Alice Eve’s Character + 7 More Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Revealed At Bad Robot Visit

Today Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director JJ Abrams invited the press (including TrekMovie) to visit Bad Robot HQ in Santa Monica, CA. While there the media could chat with folks behind and in front of the camera as well as get a closer look at elements of the movie. During the day TrekMovie picked up on a number of new character and story tidbits. Find out what’s new below but beware of spoilers.



1. Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus

It is confirmed that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus. TrekMovie was first to report that (contrary to reporting from Variety) Eve would be playing a character from canon, and that character was Kirk’s former love (and mother to his son) from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, played by Bibi Besch. In Wrath of Khan Marcus was a civilian scientist, but TrekMovie has confirmed that in Into Darkness she is a member of Starfleet and a science officer assigned to the USS Enterprise with the rank of lieutenant.

Alice Eve (L) steps into the role played by Bibi Besch in Star Trek II (R)

2. Benedict Cumberbatch Really is ‘John Harrison’

As reported earlier today, Paramount released a new image of featuring Benedict Cumberbatch from Into Darkness and the official caption provided identified his character as "John Harrison." After all the debate many fans have been scratching their heads over this name asking, who is John Harrison? Some have suggested that this name could just be a placeholder used for marketing purposes, however TrekMovie can confirm that Cumberbatch’s character is called Harrison in the film.

Meet John Harrison – Into Darkness’ Villain

One of the reasons fans are scratching their heads is because producer/co-writer Roberto Orci had previously stated that Cumberbatch was playing a character from Star Trek’s canon. Clearly ‘John Harrison’ is not a well known character from Star Trek’s canon. Tune in tomorrow to find out what both Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had to say about this discrepancy.

3. Joseph Gatt Plays Character Named ‘GATT2000’

11 months ago TrekMovie reported that British actor Joseph Gatt was cast in the Star Trek film. During the event TrekMovie learned Gatt appears in the film with the character name "GATT2000." (unsure on the spelling) The character will be seen as a bald humanoid but with some kind of technology built into his head. It wasn’t entirely clear, but it is possible that he could be an android or possibly a human with technological enhancements.

Imagine this guy but with a sort of blue flashing gizmo built into back of his head

4. Pike (probably) gets out of his chair

This one isn’t certain, but pretty certain. When we last saw Bruce Greenwood in the 2009 Star Trek movie he was in a wheelchair due to his injuries sustained under Nero’s torture. This chair was an homage to the original Pike who was seen in a beeping chair in the original series. While Pike was not seen in the 9-minute preview or the upcoming domestic teaser trailer, if you looked closely at a display of props at the Bad Robot event you could spot a cane featuring the Starfleet logo. TrekMovie tried to get Greenwood to spill the beans but all he would offer is joke "maybe I use the cane to hit people from my chair." However, in this case I am going out on a limb and saying Greenwood gets out of his chair, something the actor had previously said he hoped would be the case for this movie.

Pike last seen in chair in Star Trek (2009)…probably upgrades to cane in ‘Into Darkness’

5. Klingons faces (and foreheads) will be revealed.

In the deleted scenes for the 2009 Star Trek film, no Klingons ever removed their helmets. However that will change for Star Trek Into Darkness. It was revealed that two of the actors playing Klingons will remove their helmets. The Klingon makeup designs were on display and they were very much in line with post Star Trek: The Motion Picture ridged forehead Klingon look with some minor differences. Probably the biggest new feature was how these Klingons adorned their ridges with ring piercings. There was also a subtle homage to original series design Klingons with devilish goateees. It was also revealed that there were twelve additional actors playing Klingons, but they keep their helmet/masks on.

Klingon helmet/mask style from 2009 Star Trek also used in ‘Into Darkness’ but this time we will see what’s underneath

6. It’s Qu’noS

In TrekMovie’s shot-by-shot analysis of the announcement trailer released last week a planet was identified to have Klingon buildings (where Cumberbatch’s character beats up some Klingons). At the event today it was revealed that scene takes place on Qu’noS, the home world of the Klingon Empire.

Qu’noS is lovely this time of year

7. Chekov will wear both gold and red tunics

In the 9-minute IMAX preview (shown to the press last night) Anton Yelchin’s Chekov was seen at his traditional bridge station wearing his regular gold tunic. However, in the upcoming teaser trailer (shown to the press today) Chekov can be spotted running down a hallway wearing a red tunic. Since the 9-minutes was from the beginning of the film, it could be that at some point Chekov gets reassigned.

Chekov as seen in 2009 Star Trek (w/ gold shirt) returns to his post for ‘Into Darkness’ but will also be seen in red shirt

8. Keenser is back

And one last new detail…Star Trek Into Darkness will feature the return of Scotty’s loyal diminutive alien side-kick Keenser. Deep Roy has returned to play the part he first inhabited in the 2009 Star Trek film.

Deep Roy as Keenser from 2009’s Star Trek – and he’s back for ‘Into Darkness’

More to come from Bad Robot visit

These tidbits are just part of what was learned at the Bad Robot event. Over the next day or two TrekMovie will report more on what was shown, along with quotes and comments from actors, producers and some of the other crew who are making this film,


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This is exciting! Eagerly awaiting Mr. Orci’s and Kurtzman reply to us fans. I’m nearly bursting at the seams to watch the IMAX preview this weekend.

Ra’s al Ghul all over again.

And so it begins. Who is John Harrison?

Isnt John Harrison the name Khan used in the TOS episode Space Seed when he was originally found by the crew of the enterprise?

But there was a Harrison character in many episodes. Why the comment that he’s not in the canon? So they didn’t give him a first name…

With the John Harrison thing, I will point out that Marion Cotillard’s character in The Dark Knight Rises was named Miranda Tate, and everyone involved in the production vigorously denied that she was actually playing Talia al Ghul, despite great fan suspicion. And then what happens when the film comes out? It turns out Tate really was Talia.

So, I’m just saying… these things do happen.

So Alice Eve is Carol Marcus
What for a Downer.
First of all she has got that Dr. Dehner Haircut.
Secondly, Dr. Marcus was never in Starfleet.
Yes i know, in the Abrams- timeline it could be different, but that’s basically a total reverse of her character. Originally Carol Marcus and David were against Starfleet, and now she is a member of it?
No, Dr. Dehner would have made much more sense!
Furthermore it would have been a nice twist, if Dehner is the girl of Kirks life and not Carol Marcus. But Abrams HAS TO play it safe. What a pitty!

So there is just one mystery left?


It’s still Gary to me, Dammit!

“John Harrison?” wasn’t he one of the Beatles?


So, it’s official… NO KHAN, Will you be a big enough man to own up and admit you were wrong? Or will you still stick to your guns and say it’s Khan?

Thanks for all the great info!

News coming in thick and fast!! Great. First for the first time!!

Thanks for the inside scoop!

k sorry, but iwould rather see the ikea monkey in this film than that keenser ewok wanabee. GATT 2000? really?

I wonder how many people’s heads exploded while reading this article. Not hating though, still can’t wait for May 17th!

Can BobORci and CO defintely confirm that John Harrison is indeed John Harrison and not in a weird shyamalan-twist just a Khan in disguise.

Iam annoyed by this Abrams-Secrecy. Even Christopher Nolan told the audience more than 1 year in advance, that the villain is gonna be Bane! And that did not hurt the movie.

I do believe that Weller is actually playing Kahn and John Harrison is I no inequality else but Johannes. The whole movie will serve as a huge build up for the third film and the conclusion.

The John Harrison is a faaaaaake name. Why all the secrecy to just have him go by that…..he’s either Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar.

Inequality = one… smartphones eh?

“John” sounds like “Khan.” Works for me!!


“Clearly ‘John Harrison’ is not from Trek’s canon.”


Couldn’t John Harrison be based on the TOS Harrison that everyone is talking about? Wouldn’t that make his character canon?

I don’t have a problem with any of these revelations, but I take all of them with a grain of salt.

I for one appreciate all the secrecy and guessing games. It makes for a more enjoyable movie experience in my opinion. And I appreciate all the exclusives that Anthony works so hard to put together and publish.

But I also have to consider that some “exclusive sources” not too long ago had reported on here that it was definitely Khan and that Leonard Nimoy was in the film. Doesn’t look that way now. Again, not trying to be a dick, but just trying to consider all the precedent and examine everything carefully.

All in all though, we’re in for a hell of an interesting ride and I’m looking forward to it.

“I do believe that Weller is actually playing Kahn and John Harrison is I no inequality else but Johannes. The whole movie will serve as a huge build up for the third film and the conclusion.”

@18. Tim
That would be just as weird. Peter Weller is also a white dude, and btw too old and too skinny to play Khan. If they wanna use Khan in Part 3, fine, but try again to cast Benicio Del Toro then!

I hate all this copying of the movies. The TV series was so much better than TOS Movies. It seems the crew (Supreme Court) that are writing these movies are more fans of the Movies then TOS TV show.

Checkov in a red shirt? Set phasers to vaporize!


“But Abrams HAS TO play it safe. What a pitty!”

I smell a bit of a set-up here. I’d explain further, but I’m so certain I’m right that it’d be a genuine spoiler.

Joseph Gatt + Omnibot 2000 = GATT 2000


No. Khan just called himself Khan.

17. Exverlobter:

Secrecy? Bad Robot has just revealed the names of several major characters! Just because you (and probably MJ & Co.) don’t want to accept that fact, that’s YOUR problem!


Wow, REALLY? You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but I say it’s a GOOD thing if Abrams & co. are more fond of the TOS movies than TOS itself. I definitely think that with the exceptions of TMP and TFF, the movies were far better than the series.

Sorry to say it, but TOS is FAR from the perfect series that a lot of people make it out to be.

GATT2000? That seals it then. It is John Harrison Fenton Mudd.

On a more serious note- you are making hay out of Eve’s haircut looking like Dehner and so it doesn’t make sense that it is Marcus?

Seriously? Have you ever observed a woman over the passage of time to keep the same haircut for 20 years? Kirk went from straight to puffy hair, and you think a woman would keep the same hair?

And if you do think that women keep their hair the same way through all universes and all times, you are still wrong. Dehner parted her hair on the left side of her head. Eve’s hair is parted on the right side. She can’t be Dehner.


Carol Marcus wasn’t ‘against’ Starfleet. She actually argues in favor of Starfleet in TWOK and is the one that involves them in the Genesis Project in the first place. It’s David that is distrustful of Starfleet.


Good call.

“Starfleet has kept the peace for 100 years, I cannot and WILL NOT subscribe to your interpretation of these events.”

She was never anti-Starfleet, she refused to believe that Starfleet was robbing her of her research.

There is a william harrison from an episode of TOS. He was the flight office on the SS Beagle and was killed on the Roman style planet in the televised gladiator fight when kirk arrived

A bald humanoid with some kind of technology built into his head.

Clearly, it’s Locutus of Borg! ;)

So great to hear it’s not Khan then we end up getting Keenser.

The one character all trekkies unanimously did not want.

Wasn’t Harrison an engineer in Tos?

Yeah, Bob Orci. What is up with the BC is canon character? Did you lie to our Anthony? Do we have to waterboard you to tell the truth? I’m thinking Zero Dark Thirty. :-) Unless John Harrison is an alias? I mean is he really Sydney Bristow. And what is the Rambaldi Device? Oops. Sorry for that.

And for Anthony’s sources about Khan. If not true be prepared to endure the Wrath of Pascale. :-)


Don’t think it’s unanimous. I never knew would have known anyone had an issue with Keenser if not for internet message boards.

It’s Captain Garth! waging genocide on the Klingon Empire!

personally, It would be cool if he was really Finnigan from Shore leave and felt cheated by Kirk for advancing before him.

i was reading the other thread and was wasting time there when all this was revealed! awesome.

so John harrison is only human?

Btw all you guys who said it was definitely Khan owe me fifty dollars.

I think that was the bet wasn’t it?

I take paypal.

Gary Mitchell steered “that little blonde lab tech” towards Kirk in TOS. That lab tech being Carol Marcus.

I have no problem with Keenser either.

Carol Marcus is a good choice. Granted, it would have been cool to see a revamped version of “Where no man has gone before” with Dr. Dehner and Gary Mitchell, but oh well.

I really do look forward to seeing this movie.


I know, i just like to think my opinion is unanimous.

38. Basement Blogger

If you were paying attention, Bob stated that he had told one lie.

Perhaps Joseph Gatt will be an observer from Fringe. He’s got the look :)