Alice Eve Talks Star Trek Into Darkness Script, Director & Co-Star Cumberbatch’s Seriousness

We haven’t heard much from Alice Eve, one of Star Trek Into Darkness’s new stars. But in a new red carpet interview she opens up a bit to talk about the script of the film, working with JJ Abrams and why working with Benedict Cumberbatch this time was different than their last collaboration. 


Alice Eve Opens Up On Star Trek Script, Director and Co-star Cumberbatch

Speaking to DigitalSpy Star Trek’s new guest star Alice Eve talked a bit about her time in the Final Frontier…

On Alex Kurtzman/Bob Orci/Damon Lindelof script…

"The legacy aside, the reality of the experience was a great pleasure. It was special in every way, because the people who make the movie and are in the movie are all so impressive. The whole script is immaculately written – I read it in one sitting, and I just had the film in my head. It’s that articulate and specific and imaginative."

On director JJ Abrams…

"He’s a very intelligent, talented and determined man. Being around him is inspiring, and he engages you – you want to do your best for him, and tell his story in the way that he wants it told."

On how it was different than her last time working with co-star Benedict Cumberbatch…

"On Starter for 10, the scenes I had with Benedict, I was really incapable of keeping a straight face," Eve admitted. "He was just so funny, so it was a different experience working with him again. Less comedic!"

And here are some photos of Alice from the CDF event.



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So no spoilers, eh, Alice?

Dang she’s cute!

Dr. Dehner fo sho!

Dr. Dehner



She is so pretty! But that scream of hers is the worst part of the trailer (aside from the Inception horns). And watch Starter for 10. Cumby is the resident geek prick there and is really funny.

Classic example of a chick hired for her looks, but she has NO talent.


What a babe.

@7. True. I can think of tons more actresses in Hollywood who, fitting the look, also have much more talent. Would post a list, but most probably wouldn’t agree with me on who I’d have chosen in this actress’s place. Not hating on her though, just feel someone else would have been better. Anyone, in fact. Especially if she’s playing Dr. Dehner or Carol Marcus.


Have you ever seen her in anything? She’s been quite good in a number of British productions.

7 and 9

She’s in the movie, you’re not.. deal with it ;)


Yeah, I’ve seen some of her work including her turn in She’s Out Of My League.

She can’t act worth sh*t!

You know she could be playing Roberta Lincoln, making Cumberbatch the enigmatic Gary Seven

Gary Seven is not a villain



Does Alice Eve have different coloured eyes?

I am sure her acting will be fine in the movie. Also, so what if she does turn out to be Kirk’s girlfriend, as well as being a science or medical officer? That suddenly does not make her some Mary Sue. If she is important to Kirk, then she is important to the movie.

check her and Simon Pegg in The Big Nothing. She’s good in that.


What, AJ, it’s my fault she can’t act??

Look, anybody can stand in front of a camera and say the lines, but why not cast an actress with great acting chops who will bring that extra “oomph” to the proceedings?

OK folks, I was really trying to deliberately not see the trailer and wait unilt I saw the 9-minute IMAX clip next Saturday night, but I couldn’t help myself — I have just watched the English and Japanese versions of the trailer.

My oh my, what a difference this trailer makes. Last week, the vast majority of folks here were dismissing out of hand that it was Khan,and kept promoting a nonsensical Gary Mitchell ressurection-based storyline. Now, with the trailer, even they have to admit that Khan is very much in play; or at least Jochaim and/or a member Khan’s family.

And this trailer definitely takes Mitchell off the table. Mitchell had no family, and the context of BC’s lines in this trailer make absolutely no sense for Mitchell to be saying. Sorry Montreal Paul, DM Duncan and others, but it ain’t going to be Mitchell.

This puts the credibility back in my sails. It feels good — very good.

Khaaaaaaaaaan !!!!!

PS: I rate it at a 75% chance that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus.

Nurse Chapel looks hot. And Cumberbach makes an excellent Roger Korby android.

The name ’Seven’ is a very badass name for a villain. And maybe he is a villain in this universe.

Also, I like how she described the script as ’imaginative’. That is something.

As Joachim was a young man in TWOK, there is no way and I mean no way that Cumby is playing that character… (My apologies for paraphrasing the great Buford T. Justice)

I still say you are completely wrong MJ! :-) But we shall know for sure soon enough.

But as I am not watching the current trailer and indeed I may not be seeing the 9 minute preview now, as it is likely to not be attached to the cinema where I am seeing the Hobbit on the 17th :-(

I may now actually just keep away from any clips of STID and all other spoilers until I go see the entire thing in May and that way be (hopefully) blown away by the surprises and awesomeness of the movie.

There was a TV spot on last night which showed the current trailer, I managed to change channels within the first couple of seconds

Wish me luck with my avoidance.

To the rest of you, enjoy the marketing…

PS to MJ…

I have seen a still of Alice Eve in character, to my eyes she looks a ringer for Elizabeth Dehner. Hairstyle, makeup, blue shirt…

Carol Marcus was never enlisted in Starfleet, so she would not be wearing a Starfleet top would she?

Anyway, all will be revealed in May.

Actually starting to get a wee bit tingly about this film now! I like it! it’s exciting!

So harry….is eve a better pick than say, lois in smallville,or about the same…..hmmm

@22 “But as I am not watching the current trailer ”

Well, you should really excuse yourself from this discussion then. That is the whole point of this current discussion — see what we think we learned from the trailer. If you are not even seeing it, then sorry, but your opinion is severely outdated, dude. Your like a voter who didn’t bother watching any of the presidential debates trying to convince me that your candidate is the best choice.

Carol Marcus was a civilian scientist in TWOK, who’s to say she wasn’t in Starfleet 20 years earlier?

Anthony let slip she was playing Carol on the other thread. He obviously knows more than he’s letting on.

#16 Yes, she has heterochromia. An it’s pretty clear in the two cuts we can see of her in the teaser.

BTW, I’ve seen her “recently” in The Raven, and in The Decoy Bride, alongside her small part in MIB3, and other prior works like Starter For 10, and Big Nothing. She is not just a pretty face, nor a 5.4″ tall blonde. She can act, as she comes from the theater family.

The scream cut of the teaser is out of context, so we can not say if she is really overacting, as some people are claiming.


Why do people like you say things like that?

I would really like to understand the hostility directed at commenters that have anything negative to say.

I mean, i’ll be honest and say I think it’s rather ridiculous to critique a performance that we’ve seen exactly two shots of. A smile, and a scream. A scream which is probably suffering from “Trailer ADR syndrome.” Where they did some kind of a dubbing. I wager, in context, the scream is probably much more resonating.

But, telling people to “deal with it” is unnecessary. This is Star Trek. We have a vocal fan base. If you can’t handle hearing other people’s critical opinions, or feel you can only respond with innate hyperbole or tired meme’s, then maybe it’s time to enjoy the movies from a safe distance from the vocal Trek audience.

“@ 20. diggin up bones – December 8, 2012
“Nurse Chapel looks hot. And Cumberbach makes an excellent Roger Korby android.”

I’ve pondered that thought many times and wonder why few people have suggested that…a continuation of his story and what has been scene in the teaser would explain a great many things also.

Would be surprised if it is Roger Korby, but feel strongly currently that’s it’s Gary Mitchell.


LOL MJ I love your commitment but it’s Joachim, not Khan. ;)

28. Steve Johnson –

How dare you be sober and reasonable on this site?!? I ask you sir, How? Dare? You??

28. Steve Johnson –
“I think it’s rather ridiculous to critique a performance that we’ve seen exactly two shots of.”

How dare you be sober and reasonable on this site?!? I ask you sir, How? Dare? You??

And how dare I double, no, triple post. How dare I. Heh, heheh…

Here’s something different.

Saw somewhere yesterday that a possible reason why her scream looks so off is that it has been overdubbed. And not only is she not simply screaming, but she is indeed yelling ….. A word…… A name…….. Khan.

Hey Harry. Given a Choice between Alice Eve and Ericka Durance for the role. Which one.

She was also on the final season of HBO’s “Entourage”. Her character ends up marrying Adrien Grienier’s character. Yes she is quite stunning — I’m also betting the house and her being Dehner or Marcus. I’m all on board with the “Gary Mitchell thing”. Makes total sense to me.

You’re wrong HB. If they wanted looks there is much prettier. I’ve seen her on a few things and she is a fine actress. on the screem, I think she does a convincing terrified looking scream. As far as we know she could be looking at Simon Pegg naked.

And it’s Joachim…

Eh, Jimmy boy?!

How about Finnegan and Carol Marcus? Finnegan washes out of Starfleet because of Kirk and goes postal, assassinating the Starfleet head who busted him?

What if Starfleet or the Klingons find the Botany Bay, and accidently kill everyone onboard trying to revive them but Joaquim is the only one left alive and he seeks vengence for the killing of his family. Or have that same situtation with Khan.

Or Starfleet could be so scared of Khan and his supermen are back they issue orders to get rid of them at all costs.

35. cplec-


Many people are forgetting that this is a new timeline compared to TOS. Dr. Dehner could be in the film and still have Khan as the villian. No reason that just because Dehner is there that Mitchell also has to be there. Same with Carol Marcus – just because she wasn’t in Starfleet in TOS doesn’t mean that she isn’t in Starfleet in the alternate timeline.

More than 25 years have passed since the Narada attacked the Kelvin and later destroyed Vulcan. Obviously this would have had a huge affect on many Federation (and other) characters and caused them to have a completely different backstory than their history in TOS.

In fact, it’s foolish to assume that most of the events of TOS would happen in the alternate timeline exactly as they happened in TOS…. this includes some of the most iconic encounters of TOS such as the Enterprise encountering the Botany Bay, the energy field at the edge of the galaxy, etc, etc. In this timeline, none of this would happen; but the same characters could exist and they would interact with the Enterprise in a totally different way (or may never encounter them at all!).

Based on the trailer, my guess is that Cumby is Khan and that Eve is either nurse Chapel. Just like JJ surprised us with a Spock-Uhura romance, I’m betting that he is mixing things up again and giving us a Kirk-Chapel romance.

As for Cumby, the fact that he has a British accent does not exclude him from being Khan. Anyone who knows history knows that the British Empire ruled India for a long time and that even after Indian and Pakistani independence, many people in those countries were educated in England or attended english schools. It’s perfectly natural that Khan could speak english with an english accent. It’s also possible that Khan himself had a Sikh father and and English mother, thus giving him the Khan name but a more Caucasian appearance.

Not saying that this is certain, just that you can’t exclude Cumby from being Khan just because of his accent and appearance. Before the “vengeance” angle became known for this new movie, I doubted that JJ would go back to the “Khan” well for another movie. But the whole look of the trailer and the vengeance theme totally points to Khan as the villain. I think that Klingons found the Botany Bay and revived Khan (hence the scenes of Cumby and the Klingons), Cumby manages to hijack a Federation ship, and he returns to earth to take revenge for his original exile. Remember, for Khan, who was in cryosleep for centuries, his exile from Earth is still “recent” history.


No way it’s Joachim.

You are speaking from the perspective of a ST fan but JJ is trying to make a movie with broad appeal. Therefore there’s no way he would make a relatively minor ST character such as Joachim into the prime villain because he is unknown to the general public. But Khan is probably the most famous and iconic villain in ST history and even causal movie-goers would know of him.

What sounds better……. “Joachimmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!”
“Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ?

Alice’s character looks so much like Kirk’s mother. Guess he’s going to go all Oedipal?

LOL – if it’s true that Cumby wipes out a whole base of Klingons in this film, then JJ is beginning to run the risk of painting the Klingons of this timeline as wimps. In ST2009, the Klingons got their a$$es kicked by the Romulans (i.e. Narada).

When are we going to see the powerful and conquering Klingons of ST lore?

#44 – Weller could be the Captain of Starfleet ship that Khan takes over?

Just thought of something else what if Weller is Captain Tyrell from TWOK?

It’s interesting that he crossed timelines in this movie. Did he end up taking her with him? That’s the big question.