More Details On 2nd Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer + Exclusive First News On 3rd Trailer

One of the things shown yesterday at the Bad Robot visit was the second Star Trek Into Darkness trailer (which will premiere with non-IMAX screening of The Hobbit this weekend). TrekMovie can now report more details on this second trailer, and we also have the first news on the next trailer to come as well. Find out more below, but beware of spoilers. We also have new info on how it may be that not all screenings of The Hobbit will have the Trek trailer this weekend.


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Details

I had a chance to see the second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Firstly some context. The teaser released last week was called an ‘announcement trailer’ and Paramount is calling this new one the ‘teaser trailer’ but that really only counts for how they are being treated online. In reality the trailer released last week was the international teaser trailer. It is being shown in theaters outside the US and Canada, and being that Star Trek struggles a bit in many international markets, the emphasis was to position the film as a big summer action movie. Which makes sense for those markets.

The trailer being shown domestically this weekend with (non-IMAX) showings of The Hobbit is the real domestic teaser trailer (although not all theaters, more details on that below). It is meant for an audience more familiar with Star Trek and that is evident when watching it. Fans are sure to like it better, and find more stuff to obsess over. It contains much of the footage from the trailer released last week, but about half is new (it runs 1:50, last week’s was only 1:03, or 1:17 for Japanese version).

Over the weekend TrekMovie posted some online reports about this teaser but those were second hand from other sources. Now that I have seen it, here is what I can confirm with my own eyes (and ears).

Like with the first trailer the dialog is mostly in the form of voiceover. First up is Admiral Pike telling Kirk there is "greatness" in him, but then saying something along the lines of "you think you can’t make a mistake, but there will come a time when you you realize you are wrong about that and you are going to get yourself and your crew killed." The trailer also features to voice of Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison (also likely talking to Kirk), using the dialog "You think you’re safe…you are not" and "is there anything you would not do for your family" (both heard in the first trailer).

Here are more highlights of shots not seen in trailer released last week.

  • Starts with more shots of San Francisco skyline
  • Shows shots of corridors and bridge of an empty USS Enterprise
  • More detailed shots of Kirk & McCoy running through red alien jungle and the Volcano (now both known to be on planet named Nibiru, featured in 9-minute IMAX preview)
  • Chekov seen running through USS Enterprise wearing red shirt (unclear if he is assigned to Security of Engineering
  • John Harrison shown in the brig with Kirk and Spock watching (from photo released yesterday)
  • Short clip of Federation flag being folded over (possibly) coffin
  • Someone in space suit shooting through space at very high speeds
  • Spock jumps off the top of a skyscraper (seems to be in San Francisco)
  • Unknown small ship dodging debris (possibly structures) being chased by another ship (which looked a bit like Klingon design)
  • Shot of large room (possibly shuttle bay or cargo hold) filled with tubes which have small windows (or possibly control panels) on the top

These bits will all get thrown into the Speculatron which will hit a fever pitch this weekend. However, bear in mind that this report is based on a single viewing of a very fast-paced trailer (so please forgive any possible errors). On Monday (after trailer is released online) TrekMovie will have the full details, with the usual shot-by-shot analysis.

This scene will be shown in trailer coming out this weekend

WARNING: Some Hobbit screenings will not have the Trek trailer

TrekMovie was told that while the new trailer is attached to The Hobbit for domestic (US & Canada), it is not guaranteed every screening of The Hobbit will have the Star Trek trailer. The reason is because The Hobbit is coming from a different studio and so Paramount can’t guarantee it is shown (by putting the trailer on the same film reels as the film itself). This issue of not every theater showing the trailer actually happened for the last Star Trek film when the second trailer was shown with some (but not all) showings of Quantum of Solace.


What about the next trailer?

TrekMovie confirmed that sometime early in 2013 a third Star Trek Into Darkness trailer will be released. This one should be called the ‘theatrical trailer.’ One source indicated this trailer would be longer than the ‘teaser’ in theaters this weekend, possibly around 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Date isn’t certain but it could be in February or March.


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I have my tickets for Friday for the Hobbit movie to see the 9 minute ST Preview.


Yeah. Ok…when is STAR TREK 3 coming out ?! Will we have to wait another goddamned 4 years?

Here’s my theory. April (played by Weller) had a falling out with Pike. He somehow gets his youth back and assumes the identity of Harrison (played by Cumby) to seek his revenge. That’s why Pike told Kirk “you think you can’t make a mistake, but there will come a time when you you realize you are wrong about that and you are going to get yourself and your crew killed.” It is because Pike made that mistake under the command of April.

A cargo bay …filled with tubes….could this be khan’s people in stasis ?

Vulcan was destroyed in the last movie. Everything is up for grabs now including the possible death of Chekov (he is a redshirt now).

Cargo hold filled with tubes with windows on top… AUGMENTS or maybe embryos depending on the size, of course! ;-)

Really looking forward to the next trailer and the movie in general.

I am really feeling the Robert April Hypothesis. In a way, if it turns out to be Khan as the main villain, I’ll be disheartened.

‘John Harrison’ could be the pseudonym April uses when he returns to civilization ( having been left for dead by Pike years ago ).

As he hasn’t aged, April assumes the name John Harrison so as not to attract attention while he concocts his plan for vengeance.

Pike dies from Delta Radiation saving the ship.

( I love speculating! )

Gary, just read your theory after I posted, lol!

The alien planet is called NIbiru? Seriously?

I am highly amused. A collision between Earth and “NIbiru” is one of the scenarios put forward by proponents of the “Mayan doomsday”, which if you believe that stuff is now a mere 10 days away.

No doubt J.J. planned this from the beginning. Well played, sir.

another super bowl trailer, perhaps?


The Nibiru nonsense was begun by Zechariah Sitchin and further espoused by later and current writers. It has nothing to do with ‘Mayan Doomsday’ as you put it.

It was the end of a cycle for the Mayans, not the destruction of our world.

‘Nibiru’ in the Star Trek universe could just be named for the original planet mentioned in Babylonian mythology, not the Sitchin planet.

Those notes must look funny XD

Can we hope to see a nice D7 upgrade again?


I am aware that Nibiru was not ORIGINALLY connected with the 2012 nonsense, but I have definitely seen some stuff on the ‘Net mentioning the two together. Including an official rebuttal from NASA:

Cool! AP, you had indicated that you were going to post an article today RE: your conversations w/ Bob and Kurtzman about the villain controversy. Is that still in the pipeline for today?

Awesome coverage, BTW!

Oh yeah, I take your point for sure, there’s a lot of nonsensical theories that have tied the two together, saying that it’s gonna hit Earth in 2012.

Now, we ARE expecting an world killer asteroid in few decades to brush very close to us, which the russians have been monitoring for a while now.

Just please don’t arrive anytime before this upcoming Star Trek film – or the next one!

I think the film will involve Harrison somehow instigating a war between the Klingons and the federation. That seems to make the most sense based on what we have seen. Possibly use Klingon ships to attack earth and vice versa.

Thanks, Anthony & company. You’re doing the great job I knew you would!

@ 9. Anthony Pascale – And we appreciate it :D

My theory……Chekov is a redshirt to make room for a new navigator….hmmmm …..who else filled that position ?????

On that note.. remember the first shot of “Mr. Hawke” in ST: FC ? You knew he was toast the moment you saw him.

@5. Or it’s a cargo bay filled with tubes.


I seriously loled at that comment about Hawke..they do that first initial close up to say “LOOK AT THIS FACE, YOU AIN’T GONNA SEE IT FOR LONG”

And then BAM as soon as Picard tells him to get on the ships hull you just face palm.

@22. Square jaw, bitchin name, red collar. Yep, doomed.

Yep, Checkov is doomed, too. We need to get a pool going for how long into the film it takes for him to get whacked….

Side bets on weapon used, and if he begs like only a teenager can.

“for an audience more familiar with Star Trek and that is evident when watching it. Fans are sure to like it better, and find more stuff to obsess over.”
Im intrigued. 25 out of my 29 year life I have been a hard core trek fan, eat sleep breath, and I loved the first STID trailer. Music to my ears that the second trailer is longer and the third trailer even longer :D

I remember getting all pumped up when going to see Quantum of Solace, “Hell yea, new Bond and Trek trailer.” But nooooooope the theatre near me did not show it. I am crossing fingers that is not the case this time around.

#22 – What if Cumberbatch takes over as Navigator?

I just noticed something while watching the trailer for the millionth time, and something came to mind.

– While I hope time travel is NOT a premise of this movie, the thought of time travel came to mind when I saw the ship crashing into the water after “shall we begin?” Look at the shape of the warp nacelles…towards the end they look almost similar to those on the Enterpise-E, or possibly even the refit Enterprise-A.

Again, probably nothing but me just looking too deeply.

What about John Harrison being kirks brother? He did call him Johnny during the first movie?


Memory Alpha shows a Mitch Clark as Nibrian as a confirmed cast member- that would make the name of the planet Nibria

ANYTHING, AND I MEAN ANYTHING…should go in JJ’s TREK universe.
Why can’t they kill Kirk off , or any crew member for that matter? Of course in the sci-fi universe, resurrection is just right aroung the nearest genesis planet or Q like being who wants to play puppet master.
Does the Nexus travel through alternate dimensions as well… since time and space doesn’t matter? Can we see Prime kirk being deposited into JJ’s Trek ? I say, one more on screen pairing of william Shatner and leonard nimoy is in order before either of them “beam up” for good.

Hoping to see “The Hobbit” in I-MAX next Wednesday (and according to the IMAX locations, it should be one of the ST theatres).


“that would make the name of the planet Nibria”

*crosses fingers*

Please, please not Nibiru….


Naw, Chekov’s death won’t be memorable like the big 3. I wish in a way, Spock would take Chekov as an apprentice…since Chekov is prehaps the second smartest on the ship after Spock…seriously.
That’s one thing i always hated about the original series; Kirk, spock and mcCoy got all the screentime. No wonder George Takei is bitter to this day. LOL.
JJ’s Trek is shaping up to be an assembe…the way it should be. I’m glad they put Uhura and Spock together…in the 09 film. I think Uhura had a thing for spock in the original series as well. He did enjoy her singing, and of course she flirted with him in that same episode.
I know a lot of fans balk at that, but what do you want to see spock with? Captain Kirk? Heavens forbid !

Still no shot of Peter Weller. Weller is Khan!

@ 29

Hey CJ, you’re not looking too deeply. My first impression was that it looked like the Enterprise-A, but I couldn’t see enough of the secondary hull to be sure. However, the nacelles resemble what you’d see on the “A” model. Also, you may be on to something . . . it wouldn’t surprise me if Time Travel is an element of the story’s premise.

Anthony, megakudos for the great article. Keep up the fantastic work!

And yea, Cumby is 80+ year old Capt. April who has regressed in age and taken Harrison’s ID. And the tubes have something to do with the Botany Bay with Khan played by ??? I’m convinced of that now.

I’m also going with the April theory. Take a look at pictures of Weller and Cumby. It all fits perfectly. The hospital, the canon character, the absence of Weller info. Throw in old Spock and you’ve got a stew going.

I hope they don’t use the “planet on a collision course with Earth” plot device.

Seriously, at what warp speed would a planet outside our solar system need to be traveling to pose a threat?

I believe a planet orbiting the nearest star to Earth (Alpha Centauri) that somehow managed to drift out of orbit in our direction would take around fifty thousand years to reach earth.

Sufficient time (I hope) to figure out something creative …


@39, okay so who might Mitch Clark be, and what would a Nibrian be? As posted on memory alpha

Apparently this guy is a skinny model/actor who is cast as a Nibrian….hmmm

It’s nice to see this site back to its old self. :-) I was starting to get a little worried.

Of course, Memory alpha also reported the return of Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime, but later pulled that from their site.

@ 30

Maybe just maybe you are on to something! John Harrisson saying to kirk what wouldn’t you do for your family?

One thing is for sure he has augment abilitys! This is going to be freaking amazing for trek fans and movie goers :)

speaking of trailers, this “monday night movie” thing for ST3 has me literally loling


Why do you think that a person from Nibiru wouldn’t be called a Nibrian? There’s plenty real world examples and no rules for how the people from a country are called.

It would be weirder if they were called Nibiruians or something.

For the Aussies Hoyts have digital imax theaters in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth that will screen the 9 minute Star trek preview.

Not the better known imax theaters in Sydney or melbourne so do a google for Hoytes Imax.

Nibiru, chief export: red whip licorice.

I do give credit to JJ for always being able to misdirect our attention.

I just hope there’s more thought and feeling attached to the action this time. Not that ’09 was bad.

Just hoping.

Thanks for all the details/new stuff, Anthony!

Interesting that they seem to be holding back on a proper ‘hero shot’ of the Enterprise floating in space. They must be saving it for the third trailer.