Mimoco Announces the Star Trek™ X MIMOBOT® Flash Drive Collection

Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT line of designer USB flash drives, is adding Star Trek to their repertoire with the release of the Star Trek X MIMOBOT Series. The first collection features a prime universe styled Kirk and Spock plus TNG’s Picard and Data, available with up to 64GB of data storage. The line comes preloaded with exclusive Star Trek content including never-before-seen material from the TNG Blu-ray release, vintage toy commercials, and comics. Plus, the drives are pre-loaded with Trek-themed wallpapers, icons, sounds, and avatars for your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.


The drives are available in 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB sizes priced at $19.99, $29.99, $39.99, and $69.99. Here’s the specs:

  • Pre-loaded digital Mimory™
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB capacities
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0
  • Win/Mac compatible
  • 2.5” tall by 1” wide
  • One-year limited warranty


Captain Kirk
Mimoco has captured Shatner’s Kirk in a flash drive — who’d have thought? From the press release:

In MIMO-form, Captain Kirk MIMOBOT maintains the swagger and smirk that helped make the character a legend as he led the original Starship Enterprise. Nothing can keep Captain Kirk from his mission to explore new life on strange worlds, and Captain Kirk MIMOBOT will take all your digital data right along with it!

Mr. Spock
His mother may not have been a computer, as Bones so often likes to say, but MIMO-Spock’s head really is filled with circuitry.

The voice of logic. Cool, calculating, but intensely loyal despite himself, Spock proved the perfect foil to Captain Kirk. It was the back and forth between Captain Kirk and Spock as they debated morality and duty which made Star Trek: The Original Series such a compelling treatment of the human comedy. Spock MIMOBOT features the famous Vulcan hand salute. Let your data Live Long and Prosper with your Spock MIMOBOT!

Captain Picard
The flash drive version of Picard really accentuates his best feature — that big beautiful bald head.

Leading the new crew of the Starship Enterprise on their mission of exploration and discovery in Star Trek:The Next Generation, Captain Picard had the strength and sensitivity to continue the story where Star Trek: The Original Series left off. Plug in your Captain Picard MIMOBOT and Engage!

Mr. Data
With 64 GB of storage, it’s really like having your own personal miniature data in your pocket.

Perhaps the most perfect character to ever be adapted to MIMOBOT flash drive form, Data, the android crew member from Star Trek:The Next Generation, is uniquely suited to storing and transporting your… er, data!

Exclusive Content and Extras!
Not only are these flash drives adorable (I’m highly amused by the idea of Captain Kirk’s head sticking out of my laptop), they’re worth buying just for the pre-loaded content. Each flash drive comes with icons for your computer, avatars for your social media sites, and wallpapers for screens on all your devices. Plus, you get cool stuff like digital vintage Star Trek comics, videos, and exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews.

Buy ’em now from Mimoco!


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Neat! Lol!

Though it’ll suck when I you inevitably lose the cap part and you have a partially decapitated crew member.

Hmmm. Mimobot Data can handle “processing” faster than Season One Data.

Fun stuff!

Will these fit in close fitting USB ports. That is really my pet peeve.

Also, I don’t like the way Data is looking at me.

Does the Data flash drive come with a positronic brain?

Honestly, is there anything left to slap the words “Star Trek” on to make a quick buck?

Did anyone notice that the Enterprise D is a shitty shop bough model rather than promo stills from the studio?

yo dawg i heard you like data, so i put data in your data

I only have 3 words for this . . . .

Licensing . . . .licensing . . . .licensing

i like the Egghead version, from TVs Batman…oh wait, that’s Picard!

How fun! I love fun Trek things.

High speed 2.0??? I hope they realize that 3.0 is out now.

TrekWeb say Stargate’s Corin Nemec will play a captain and the Kickstarter goal was reached.

Hmmm, it would be fun to have them all and switch caps to give Picard some hair and make Spock bald, or some other mix up, LOL

Actually, minus the hairpiece Shat really does look like that.

Inspired by Spock’s Brain, no doubt. :)

Craptastic! I LOVE crap like this! And yes,there’s TONS more to slap the name Star Trek on to make a quick buck! LOL! I want stuff from the new movies,there’s so very little.

Have fun y’all!

#13 – I’d like to put the Picard head on the body of the Kirk flash drive. Then, as you said, we can see what Shatner looks like without the toup.
The flash drives are quite overpriced. Especially considering you can get a Sandisk 16 GB drive for $7.99, and a 32 GB for $9.99, at Radio Shack this weekend. I guess licensing fees drive the price up. Are the actors getting a piece of it, since it is their faces on the drives? (A British poster showing three faces of Spock drinking a Heineken, which Nimoy saw after he was told about it by Henry Fonda, almost kept Nimoy from doing the first “Trek” movie. He was quite peeved that it was his face being used, without him being compensated. And sued Paramount; he wouldn’t even read a movie script until the suit was settled.)

Also known as “Star Trek Meets The Coneheads:”