Happy Thanksgiving + Star Trek Celeb Thanksgiving Tweets + BBCA TNG Marathon

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together, share a meal, and give thanks. TrekMovie hopes all those celebrating this day to have a great Thanksgiving. See below for more including Thanksgiving tweets from Trek celebrities, details on a BBC America Star Trek: TNG Marathon. 


Happy Treksgiving

Today in addition to being thankful for our friends and family, Trek fans can also give thanks that we are less than half a year away from the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. And in December we will get the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray and the first previews from Into Darkness. There’s also new comics and products coming for Trek in January and in early 2013. 

Trek Celebs Give Thanks

Many Star Trek celebs have taken to Twitter to talk about Thanksgiving. Here is what they had to say.

And Star Trek movies producer/writer Roberto Orci reminds his followers that today also marks the anniversary of the assassination of JFK, and he is still looking for the truth.

TNG Marathon on BBC America

Today BBC America is running a Star Trek: The Next Generation Marathon. They are running the first 14 episodes from season 7. The festivities kick off at noon Thursday and runs through Friday morning at 5am. Visit http://www.bbcamerica.com/schedule/ for the full schedule.


The future history of Star Trek introduced us to many new holidays, like the Federation’s First Contact Day, the Klingon Day of Honor and the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. However, some current holidays persisted into the future, including the American holiday of Thanksgiving, with its traditional meal.

There are just two recorded instances of Thanksgiving showing up in Star Trek. Part of the episode "Charlie X" takes place on Thanksgiving Day 2266, and Deep Space Nine shows us that at least some families continued celebrating with a Thanksgiving meal in 2372. Clips showing both Trek references below.

Although it is an American holiday, the spirit of Thanksgiving is one that fits well with Star Trek. It celebrates family, and what is every Star Trek crew, but a family? It is also the celebration of cultures coming together and working together, something that is at the core of Gene Roddenberry’s future.

So on this Thanksgiving, wherever you are in the galaxy, we here at TrekMovie wish you a “Happy Treksgiving” (and Thanksgiving too).


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happy thanks giving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dry turkey from my replicator again!

Happy Thanksgiving all Trekies, Trekers and all those from the alternate universe that claim to be neither. Best wishes to all & hopefully everyone gets a belly full of their favorite dishes & drinks by days end…Live Long & go for a Prosperous walk

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Happy Treksgiving, fellow Trekkies! May we all live long and prosper!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. And, thanks to Gene Roddenberry for putting real turkeys in those ovens, instead of synthetic meatloaf!

TNG’s season 4 “Family” reminds me of what it’s like to go home for Thanksgiving: http://brainknowsbetter.com/news/2012/11/22/the-search-for-thanksgiving-in-science-fiction. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Didn’t they serve turkey in TNG, where Worf’s brother temporarily was the First Officer? (the name of the episode escapes me at current). Granted, they never said it was Thanksgiving.

I’m having Pepperoni Pan Pizza from Red Barron for Thanksgiving dinner.

To Anthony the Trekmovie staff.

Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for all the great content on this site.

Happy Thanksgiving America! Wish I was there today,but I’ll be back for Christmas,lol! And Chris Doohan-when are you allowed to confirm if you’re in the new movie or not? Yep,still hopin’! LOL!
Have fun y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone within the influence of TrekMovie.com.

Remember: It’s a cold universe out there. And the law of entropy isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law. We need each other to keep ourselves warm.

Word to the wise.

Live Long and Prosper. May the Force be with you. And Happy Treksgiving, far and wide.

the synthetic meatloaf has been turned into real turkeys!

We Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving last month… so to all the Americans celebrating today… a very Happy Thanksgiving!

In the humane tradition of Star Trek, no turkeys were harmed in the writing of this post.

Synthe-turkeys, however, are another story altogether. Or, for those still in the 21St Century, tofurkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, hope everyones food turned out better than ours. Damn Tribbles were in the food slots again! Wasn’t all bad, turns out Tribbles aren’t bad with a lot of turkey gravy & sweet potatoes.

“It was a large meal. And an interesting animal.”

Happiness throughout the eating holidays to my Trek family.

LOL Were you at my house today Bob? We were discussing the JFK assassination and the conspiracy of more than one gunman.

Happy Thanksgiving to Anthony and everyone at trekmovie and the discussion threads. Thankful for another year of Trek…and another great year to come. Live Long and Eat Much Food!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone out there. I hope you and your families have a wonderful time.

That clip from Charlie X always makes me smile. Gene’s one appearance in all of Trekdom.

That wasn’t Gene putting real turkeys in the ovens. That was Charlie X. Gene was just reporting the incident…:) Great episode from TOS – one of the best actually!

I appreciate the relative simplicity of Thanksgiving. Hallmark hasn’t obligated us into buying cards, and merchandisers haven’t convinced us of a need to bedazzle our homes and yards, or to present gifts in over-priced gift bags in observance of this event (of course, they’re saving it up for Black Friday and the most commercialized of holidays). I hope everyone was able to enjoy a great meal today, in beloved company, and to have more than a little to feel thankful for.

Sorry for the redundantly redundant redundancy in one of my previous posts. (Post, you know who you are!)

I blame the turkey.

Turkeys are good for that.

From the UK; happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends…

will be in London tonight.

Happy Treksgiving to Trekmovies hard working staff and loyal readers….hope all have a great holiday weekend….and i am also thankful for mr orcis continued support of us fans here…and roberto this last season of fringe has been an even more incredible ride…reminds me of enterprise series…the 4th n last season was best there too…im afraid i will miss fringe as much as i missed enterprise being on a couple more seasons at least…all of the actors in fringe are so good you really care about them….thanks for being involved in trek n this wonderful series…

Doing anything fun in London,boborci? Showing some footage from the movie for the distributors there maybe? lol! You could always hop on over to this neck of the woods while you there,we have no IMAX in this country so you could give us a little sneak preview of the non-IMAX stuff,LOL! Y’know,like someone from Paramount did in 2009.

Have fun in London Bob! I always do!


Hmmm wonder what’s in London. …

Pop over to New Zealand sometime :)

Oh there’s LOTS in London! Depends on what you like of course,lol! Let’s see……my usual round when I do day trips to London……Forbidden Planet,The Cinema Store,HMV,Tesco,Post Office,WHSmith,lunch with some friends and maybe a movie,lol! OODLES of fun!

Ok Bob,another quick question I hope you can answer. Trailer and footage around the 14th…..what about a teaser poster? Any idea when that might appear? Hoping it’s aroudn the same time of course.


Thanks to those of you across the pond for your thanksgiving wishes. We have the English to thank for this fine holiday.

Oooops,the lettermix gremlin is at it again,lol! Around,NOT aroudn,lol. Anyways,hope Bob can shed some light on what I asked. Just curious,s’all.

It’s not what, it is who is in London…oops that name Chris Pine seems to pop into my head for some reason. Maybe JJ Abrams has given the “word” and Bob is about to spread that word, starting with the English bros…

Anyway, Bob, enjoy London. Great place. Say hello to CP for me…haha

Also, no doubt STID’s “one mean dude”, ultimate bad boy (aka Benedict Cumberbatch) is likely to be there in London as well…just saying.

Of course, Bob going to London may have absolutely nothing to do with STID…:(

I expect an apology from Anthony for this wonderful Thanksgiving. He owes us! ;)

Bob Orci mentioned on another thread that JFK was assassinated right on Thanksgiving (22 November 1963). I had not realized. What a totally bummer Thanksgiving that must have been for the Kennedy family all those years ago.


“What a totally bummer Thanksgiving that must have been for the Kennedy family all those years ago.”

Ya think??

@37 Rose; I believe Kennedy was shot on Friday, Nov. 22nd. Thanksgiving in the U.S. was celebrated the following Thursday, Nov. 28, that year. Still made for a crappy TG, no doubt.

Qapla’! tlho’taHghach Quch!

Thanks, NCM. I thought that Thanksgiving was celebrated on the same date each year or weekend closest to that date. My bad. Wikipedia has just told me that it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Our closest celebration to Thanksgiving and Independence Day (4 July) would be Waitangi Day which is always held on the same date, 6 February.

Things have gone a bit quiet on the Star Trek Into Darkness front so I thought I would post these links re the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey


This reminds me of what Bob Orci said sometime back about a movie not necessarily always being completed until it hits the cinema…


Hopefully, I’ll get to see this plane fly past my house. I saw one of planes they painted up for the All Blacks and the Rugby World Cup. Awesome. This Hobbit looks even better!


Cool, ha!

Do/could trailers or previews of other movies get seen with a movie’s premiere screening? If it might be the case, then this coming Wednesday, 28 November, could be of interest to more than just Hobbit fans and film goers…

The first Hobbit cinematic screenings throughout NZ happen on Wednesday, 12 December, not on Thursdays as is usual.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American trek/friends!:)


your going to vist London and get a last look at the place before a certain Trek villian blows it up ?