Exclusive: Russian Title “Star Trek: Vengeance” Confirmed As Tested Title For “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Over the summer TrekMovie reported that Paramount was testing multiple titles for JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film. Obviously "Star Trek Into Darkness" was eventually chosen, but the new Russian Star Trek teaser poster had lead to a discovery that "Star Trek: Vengeance" was one of the other tested titles, and apparently the Russians (and only the Russians) decided to use it.


Into Darkness Becomes "Vengeance" In Russia – Was Tested Title

When a movie is released globally there are usually some variances with the title in some markets and Star Trek Into Darkness is no different. Many markets, including some non-English speaking markets, are still using "Star Trek Into Darkness" while others are using translations (or approximations) of the title. However, in Russia it is a different story. While they haven’t yet launched the official Russian website, there is a Russian version of the new teaser poster on the official Russian Facebook page.

Russian teaser poster for "Star Trek Into Darkness"

This poster is using the title "Стартрек: Возмездие." This actually translates into "Star Trek: Vengeance." And TrekMovie’s Russian language experts note that "Возмездие" isn’t just a local variation on "Darkness" or "Into Darkness." And there are apparently no issues with translating "Into Darkness" into Russian, which can be done (directly) as "Звездный Путь во Тьму" or possibly  "Звездный Путь: Полет во тьму" ("Flight into Darkness").

"Star Trek: Vengeance" (Russia’s title for "Into Darkness")

TrekMovie contacted Central Partnership, the local distributor for Paramount films in Russia, who confirmed "Стартрек: Возмездие" (or "Star Trek: Vengeance") is the final title being used in Russia. When asked to explain why they weren’t using a translation of "Into Darkness," the spokesperson told us…

"All we can say, is that our title will make perfect sense, when you’ll see the movie."

– Spokesperson for Russian distributor for Star Trek Into Darkness

Digging deeper TrekMovie has linked this title variation to our earlier reporting that Paramount had tested a short list of possible titles over the summer. TrekMovie has now confirmed that "Star Trek: Vengeance" was one of those titles that was tested both domestically and in foreign markets. So "Star Trek Into Darkness" might have been "Star Trek: Vengeance." Of course one problem with that title was the team’s attempts to find a title that didn’t have a colon in it, which may have got "Vengeance" vetoed, at least for everywhere except Russia.

The implication is that "vengeance" is one of the big themes of this new Star Trek movie. The question is: who is seeking vengeance and for what and against whom? We may learn more on Thursday when the first Star Trek Into Darkness (or Star Trek: Vengeance for our Russian readers) hits theaters.

"Star Trek" to "Звездный Путь" to "Стартрек"

Another interesting side note on the Russian title is how they are treating "Star Trek.” The word "Стартрек" has no meaning in Russian, it’s just a transliteration (English words presented by Russian letters) of "StarTrek". In the past all official translations of "Star Trek" (including the 2009 Star Trek movie) used "Звездный Путь", which translates as "a road to the stars" or "a road in the stars."

Russian poster for 2009 "Star Trek" film
(the text under the title is translation of tagline "The Future Begins")

There is also an interesting historical note for the title. This new Star Trek movie is only the second to be distributed in theaters in Russia, with 2009’s Star Trek being the first. The previous film in the franchise ("Star Trek: Nemesis") was only distributed on home video (as were previous films). But notably Nemesis was sold under the name "Звездный Путь: Возмездие," which translates as "Road to the Stars: (Star Trek): Vengeance." Our Russian expert Oleg Ryzhikov explains that there really isn’t a word for "Nemesis" in Russian. It is just a coincidence, but interesting none the less.

Oleg Ryzhikov contributed to this report (thanks!)

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German name seems to be just “Into Darkness”

comment image

Vengeance? Hmmm…?


I have to admit that the bleak and dystopian poster design looks really, really badass with a Cyrillic title.

I prefer the colonless Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek: Vengeance sounds like a Berman era TNG movie.

Very cool. As excited as I am for this movie I am equally excited about the ‘story behind the story’. Thanks for sharing…

It’s personal for Kirk…Kirk’s vengeance?

Kirk’s loved ones: mom, brother. Ultimately, the Enterprise is his great love but perhaps too soon to blow her up, although that is a standard thing that happens in the movies.

Or is it not a vengeance for Kirk’s friends and relatives, but a revenge on Kirk himself? Kirk is a being of enormous pride and wilfulness. What if he is framed or manipulated into making a terrible (fleet harming) mistake, a Daystrom situation?

But then the one man WMD thing…

One man WMD who has trouble fist fighting with a Vulcan… it doesn’t quite add up. Unless any super powers have been nullified by that point.

Vengeance ….. of Khan?!!?

Hoping the trailer gives a bit more away.

Not first …

Here in Brasil the translated title in english would be “Beyond Darkness”.

The Portuguese title, Além da escuridão, translates to Beyond the Dark

Why does ‘ one man WMD ‘have to mean superpowers for folks here?

I just hope there is no damn LENS FLARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Great piece.

Oh, how I wish it was based on the Star Trek: Ongoing episode called Vulcan’s Vengeance… That arc was excellent and the only original story till now… But maybe it’s only my wish of a vulcan Cumberbatch…

I will repeat what I said before Nemesis and before Star Trek (2009): Please don’t let the villain’s motivation be pure revenge. That story has such a long beard.
Really, I hope there will be something else than just vengeance in the next movie because every villain in every movie has this motive. I hope for something that is smarter and deeper.

Russians know “Star Wars” (Звёздные Войны) quite well. Using “Стартрек” may be a way of trying to differentiate this franchise from that one. I was living in Russia right after JJ & Co’s little stopover, and one colleague referred to ’09 as “Star Wars with the Russian guy” (Yelchin).

Using “Vengeance” is far clearer in Russian than “Into Darkness,” and to my knowledge, using “Trek” as a verb, which is implied in English, and allows one to remove the colon, is just not possible in Russian.

И лучше вообще в конце концов не ебать мозги.

“Vengeance” and “Into Darkness”…

So much for Final Frontiers and Undiscovered Countries, eh?


So… we’re talking another revenge movie? As if there wasn’t enough about the last one that felt liked a retread, thematically.

Well I was hoping that the next film would not have a threat against Earth as it was done in the last movie, and there was a threat to Earth in Nemesis.

But as long as Abrams and Orci have not planed to destory any other Federation planets such as Andor or Tellar I reamin open minded. Just saying there is a whole galaxy in Trek , but I guess another Earth is under threat is needed for the mainstream audience.

Some of the best Trek films have a threat against Earth but I do think two in a row is pushing it.


Ok, I see. ;)

Damn, I really believed it until you pointed out it’s a fake.

Has anyone considered that, as a sequel to the first film, it could be something to do with vengeance for Nero’s death or to do with Romulus again or the destruction of Vulcan. I know it doesn’t really fit with the Starfleet conspiracy or BC looking like a white earthling but what else, in this universe, will anyone be wanting vengeance for?

Well, if we are truly talking about a one man WMD,
Then, Earth might be just one of several plantes that are endangered.

Well, if we are truly talking about a one man WMD,
Then, Earth might be just one of several plantes that are endangered.

Another interesting historical note Anthony left out, with a possible clue to the villain. When Star Trek II was in production, Paramount initially proposed calling the film “Star Trek II: The Vengeance of Khan.” Nicholas Meyer — who still wanted the film called The Undiscovered Country — wisely pointed out that the title, with the word ‘vengeance,’ was too close to the also in production Star Wars sequel tentatively called “Revenge of the Jedi.”

Of course, Meyer lost out on The Undiscovered Country title for the second feature but the title found it’s way back when he directed Star Trek VI. Perhaps someone on the new film’s Supreme Court thought about similarly resurrecting the title “The Vengeance of Khan.”

Oh come on, Anthony. You’re supposed to be waking up Senator Vreenak from his long slumber about now.

Where would we be without the Senator to separate the wheat from the chaff?


I am sorry. I didn’t intend to post a fake poster. I really believed, it was real until sean made his comment. I just posted it again because I thought the link disappeared like some other posts before.
If I had realised, it has been a fake before, I wouldn’t have posted it.


I guess Vulcan will be avenged… by Grabthar’s hammer!
But then there was this line ‘at the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance…’
Who from Trek canon has a reason for revenge?


Nah, no panache to it. They’d have to bring the Shat back just to give the “Khan” call to make Mitchell’s name interesting.

Sorry about that,
No duplication intended.

What about asking about the wacky latin american dates for the star trek movie premiere?

post 10. Karl

Além da escuridão – Star Trek. I don´t know why “Star Trek” is after “Além da Escuridão”.

“Vengeance” isn’t much of a clue for anything. You could have titled the first Star Trek movie “Vengeance” and it would have said nothing about who the villain was.

anyone else seeing “crap trek”

crap trek

crap trek

in all that russian?


Vengeance for Pike’s death. He gets detonated. That’s why they’re wearing dress uniforms to his funeral.

Or just Khan’s vengeance. Or maybe there’s lots of vengeance going around.

#1. Looking at the German poster, I wonder if it just comes off as some sort of supernatural/horror movie.

@ 36 I loled.

“What is it, Lieutenant?”

“It’s Admiral Pike, sir. He’s…he’s been detonated.”

*bagpipe funeral lament*

Even 4 years later and in Russian that ST2009 trailer makes the hair on my arms stand up. Still.

35. billy quire:

Yeah, I saw the same thing. If we are to read into the title “Vengeance” as some indication of the story, then are we to read into the similar looking word of “crap trek” as well?

Methinks yes!

BTW: I thought JJ didn’t like colons.


Plus you have to wonder why the Enterprise would be in an ocean.

That’s about as descriptive a title as “Star Trek: We Have A Villain” or “Star Trek: Bad Things Will Happen In This Movie.” Has there ever been a villain who *wasn’t* interested in vengeance?

Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t more descriptive, but at least it’s somewhat more interesting.

Sounds better to me. Actually I think had they just called it Into “The” Darkness it would have sounded better. But it’s not a huge concern. More interested in how the movie’s going to be.

“Стартрек” <——– At first glance, I read that as "Craptrek" and thought "Ok, so, the Russians knew ahead of time what it was."

All kidding aside, I like the Russian title for the next one much better and will refer to it as if it were the US title.

One question, though. I thought it was supposed to read "Star Trek Into Darkness" as if it were one thing. Instead, the way it's formatted, it reads just like every other Star Trek title. Was that purposeful or did someone wise up and realize trying to be deep and clever with the play on words was a bad idea commercially?

@1: if you look at the official german site (www.star-trek-film.de) , it is “Star Trek Into Darkness” now, but “Star Trek” is written in a much smaller font.

Not Mitchell.

Why do the international posters always look more badazzz?

Why does every star trek movie have to be about Vengeance now?

I love that poster. I so can’t wait till next week to see the first 9 minutes.