WATCH: First Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness [UPDATE: Big Reveal In Japanese Version?]

It is finally here. The first trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived! Paramount is calling this first one an "announcement trailer" and they have officially confirmed that a second trailer will be online after next weekend. Watch the announcement trailer below, but beware of spoilers. 


Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Announcement Trailer’

As TrekMovie we promised, the first trailer has arrived on Thursday Dec. 6th. Watch it!

UPDATE: Bonus seconds in Japanese trailer

For some unknown reason the Japanese version of the trailer contains a few seconds of additional footage.

Another Trailer confirmed online Dec. 17

This trailer is being called an ‘Announcement Trailer.’ Paramount has also confirmed TrekMovie’s previous exclusive report that a second trailer (which they are calling a ‘Teaser Trailer’) will be available for download at Apple Trailers on December 17th. 

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on May 17th.

More to come

TrekMovie will be following up with a ‘shot by shot’ analysis of this trailer, just like we did for all the trailers and commercials for the 2009 Star Trek movie.

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So what do you think?






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Wheres the trailer?

Hurry up!

I hate QuickTime. Why are we still being forced to use it?


Well…. FCUK!!!!

I love how The Yamato rises up out of the ocean. And i didn’t know The Mandrin was in this movie as well.

My god. Looking good guys, looking good.


Japanese trailer has a few extra seconds at the end.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for your family?”

Whoa! Didn’t expect that.

HAHA. Enterprise under water

Holy water wings Batman! There be whales!

Actually awesome and better than I expected. Way better!

Whoever the villan is, Kirk is surprised to see him again. Also I bet it is Janice Rand.

Outstanding! Looks action-packed!

And it looks like the villain is indeed Gary Mitchell. Alice Eve’s hair looks like that of Elizabeth Dehner.

So, I was wrong about it being Khan. There. I did it.

Oh my god… Hell yeaaaah!!!!!!

What the frack was that all about?

He has returned? Khan?? Unless Gary’s back from the edge of the Galaxy…

I’m excited!

Loved it!!! And now the question: “I have returned”?…

holy cow, looks awesome!!!

Shall we begin??!!!

Absolutely brilliant :):)

This movie sucks !!!!

It looks like the Enterprise takes a beating in this one, and possibly is destroyed.

Benedict Cumberbatch is pure menace!

Well, it still doesn’t say who the villain is. Cumberbatch does use the words “Your world” which would seem to denote that he is not part of it. Its the first wrtench in the Gary Mitchell notion that I’ve seen.

Is there any way to make the trailer full screen?

I’m starting to think maybe it is Khan.

Yeah I dont know – on the fence here. Really pushing the grey palate to make the world depressing and “edgy”. Not impressed

yes frack yes, Gary Mitchell!!!!!!

Alice Eve looks perfect as Dr Dehner


I just watched “Whom Gods Destroy” again and I’m feeling REALLY feeling Garth. My second guess is Mitchell, but aren’t Mitchell’s glowing eyes kind of iconic now?

But then he says “I have returned”. So maybe he is part of this world.

So confused…

Enterprise under water……WTF wow

Wow. At least one Klingon. No magic powers. And somehow even more mystery

This really just doesn’t feel like Star Trek. It feels like an action movie, Transformers or Batman maybe, but not Star Trek. I hope I’m wrong, because I really want this to be good, but it seems everyone just wants more of the Dark Knight, and JJ is capitalizing on it at the expense of the franchise.

Is it on youtube yet? LOL! Can’t watch stupid quicktime here at work! ARRGGHH!!!


Oh it is definitely Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner from “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Too cool!

do we know that Alice is playing Dr. Elizabeth Dehner?


Awsome!!! Looks like we’re in for one heck of a fun ride.

And why do I still get a Khan vibe from this? I can still hear a bit of a british accent in there though.

NEAT! Yeah,found it on youotube,lol! Not bad,looks like fun.


I realllllly hope this means we’re dealing with Gary Mitchell and not Khan here. Looks amazing, though. All of the people that are going to say that it doesn’t feel like a Star Trek movie, well of course it doesn’t. A traditional Star Trek movie would not be able to pull in that many people, at least outside of the Trekkie audience, and that’s not enough to get anywhere near the budget these movies got. That’s just the way it is. If there’s ever going to be a real Star Trek again it’s going to have to be on TV.

It is on youtube and you can click fullscreen on it!

There’s not one shot in space!!!
What about this is Star Trek?

It looks like they may have fixed the enterprise so the nacelles aren’t super close together like they were int he first movie?

Japanese version shows, kirk and spock ala twok at the end oh no…

*Potential Spoilers in post*
I gotta say… Gary Mitchel after all?

I know, I know, everyone is going to say “Psh, they’ll never have a villain named Gary!” I just want to point out, that this take could make you rethink just how nasty “Gary” can be. :)

Well, at the very least it looks very visually interesting. A full trailer will hopefully bare out more of the story/character dynamics, but everyone looks from this to have settled a bit more into their roles.

Wow, that extra bit at the end of the Japanese one? Amazing! Kirk and Spock apparently separated by glass…

Finally saw it, but didn’t make much sense to me …

Maybe it’ll sink in later.


So is he a tribble that turned back in to human form?

Looking forward to this !

did anyone else see ONE shot of…you know…. SPACE?

I can’t see Gary Mitchell, if only because there’s weapons involved, and sure, it’s been awhile since I saw that episode, I don’t think Mitchell would’ve needed weapons.

“Your World” could also allude to your personal world, i.e personal space. Doesn’t mean he has to be from another planet. We’ll find out in May.

As for the trailer, I like!!!

13. RDR You’re not wrong yet ;). But I really don’t think it’s Mitchell. At all.