Watch: Frakes Talks Riker’s TNG S2 Beard + Burton On Engineer Geordi

We have another interview with TNG stars promoting the new Season 2 Blu-ray set. This time it is LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes appearing on G4’s Attack of the Show where Frakes gives the backstory on his S2 beard and Burton talks about moving to engineering. Watch that below, plus another clip from AOTS with Goerge Takei talking about appearing in Archie comics..


Frakes and Burton Talk Season 2 TNG Changes

A few days ago Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show to promote Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 on Bluray, where they talked about Riker growing the beard and Geordi moving to engineering and more. Watch it

And while we are talking Trek stars on Attack of the Show, Star Trek’s George Takei was a guest yesterday to talk about appearing in Archie comics.

Get your copy of TNG S2 Blu-ray from Amazon discounted to $64.99.

Read the full interview for more from Frakes at NBCPhiladelphia.

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i wonder if the tng actors are getting any extra royalty $$ from the blu-ray releases?

Always good to see their faces. I re-watched Insurrection last night for the first time in ages and never have I enjoyed it so much! That one is underrated in my opinion

That was a really fun interview with Levar and Jonathan!

LaForge was much more useful as the Chief Engineer even if the punchline of the blind guy driving the Enterprise was eliminated.

That was a fun one. Thoroughly enjoyed that. I loved the Riker’s Beard = opposite of jumping the shark deal. Hillarious.

What happened to his NOSTRIL!?!?!?!?

This was real fun to watch. Nice to see that guys still having fun.

I really miss the TNG crew, it’s the Star Trek I mostly grew up with, the first Star Trek I really saw. Too bad Nemesis didn’t turn out so well, my memories of the other films are really good ones.

It’s a rarity in television for there to be such great actors and camaderie across several generations in the same franchise. From Shatner and Nimoy to Wil Wheaton to Pine, from the older to the younger, one has the sense that all of these actors have a great sense of Star Trek, friendship, and — above all — humor.

As I grow older myself, I sometimes find myself looking at the past wistfully, which explains the latest H. G. Wells article I reposted on my blog just half an hour ago. But as a wise man once said, the best is yet to be.

Dang I miss this show. Yeah I can watch these Blu-rays, but I miss looking forward to new episodes. I think that TNG could have went for two more years.

Give these guys (Jonathon and LeVar) control over TV Trek! They are the best!

that was outstanding. these guys are great together.

I wondered about that nostril thing too. Yikes.
Fun interview though, thanks for posting it.

You know what, it’s really very relaxing and enjoyable to just watch the TNG cast talk, they really do love each other and that really comes across.

Such a pleasant experience watching TNG and honestly the blu-ray sets are incredible. Only watched season 1 so far but it just took me back to when I was a kid watching TNG on BBC 2 in the UK, 6pm, brilliant stuff.

(I hope they give the same treatment to DS9 as they’ve given TNG, that show deserves to be as awesome now as it was in the 90’s – with redone CGI battles during the Dominion War so it’s not just recycled stock footage)

I would totally give Levar and Johnny control of TV Trek. They would probably turn out some great stuff. Anyways, I had a blast watching this interview. They are so much fun, especially when they are together.

I really wish a show about Capt Riker’s Titan could have been made..I thought a Capt Sulu show might have worked a while back. Riker is so charismatic and getting cross series characters like Tuvok from Voyager, and maybe Obrien and Worf and others from all of the series together would have been cool.

#2 – Agreed re/INSURRECTION; made me think of a two-parter. In other words, it was “Star Trek”, and not a trumped up film outing.

#15 – In the 90s I was so very pulling for a Captain Sulu show; but that was Gene’s universe and not something Behrman et al wanted to tackle. Loved that one ep of VOYAGER though with Capt Sulu and the Excelsior.

I still would like to see a STAR TREK: TITAN series. As I’ve posted before, Frakes and Sirtis work great together (watch any number of interviews with them as a “couple”) and the potential for cross-over Trek actors is huge. Set it in the current relaunch novel post-Borg era. You could even bring in the Picard/Worf ENTERPRISE for a season finale/cliffhanger/ratings grab.

I had written up a TNG appearance setup for THE BIG BANG THEORY a while back; went something like this…

[scene is at the comic shop, where Wil Wheaton is battling Sheldon in a game; door opens, and Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes walk in]

Sirtis * Wil… Wil…

[Wheaton does not respond]

Sirtis * Wil, we need to go. We’ve got that signing thing over at the Chuck E. Cheese at 4.

Wheaton * That’s today? One second. Let me finish this hand.

Sirits * Well, c’mon; you know how much Patrick hogs the crowd if we’re late.

Frakes * Sir Patrick…

Sirtis [lovely fake smile, shaking head] * I’m not calling him that.

Wheaton * Sorry, guys, gotta run.

[ LeVar Burton then sticks his head in the door ]

Burton * Guys, the mini-van’s double-parked; we got to go!

[ Brent Spiner walks up to the door ]

Burton * What are you doing? You were supposed to stay with the van!

Spiner * You took the keys! I want to listen to the radio.

Sirtis * God, you people. C’mon, let’s go. NOW.

[ everyone falls in line to Sirtis ushering them out sheep dog style ]
[ Brent Spiner notices something on the wall ]

Spiner * Ha! My action figure went up three bucks!

[the BB guys begin looking at each other as they leave ]

Leonard * Man, they are so good together; they should do another movie.

What I like best about the Frakes/Burton video is how real they both are. I got to talk to Frakes a bit at a small local con about a year ago, as there wasn’t much going on. He was as funny and cordial then to me as he acts when the camera is on. First time I ever saw him and I came away a bigger fan than ever. And my hunch is that Burton is a legit nice guy, too.

Levar is a fantastic guy – he and i chatted briefly at a bar during #STLV and after I expressed my gratitude for all the entertainment, he fist-bumped me. Awesome.

I have to say that the more “real” actors are, the more I respect them.

It’s great when you are able to talk to real stars such as they, and not be put off by a phalanx of bodyguards or PR flacks.

And, unlike some in the Hollywood media, I’m not a fair-weather fan only. I couldn’t care less if their last role was a blockbuster or a stinker, or even if they’re in the “Biz” at all. I remember them for the great roles they had and the love they had for their series.

Things change, and people change, but isn’t it great when stars you remember from way back when are just as nice as you hoped they will be?

From a longtime fan, I wish LeVar and Jonathan and George well, and even more importantly, kudos for being such great human beings.

After all, you’re only a star for a limited time. But you’re human for your whole life.

It’s too bad the TV provider I have doesn’t air G4. At least I get to see the clips online. Would still love to see a Titan show either Direct to DVD, webcast like Blood & Chrome, or on Netflix.

riker is my favorite trek character ever aside from kirk. the guy just radiated what every man wanted to be – confident, respected, ambitious, and a ladies man. what a champion. that and he had the best line in trek history – “I SAID SHUT UP. AS IN CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND STOP TALKING!” wiped the grin off picard’s face.

ha ha ha!

Both these guys are legit, class acts. Easily two of my favorite people in the entire franchise.