List Of IMAX Theaters Showing 9-Minute Into Darkness Preview Available Now

It has already been announced that the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness was going to be seen along with showings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey starting on December 14th. Today Paramount is providing a list of which IMAX will be showing this Trek preview. Not every theater with The Hobbit will have the preview. TrekMovie has some exclusive details below. 


Find out where you can see Extended 9-Minute Preview of Into Darkness in IMAX

Today Paramount updated the official site to include a list of IMAX theaters in the USA and Canada which will be featuring the first 9-minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness along with IMAX 3D screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. You can see the full list at

You should note that not every IMAX theater showing The Hobbit will also be showing the Star Trek preview so make sure you check that list before buying your tickets. The preview will be showing with the "Digital" IMAX 3D theaters. About 20% of IMAX theaters use traditional film, but those will not be participating in the preview. A spokesperson for IMAX explained why to TrekMovie, saying "This is because there is not enough capacity on IMAX’s film platters to include any additional content (including trailers) ahead of the movie."

For fans around the world, TrekMovie is told that select IMAX Digital Theaters globally will be showing the 9-minute Star Trek preview with The Hobbit. UPDATE: A list of international IMAX theaters showing Trek preview is available at (scroll down). 


Bear in mind this 9-minute preview will not be made available online, so to see it you have to go see the Hobbit in IMAX 3D at one of the participating theaters. But as we have been reporting there will be another teaser trailer (1:50 in length) which will be shown in theaters (Domestically) with non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbit. That teaser trailer will be made available online on Monday December 17th. 

IMAX also tweeted out this poster variant for the special Star Trek event.

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Can’t wait until next Thursday night!! :)

so it won’t be in front of any hfr versions in nyc? hmm…

Well, that means that my IMAX 3D Hobbit ticket on Broadway and 69th St. here in NYC will have neither the 9 minute preview, nor the non-IMAX trailer. NIce of them to clarify so late. :(

So, my local theater is showing it. But is it ONLY on the 14th? So, if I see it the next day or week in Imax that means the 9 minute preview will not be there?

The next teaser (2 min) will be domestic, not international, before the 17th?

Good question. How long will the 9 minute teaser be shown in front of Hobbit IMAX?

Wonder if Cumberbatch is Henoch in this timeline, inhabiting the body of one Captain Garth? He was driven from Spock’s body in “Return to Tomorrow” but did not perish. Perhaps some of this backstory from “Return” as noted on the Memory Alpha page:

“6,000 centuries ago, the humanoids of this planet were spacefarers. They colonized throughout the galaxy. Sargon speculates that a Human creation myth were perhaps two of Sargon’s race. Mulhall objects to this idea, but Spock picks up on it, saying it might explain some elements of Vulcan pre-history. But 1,000 centuries after the colonial heyday came the ultimate conflict. Possessed of minds “infinitely greater” than the landing party’s, having goals beyond their comprehension, Sargon’s race fought a superwar, unleashing powers to which even nuclear war pales in comparison. And so the masters of the galaxy all but exterminated themselves, and their homeworld for half a million years has lain dead.”

BOOOOOO Nearest theater is over a day’s drive away from me!!!!!!

Well that’s great. Only 3D. Pity only one of my eyes works. Looks like those of us with one eye will miss out on the 9 minutes.

Even worse, where the hell is the international list?

So even if I could go see it I wouldn’t know where in the uk shows it.

Must be great to be a two eyed North American.

@Anthony Pascale:

The international list is apparently here

so I’m a little bit confused by the “A list of those theaters will be available at by next week. ” statement.

Is it the same list? Is it supposed to be expanded? (Asking because PL is not there…)

Will the 9 min preview be available on the Into Darkness movie site after it premieres with The Hobitt? I don’t like the Hobitt movies. Or will Trekmovie get exclusive rights to it after it premiers with The Hobitt?

Sorry I spelled Hobbit wrong. LOL.

Smart of them putting it out as IMAX 3D, kind of kills idea of someone getting video of the extended preview and posting it online.

Yeah, looks like SilverCity in Victoria will be showing it!

Woo hoo!


i ordered $33 worth of tickeds (2) and now i have to see about a refund….

…thanks for the list, anyway…

Great update #10, J!
They write: “Please check back as additional theaters may be added.” …hope they add some in Germany later ;)

Disappointing not to see Manchester here in the UK on both lists

@13– LMAO trust me, someone will find a way. Might not be of the best standard and hard to watch, but sooner or later some version of it will be online.


Do you know something about the international release of the second trailer? Will the trailer be attached to the Hobbit in Europe as well?

I got lucky, my theater has the 9-min preview and the free hobbit poster set for the midnight premier!

Bummer. Bought my ticket weeks ago. Lame that Paramount waited until the week before to announce the list. Was worried about staying awake through The Hobbit, but now I don’t have to worry about that since I won’t be going at all now.

THANK YOU ANTHONY. I did not know which IMAX theater here in Cincinnati was showing the first nine minutes. If I go, you saved me from making a mistake; not that I wouldn’t enjoy The Hobbit..

This is total bullshit. The Lincoln Sq. Imax 3D sold out in minutes because of this announcement, including a purchase from me, and now they refine the announcement???? wtf guys!

2.6 miles away from my house. Yeah baby!!!
This totally makes up for the crappy November I had. ;-)

About 300 yards from my house. Exxxxcellent.

Sucks that the Hobbit is so long that the true 15/70 Imax cant play the Star Trek Prolouge, since the platter is only big enough to barely hold the IMAX print of the Hobbit 3D.

Would have been nice to have seen the opening scene on the Large Format IMAX screen at Universal City Walk. instead of on a much smaller Digital Imax screen
But its not costing me anything as I had one of those free offfer Fandango tickets worth 12.00 and it just so happens AMC Burbanks morning show price is 12.00. So only cost me a 1.25 service charge.

I will be bolting from the theatre as soon as the scene is done.

Well I’m pretty close to my 9 minute preview but really Paramount… You couldn’t spring for the chance to market your film as wide as possible making either the 9 min preview or the trailer available everywhere…

Marketing at Paramount blows….

There’s one two blocks from my home. Cool.

I’m less than 5 minutes away from the theater that will be showing the preview. I’m a huge fan of IMAX but I’m totally not a fan of 3D…grrr

Paramount may not post that 9 mins but I am sure it will be posted by someone within hours of its debut–

those complaining about your IMAX not showing the prolouge keep in mind you are seeing it 15/70 and on a true Large Screen Format IMAX, those theatres can not help the fact that they cant play the prolouge.
the IMAX print for hobbit is so big it barely fits on the platter so there was no way they could include the preview even if a print of it was offered.
plus if you are actually wanting to see the HOBBIT those theatres actually offer you the TRUE IMAX experience of the film and not the Digital Liemax version.
there wont even be any regular previews of any movies on those presentations of the Hobbit IMAX.

Thats the price of having a true 15/70 IMAX theatre if you want to watch a almost 4 hour long movie

28 see my post 32, its not that they didnt want to , its that they couldnt thats the technical limitations of the 15/70 IMAX projector/Platter systems.
if the hobbit was shorter than they could have, its not though so it is what it is.
but you cant blame paramount’s marketing on this

It bothers me way too much that they misspell Missouri in the drop down list – and I don’t even live in that state. Or maybe I am letting it distract me since the nearest theater is 150 miles away from me.

As a non Lotr fan, the plan is…1. purchase a ticket; 2. watch the 9 minute trailer; 3. walk out and complain about the fps; 4. Refund; 5. Repeat!

#7: Henoch?

You’re kidding… right?

I got 2 theaters to choose from.

TWO theaters near me are showing the preview! Whoo hoo!
I’m not really a fan of Hobbits but I’ll be there.

So pissed none of the IMAX theaters near me are showing it. Western PA never gets any of the good stuff.

So is he Khan or not?

I will be there, for sure!!!

“This is because there is not enough capacity on IMAX’s film platters to include any additional content (including trailers) ahead of the movie.”


Tron: Legacy’s IMAX 3D showings had trailers ahead of it. So Why CAN’T The Hobbit?

42 Lt, Rickey Tron Legacy was a little over 2 hours long.
And again you will notice i specificly said 15/70 IMAX theatre.

If you went and saw Dark Knight Rises at 15/70 Imax film venue this summer, you would have known this as there were no previews on there either. Now M:I ghost protocol they were able to and have the Dark Knight Prolouge because the running time was much shorter.

I am also wondering if the 9 minute preview will play the entire time The Hobbit is in IMAX? Or is it only shown with the midnight show or first day? I am assuming the former.

@ 40. bringbackkirkprime
I say not. Granted he can jump high and it could be genetic engineering……maybe he can lift himself to those heights using esper power. Based on hints from the progression of the comics (which I won’t get into), the way Alice Eve looks, ‘he’s back for vengeance’ I’d say it Mitchell back from “the dead” with some or all his esper powers intact. If it was DelToro it would have been Khan and from what we have seen in the trailer, a decent Khan movie, but with Cumberbatch playing the role, some rewriting made this story perfect for Gary Mitchell. Just a theory.

So not in London then? That’s too funny,lol! I was wondering about that when someone mentioned in a different thread they were looking forward to seeing it in London,as I knew already it wasn’t showing there,unless they have several IMAX theaters. Oh well,crappy version online….HERE I COME! LOL! Not that I would’ve flown over to London JUST to see this of course,lol! But since I go to London quite often,I would’ve timed one of my trips to see this. Now I don’t have to.

Have fun y’all!


It’s good to have Anthony and the team back with some really good Star Trek news.
Keep up the good work

Thank goodness it’s showing on the digital imax theaters in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

I did not even know we had a second imax in Melbourne.

For those in Melbourne and Sydney particularly make sure you get the digital imax and not the film imax which are the better known ones.

Perth Hoyts Carousel & IMAX

Westfield Shopping Centre, 1382 Albany Highway, Cannington
Perth, WA 6107

Sydney Hoyts Entertainment Quarter & IMAX

The Entertainment Quarter, Bent Street, Moore Park
Sydney, NSW 2021

Melbourne Hoyts Highpoint & IMAX

Highpoint Shopping Center, Rosamond Rd., Maribynong
Melbourne, Victoria 3032

So the international audience is important according to Bob Orci…

So that’s why the list of IMAX theatres able to show the preview are only for US and Canadian theatres.

Boy, this really is so much craptola!

I don’t see the point of not posting it online. Not many people are going to see another movie just to see this preview. But whatever is revealed will be immediately *described* online so no secrets as to the plot etc will be kept.

Must admit though, I don’t like the excessive levels of “tease” associated with the current producers’ marketing stategy. Being teased is just frustrating. I don’t think anyone enjoys it. It’s like with strippers; that first part where she’s got her clothes on is really just a waste of everybody’s time, isn’t it?

I guess creating “buzz” involves getting us Trek nerds arguing over whether Cumberbatch is playing Gary Lockwood or Balok or Jeff Vader, but really they are overdoing it a bit, I think. I mean, even the poster. It tells us nothing. Some guy in a coat, as seen from the inside of a woman’s reproductive system? What’s that all about?

I wonder if anybody knows the budget? Anthony?