Exclusive: Into Darkness Teaser To Debut Online December 6th + Longer Trailer In Theaters Dec. 14th

We all know that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will be showing at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit on December 14th, but TrekMovie has learned that is not going to be the first reveal of footage from the new movie. A teaser trailer is going to be released online this week! More on that below plus an update on the first theatrical trailer.


Star Trek Teaser To Debut Online December 6th

With yesterday’s reveal of the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster there were also updates to official Star Trek Facebook pages around the world, generally showing off the new poster. However the official French Facebook page also made mention of a new trailer coming online on December 6th. TrekMovie has confirmed this is true and that a teaser trailer of about a minute or so in length will debut online on December 6th, and will be available to download worldwide.

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie reported that a theatrical trailer will be showing on December 14th, with non-IMAX showings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. While still not being officially confirmed by Paramount, TrekMovie has again been told by trusted sources that this theatrical trailer is still planned for that weekend. This trailer is said to be longer (over two minutes) and will have footage beyond the first nine minutes of the film, which is being shown at IMAX Hobbit screenings.

While characterized as a “teaser,” the trailer being released on Thursday contains footage from the movie and isn’t like the “Under Construction” teaser trailer for Star Trek released in January 2008 which had footage of Enterprise being built that wasn’t shown in the final film. According to a source, there is overlap in what footage is shown in the two trailers (December 6th online teaser and longer December 14th trailer in theaters), but each also has unique footage as well. TrekMovie has also been told that the longer trailer will be available online but not until after the first weekend in theaters.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news on Star Trek Into Darkness

By December 6th – this tiny glimpse shown on "Conan" will no longer be the only thing seen from "Star Trek Into Darkness"


UPDATE: Pegg Tweets Trailer news

If you wanted more confirmation, here is tweet today from Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg

Thanks to Ulrich for the French links and translation

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Here we go

For months I have been checking the site daily for any news, and now I feel the ball has started to roll :)

Hells yeah!!!

WHOA!!! YESS!! We’re getting them all at once! Teaser, Trailer, and 9 mins of movie!!


Just two more days to go! :)

Now this is something we can finally sink our teeth into. I hope Hasbro will soon announce what “select” figures and role play means and hope that will be 3 3/4″ figures, ships and playsets.

Cannot wait!!! Although, I found the poster to be a disappointment. But, still looking forward to seeing some actual footage. :-)

How come the French got it first before we English-speaking folks did?! :)

Hmm, interesting. But we do remember the trailer from the 2009 movie, right? The one that showed the Enterprise with workers on it, that wasn’t actually footage from the film.

I’m waiting semi-patiently so we’ll see. =)

#5, me too!



That was a great teaser, so if this is along the same lines I have no problem with that.

@12: This one will be those workers replacing the cracked window on the bridge for two minutes. Or better yet, carrying that giant thing through the hallway and trying to get it through the doors. “Left, left!” “I can’t see where I’m going, the light’s right in my eyes!”

NOW, I can start getting excited! Hope there are no lens flares.

#16 – LOL! And the 9 minutes of footage will show redshirts changing all the bulbs on the Enterprise bridge.

How many members of Starfleet does it take to change the light bulbs on the bridge? All of them!

Whoosh! Thats the sound of my ovaries exploding. Xeriously, Trek remains supreme.


Screw that, I don’t want to see the teaser. That will just kill me for the next week until I see the longer trailer. Imagine 9 minutes of footage and still no understanding of who Cumberbatch is? That will also be cringing.

Woo-hoo! Bring it ooonnn!!!

SWEET!!! Thanks AP!

Ok – so are we thinking that the teaser is the 1:03 one that was posted on the Canadian movie site? And the one viewed by “Jeff, The God of Biscuits”?

“He” said it was rather short so hopefully we get to see what he saw and then even more.


Teaser, Trailer, and 9 minutes of footage all within one week (more or less)

Talk about excited. Beam me up ASAP cuz i’m geeking out to teh max with a raging nerd boner.

Now the only thing that ‘s missing, is… a Xmas trailer!


Well, the idea of Redshirts changing lightbulbs on the Enterprise for nine minutes may very well be entertaining, given what usually befalls anyone unlucky enough to wear a red shirt……could be rather…shocking.


Yippee Kai yay mother Trekkers !!!!!!!!!!!

oops, I meant that for #18.

I’ll be in Den Bosch when The Hobbit opens. Please let there be an IMax there and an english presentation!

It’s about freaking time! It’s a great early Christmas present that Paramount are giving us all of this news all at once this month! We have waited a very long time for this and finally we are getting a taste of what we should have had AT LEAST six months ago. Notice I say that PARAMOUNT are giving this, because I’m convinced that this is being done without JJ Abrams’ consent or approval. IMHO, he’d be happy to have absolutely NO marketing whatsoever and just let the movie be released next May and hope that word gets out from the people that it’s actually out.

Thursday can’t come fast enough, December 14th REALLY can’t come soon enough and next May is so far away, I’m working on a time machine to get me to May 17th sooner! LMAO!

@21: Supposedly, neither the teaser nor the 9 minutes will reveal the villain’s true identity. None of the ST09 trailers revealed Nero’s identity, motives or origins. We probably won’t get the villain’s name until early May, when the first reviews pop up…

One of the trailers did reveal Nero with pointed ears.
And we knew just before the trailers came out that he was Romulan. (Although it might have been considered rumour at the time.)

‘We probably won’t get the villain’s name until early May, when the first reviews pop up…’

#21 or maybe January onwards when the IDW prequel story runs.

#33 i mean

#34, uhm….I never said anything about the reveal of Nero in the 2009 movie trailer. LOL.

OH. MON. DIEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meh, I am not so hung up on the villain – im extatic that its Cumberbatch – as I am the crew, the ship, special effects and I am really curious to see some Klingon footage hoping there is some in the trailer.

@ 32. Ciaran

Unfortunately that is not true, time fly’s, and 5 months will fly by at warp speed.

yes yes yes. So excited!

Oh, Jesus, I believe I should be acting like a grown-up, but… I – CAN’T – WAIT !!!!

Can’t wait for you all to see it. I didn’t do it justice in my description, it’s gonna be awesome!

Like the poster though, some will be pissed off, I’m sure. There’s no pleasing everyone.

Cool. I’m interested in watching this teaser. Y’know, I always liked watching trailers on the computer before I see it in the theatres, since they go by too fast in the theatres.


As long as the teaser trailer isn’t like the 09 teaser with the ship under contruction. Then again, they may base the teaser off the teaser poster with buildings crumbling about the unknown villian.


Great news!

Bring on the trailer!

GOD…I know a lot of people hate JJ’s Alternate Universe Trek. Please…just knock this movie out of the galaxy !!! I like this alternate universe; that is the way I choose to see it, and I can still have love for the PRIME universe.

al (#45): Don’t worry, it’s not. I think even JJ and Co. said a week or two ago that the teaser would be actual footage from the film, and I can confirm that!