more original. Still hoping that the new movie villiian is NOT Khan, but we’ll see soon enough. Trailer in December! YAY!

@45, I like your idea of Abrams alternate Trek universe crossing over to the TOS mirror universe. Something I’ve been wondering about is if the TOS Enterprise is more powerful than the larger Abrams Trek Enterprise. It seems like the TOS Enterprise phasers and photon torpedos create more damage.

Also, a lot of people here keep acting like the original timeline was altered when it’s been mention even in the Trek 09 movie that Nero and TOS Spock created a alternate reality that branched off from the original timeline. Similar to what was shown in the TNG episode where Worf kept hopping between alternate realities.

I doubt you’d see a refit of the ship in the comics in this issue when last issue it looked as it did in the 09 film. And if there was a refit, it would probably get a mention in the comics, even if briefly. I really think it was a mistake by the artist. Happens all the time in comics, especially when a character has a slight alteration in their costume throughout different arcs.
Also, the issue of a mirror universe for the alternate timeline shouldnt be an issue. The prime universe had a mirror universe that always existed, the Terran Empire just happened to get the tech from the Defiant to amplify their power. If that never happened, who’s to say the Terran Emp wouldnt still turn into a blood-thirsty galaxy conquering unit? The number of alternate universes is practically infinate -so says science fiction- so it makes sense that the JJ universe would have a mirrored universe of itself. Now, why the Fed uniforms look like the ones from Star Trek Online…well, that’s a whole different story completely.

I’m glad they seem to be showing the Enterprise that actually looks like a starship and not that melted ‘tard fest from the 09 movie.

I have a model of the new Enterprise right here. There’s no good excuse for using the wrong version on the ship, it’s a careless mistake. Like using the Adam West Batmobile in a comic book version of The Dark Knight.

I’m curious where those windows in the lounge are supposed to be located on the (2009 movie) Enterprise exterior. None have that curved shape or are that size. The larger windows on the saucer rim and neck are the same size as the one on the bridge. The smaller ones are too far spread apart.
Im reminded of the TNG observation lounge set being used in STVI as the dining room, when nothing on the 1701-A exterior matched.

As for timelines and universes, there doesn’t have to be a mirror Nero causing this at all, it’s just another generic evil universe but one with similar aesthetics to those seen STXI and using the likenesses of the new movie crew rather than the old versions.