George Takei Appearing In Archie’s Riverdale In New Comic Book

Star Trek’s George Takei has taken a bold new step into the world of comics. The actor is taking his advocacy to the world of comic books by appearing as himself this week in Archie Comics’ "Kevin Keller," a new series about the only gay teen in Riverdale. More details below.


George Takei beams into Riverdale

George Takei has been an outspoken gay advocate, and in a new interview with the AP he talks about his latest step saying “With Archie Comics, it’s a fun way and a natural way and an ideal way of advocating happily.” The idea for the Takei crossover came from writer and artist Dan Parent who met Takei at a convention and got him to agree to participate. Takei tells AP “I remember as a preteen and a teenager, I used to read Archie Comics, I was so flattered.”

The story for Kevin Keller Issue #6 has Takei "as the subject of an essay by Keller who cites him as an inspirational hero — not just for his acting — but his advocating on behalf of Asian-Americans and gays and lesbians, too."

Cover for Kevin Keller #6

Meet George At Midtown Comics on Wednesday

George will be appearing and signing at Midtown Comics along with "Kevin Keller" creator Dan Parent in New York City on Wednesday from 9-11PM. (more Details).

Variant over for Kevin Keller #6

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Ohhhh my!!!

LOL. Mr. Takei is a NUT !!!

Mr. Takei, you are awesome!!! And cheers to Archie comics as well…!

that’s just a little creepy…oh myyyyyy is right!! LOL

Jughead as Spock?!?!?! LMAOOOOOOOO!

Heh, good for George. He does good work.


Who knew George Takei was so hilarious? All those sadly wasted years just sitting on the bridge, pushing buttons and saying ‘warp factor three, sir.’ He should’ve had his own sitcom years ago.

And with his appearances on “Big Bang Theory”, his ST movies, his internet films (“World Enough and Time”, his other online stuff) and his Howard Stern appearances? Maybe HE is the new king of all media…

(I could hear a big, Takei-sized laugh right now… ) ;-D

I’m certain that the only one who

has a true jughead is George.

Clearly Betty should have been on the cover – blonde beehive and all

This was on the front page of the local paper this morning — awesome.

It’s amazing how much attitudes have changed in the last 15 years — I was visiting my parents for the weekend and they had a bunch of company and they were all talking about how ridiculous homophobia is and how being gay and gay marriage shouldn’t bother anyone. These are all conservative folks in their 50s and 60s. I didn’t bring up that 20 years ago I was thrown out of the same house when my mom suspected I was gay… (my mom’s rewritten history in her head and now says I was thrown out [at 17, for weeks] was because I’d come in once past my curfew)

Alas. ;).

Rose (as in Keachick)

#11 – My mother has a good “forgetory” as she describes it. What she does not acknowledge is just how incredibly and how coincidentally selective this “forgetory” is at times. Thankfully, her “forgetory” and/or rewriting of history is not as bad as your mother’s. What to do? I keep getting told that patience is a virtue.

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