New Image From Star Trek Into Darkness + UPDATE: Villain Name Revealed

Paramount has just released a new image from Star Trek Into Darkness. This wasn’t in the trailer and it features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and a certain Mr. Cumberbatch. UPDATE: Paramount has provided photo caption with villain named. Spoilers. Check it out below.


UPDATED: Cumberbrigged

Check out the brand new image from Star Trek Into Darkness. Note updated caption. (click to enlarge).

(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

The new shot is not something from the ‘announcement’ trailer released last week nor will it be seen in the 9-min preview showing with Hobbit IMAX, but it might be from the ‘teaser’ trailer which comes out with the (non-IMAX) The Hobbit this weekend.

Quick thoughts:

  • Cumberbatch is seen in the USS Enterprise brig (not seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie)

  • Cumberbatch doesn’t seem all that maniacal/angry about it

  • They are separated by glass (like what was seen in Japanese trailer)

  • Cumberbatch is clearly wearing a Starfleet uniform

  • Ship appears to be at red alert

So now who do you think the villain is?

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Tis the season for new Star Trek!

And, no doubt, this takes place halfway through the movie a la The Dark Knight, Skyfall, and The Avengers.

Pic doesn’t enlarge for me. Shrinks to Kirk.

Nice cell. No toilet?

forget that

Flood gates OPEN!!!!

You need to fix the “click to enlarge” part. Right now it just opens up the small preview icon instead of a larger version.

He’s actually Kirk’s stepfather, come back for vengeance over getting his ‘vette wrecked.

What is image or whatever on Cumby’s right forearm?

Is this where Spock gives the vulcan sign to the mystery hand with the black sleeve?

A brotherly sign of acknowledgment? I am not getting off the Sybok train until we arrive at Khan Central Station .

I think this image is purposefully misleading…looks like the scene in WNMHGB on Delta Vega, or could be Garth in the asylum, could still be Khan. I give up I think…

#4 Chris Doohan

The toilet slides out of the wall, I think (do not use while in spacedock)

I still think it is Khan…Khan did have a uniform on during the TOS episode…and during STII:TWOK he had a Starfleet coat on once onboard the Reliant.

My guesses:

1) Fleet Captain Garth of Izar
2) Commodore Matt Decker

To be a person from within the ranks who has the power to mess with Starfleet and the Federation, it has to be a command grade officer. Garth’s existent backstory establishes he was messed up… what if, instead of getting to him and putting him in an institution, he made good on his promises to give the Antosians the universe?

On the other hand, Decker was higher ranked, and might have deeper insight into fleet operations. Perhaps Decker went nuts with paranoia after the Narada hit the local neighborhood, and, when the Fleet ignored him, he went beserk.

Anyway, they are my top two candidates.

Others could be Bob Wesley, Commodore Wainwright, Commodore Stocker, etc. I am fairly certain the person has to at least be a starship commander.


Looks more like an airlock to me. The hole in the middle looks out in to space

10. Darmok – It’s his iPod playing a Japanese infomercial from the looks of it.

That image SCREAMS Gary. To me at least!

Glass? Cereal? C’mon TOS had force fields. Still its a nicely designed brig.

@ 9. tpug – good call.

The wall behind him is like an airlock!

CumberVillain clearly doesn’t have pointed ears. Enough with this Sybok nonsense! If not Khan himself, then either another Augment or a descendant of Khan.

Kirk and Spock rocking the hipster Starfleet pants.

Same as before.

Mitchell or Garth.

Hoping for Garth.

2. Tiberius Mudd – agreed. Puh-lease don’t let this movie have a “he meant to get captured” sequence ala TDK, Skyfall, Avengers, that trope is playyyyyyyed out.

Dig the new brig, though.

Okay. The villain gets himself caught just to blow up the heroes headquarters. Sounds like a plot I have NEVER seen before… *cough*TheDarkKnight*cough*Avengers*cough*Skyfall*cough

But really, it is getting less likely with every new info that this is Mitchell we are talking about.

Their pants do appear to have gotten tighter since the last movie. I’m just going to examine this image for a while for…potential clues. Hmm. Yes.

looks very Where No Man Has Gone Before to me too. Of course he doesn’t look bothered, he knows he can wish the cell wall away whenever he wants to.

@10 I think that’s an image of the villain from TOS who Cumberbach will be playing in Star Trek Into Darkness…

@4. People don’t go to the bathroom in the 23rd century. Either that, or there is a hole in the floor, that leads to the replicator downstairs….

Garth of Izar. He can do the things this character is doing. He can shapeshift, and it’s not a stretch to imagine him jumping around and being very strong. Just fits this to a T.

Also is it me or does the lens flare seem less apparent?

So this Italian page shows the image and mentions a caption that includes a name. Not a name I’ve heard of and the only thing they say about it is, “The caption speaks of [name] , who is?”

Granted, I had to run this through Google Translator and we know how well that works out sometimes. The rest of the page seems to have translated perfectly fine though, for what it’s worth.

I only lurk here normally and don’t know the policy about posting links but it’s on Screen Week Blog.

Can anyone shed some light?

That back wall is such a 2001 homage that it brings tears to my eyes… maybe it is an airlock into space so that if Gary or whoever acts up, they press a button and shoosh him into the vacuum.

Something tells me the villain is a clone from the Eugenic Wars. Not Khan..!

Remember Cold Station episode from Enterprise?

Zoomed into the centre of the wall. Looks like a window that leads out into space I’m going with airlock or emergency bulkhead

30. AyanEva – The Italian page says that the name (of the sci fi author???) was attached to the slide. No other info.

34. Thanks! I was hoping someone could read that a bit better than I could.

I’m not sure it’s the brig. Why does the brig need a big thing on the back wall that looks like some sort of fancy camera? I say airlock or perhaps medical quarantine/decontamination?

Oh (sorry to double post) I also just realized. Even the original series had force fields on the brig. Why would JJ pass up an opportunity to insert a special effect where one made sense?

What that on cumbernatch’s arm???

Waits for MJ to show up to tell us all how its going to be Khan for the 163526th time.


Have you never seen Firefly?

It unfolds from the wall. ;)

I hope those new Trek kids bring their A game. Cumberbatch is a very talented actor.

He’s even wearing the same boots.

Wow. That’s so Gary Mitchell. BUT: maybe it is on purpose. Misdirection.

Kirk still doesn’t quite have Federation sideburns XD

Still say Garth or Gary M.
Either of them might have the power to heal.

Gary Seven now becomes an outsider for me.

Can’t see how it could be Decker or the other top ranking officers mentioned. It’s possible, but I doubt it. No way it is Sybok, unless he had his appearance altered to pass as human.

And that looks like a brig to me. There is a bed to the left.

Honestly, I give up on who it is. It’s just starting to annoy me now. Whatever I’ll just wait for actual full proof evidence of it is. Sick of guessing :/

I have to say that if this is the brig with a physical barrier between the prisoner and the rest of the ship (or facility), it’s about damned time. Sure, force fields are cool and futuristic–right up until the power goes out, which isn’t such a rare occurrence in Star Trek.

Yep, that’s Gary Mitchell! No other option makes sense. The scene is a dead-ringer for the WNMHGB pilot, and Cumby looks just like GM. The fan boys who refuse to accept he’s not Khan are idiots.

Is anyone entertaining the possibility that Cumberbatch could be a Klingon, sans brow-ridges? All the vengeance stuff sounds very Klingon. The healing part not so much I suppose. Well, never mind, talked myself out of it.

Definitely the brig. The reflective screen-type thing on the back wall appears to be a mirror. You can tell its a reflection of the entire cell, with all three of the men reflected in it. Cumberbaddie is the easiest to make out. I guess a mirror showing the entire cell from the back is useful for anyone outside to be able to see everything going on at a glance. No subterfuge in this brig lol.