Was Star Trek Trailer Photobombed? + Into Darkness Trailer Mashups

While we are awaiting about the next trailer to come there still is some fun to be had with the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer released last week. First off some fans have noticed the trailer may have been photobombed. Plus there are a bunch of new trailer mashups. Check it all out below.



If you look closely at one of the crowd shots at the end of the Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer you will see a group of future San Franciscans looking up at something in shock and horror. That is all of them except one guy, can you spot him?

There is one guy who appears for less than a second (about 16 frames) and spends the whole time apparently staring right at the camera and grinning.

What do you want to guess this guy doesn’t make the final cut of the film?



Here are the best (there are actually more) mashups of the Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer, starting with one that looks back at Trek’s past….

Into Darkness in Wrath of Khan style (Kham4002)

This one (naturally) uses the extended Japanese trailer with Wrath of Khan.

Toy Story Into Darkness 3 (phoenixdark9)

This may be the best of the mashups with other franchise…seeing Lotso the bear as the bad guy just makes sense.


The Hobbit Into Darkness (Sean Keller)

Even though it opens this weekend, apparently there is enough preview video to make a mashup. Of course once the movie comes out on video it will be much easier and you can even use Smaug, since Cumberbatch provides his voice it will make all the sense.


Anime Into Darkness IvanCarloGrescenko

This one mashes up the trailer with the anime series neon Genesis Evangelion.

Into Darkness Avengers Style (StowE4U)

The biggest movie of the year joins up with Star Trek.

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