Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals For Star Trek Products

Thanksgiving is over and that means that its time to start shopping. There are some deals to be had for Star Trek fans on Trek merchandise on Black Friday though to Cyber Monday. Today TrekMovie breaks down the deals from ThinkGeek, Roddenberry, QMx, WeLoveFine, Her Universe and the official Star Trek Shop.



Robes, T-Shirts, Pizza Cutter & more discounted at ThinkGeek

The nerdy store ThinkGeek has a big Black Friday sale on lots of goodies, including many of their Star Trek products. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is discounted to $17.01 (from $29.99), The Star Trek Door Chime is discounted to $19.99 (from $29.99),  The Star Trek USS Enterprise Plush is discounted to $9.99 (from $24.99). They are also offering a deals on Mugs, T-Shirts and Robes where you buy 1, get 2nd for 50% off. All the details at

25% off everything at

From Black Friday through to Cyber Monday is offering 25% discount on everything in their store, including Star Trek apparel, toys, videos, and props. Visit for all the savings.

Discounted Trek posters at QMx

Quantum Mechanix have a big Black Friday sale on all sorts of licensed products, including up to 50% off Star Trek posters. Prices good from Nov 23 – Nov 25. Visit

We Love Fine Star Trek Tees 25% Off On Cyber Monday

We Love Fine have dozens of cool Star Trek Tees and they are all 25% off on Cyber Monday if you use the discount code ‘TREKCYBER25’. Code is good for your entire order. Visit for the full selection. WeLoveFine is also doing an interactive giveaway promotion all day on Cyber Monday on their Facebook page 

New Star Trek Items At Her Universe On Cyber Monday w/ Free Shipping

Her Universe has unveiled a number of new products, including licensed fan girl items from Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. The new Trek products are a "Gotta Love The Gorn" Tee and new Live Long And Prosper Earrings. All Cyber Monday sales include  FREE Shipping and a FREE autographed gift (Star Wars Pin).

Free Shipping at Official Star Trek Shop

The official Star Trek store ( is offering free shipping on everything for Black Friday. Just use the code  ‘SHIPFREE’.

Have fun shopping!


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I need the door chime…

I want the door chime as well!! It’s beyond awesome!!!

It would be neat if the door chime was also a wireless intercom so you could put it on both sides of the door or different parts of the house/building.

I LOVE my door chime! lol! Wanna get a few more.


The Gorn T is absolutely great!

:-) ;-)

How fun! I love fun things, as I said. Neat stocking stuffers, for the enterprising pizza connoisseur or coffee drinker, or if you simply are the type to wear clothing.

My needs and desires are very simple: I want all of them. Particularly if Gorn girl is included.

Santa, note well.

Looks like star trek junk to me

One man’s junk is another man’s fun stuff! lol!

We have the door chime in our office and every time someone walks through the door, the fun factor goes up by at least 1000%. It’s like we work in the future!

Any of these available in the UK?

My daughters got e the dressing gown last Xmas – nice n cosy for these winters nights

Some of it might be available at Forbidden Planet in the UK. Or you could just order it online. I also know that the Cinema Store in London has a selection of Hallmark Christmas ornaments,including this year’s three Star Trek orny’s. Kinda pricey though,I always get mine when in the US for Christmas and hit the sales day after Christmas Day. Half price for those things at Hallmark stores,lol!

With the new movie coming out soon I really hope there’s ll be more stuff from these two movies. Yeah,so I like the Nuverse,or whatever you guys call it,a lot…..don’t mean I don’t love all the other Trek’s as well,lol! When you’re as open minded as I am,it’s fairly easy,LOL!

Have fun y’all!


Ok,please delete post 13,multiple posts,sorry about that. Computer here at library is just messing around with me today,lol!


This got SO annoying that I’m posting it again,or a version of it,see if THAT goes through! God knows why the previous three posts disappeared. So pretend this is post 12 and ignore my previous post 12,and the other ones IF they show up,lol!
Ok,in reply to post 10-some of this stuff might be available at Forbidden Planet in the UK,or you could just order it online. In London I even saw some of this years Hallmark ornaments,including the three ST ones. Kinda pricey though. I always get mine at half price in the after Christmas sales when in the US for Christmas,lol!
With a new movie coming out soon I’m kinda hoping there’ll be more stuff from the new movies. I LOVE the new movieverse,don’t mean I don’t love all the other Treks as well of course,lol!
Have fun y’all! And hope this goes through,FINALLY!

At they have the TNG S1 blu-rays at 44.96. shipping is 12 dollars which still brings that to the lowest price available on the internet @ 57 dollars.

Hooray for the Gorn. Love the original episode “Arena.” What a great show. Action. Thought provoking. And the civilized behavior of mercy.

i usually buy one each of the christmas hallmark trek ornaments cuz some sell out before the half price sale..usually the ships..
dont forget the star trek tng pez sets out this year…usually about 19 bucks…great complement to the tos pez set a couple yesrs ago,or more…
also got the trek ships of line calender and a daily trek quote calender nice to see again finally to go on my black metal daily desk trek calender holder i got at the trek exp. in vegas…it has cut out starfleet logo design on top..again the ships of the line cals usually sell out before half price sales…

So many things….so little money.