Was Star Trek Trailer Photobombed? + Into Darkness Trailer Mashups

While we are awaiting about the next trailer to come there still is some fun to be had with the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer released last week. First off some fans have noticed the trailer may have been photobombed. Plus there are a bunch of new trailer mashups. Check it all out below.



If you look closely at one of the crowd shots at the end of the Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer you will see a group of future San Franciscans looking up at something in shock and horror. That is all of them except one guy, can you spot him?

There is one guy who appears for less than a second (about 16 frames) and spends the whole time apparently staring right at the camera and grinning.

What do you want to guess this guy doesn’t make the final cut of the film?



Here are the best (there are actually more) mashups of the Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer, starting with one that looks back at Trek’s past….

Into Darkness in Wrath of Khan style (Kham4002)

This one (naturally) uses the extended Japanese trailer with Wrath of Khan.

Toy Story Into Darkness 3 (phoenixdark9)

This may be the best of the mashups with other franchise…seeing Lotso the bear as the bad guy just makes sense.


The Hobbit Into Darkness (Sean Keller)

Even though it opens this weekend, apparently there is enough preview video to make a mashup. Of course once the movie comes out on video it will be much easier and you can even use Smaug, since Cumberbatch provides his voice it will make all the sense.


Anime Into Darkness IvanCarloGrescenko

This one mashes up the trailer with the anime series neon Genesis Evangelion.

Into Darkness Avengers Style (StowE4U)

The biggest movie of the year joins up with Star Trek.

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First – Haha, this guy is a LEGEND!! I love him!!

No close-up of Trekmovie’s Twitter avatart?

Also, Cumberbatch is Evil Morgan Freeman voice-wise.

Something tells me once the people behind the scenes see this, it will be strangely cut and never seen again. =)

Nice try to him though..

He’s probably just making a horror face and with the exact frame he happened to be visible it looked silly.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is sooooo eargasmic!

Is anyone else having difficulty not hearing Picard in the first few seconds of Cumby’s voiceover?

No, you’re not the only one. Accent, pitch, and intonation all say ‘Picard’ to me, and I have to do a conscious mental shift to ‘NewVillainX’.

As a director I can promise you 100% that JJ knew before it was released that the guy was doing that. Question that has been on my mind since the John Harrison thing came up… Has anyone considered that JJ and team are doing another online viral campaign like last time? Would it not make sense if this smiling guy and more importantly the name given for the villain are somehow tied in with such a campaign? I remember how fun the last one was and quite a few people enjoyed it… Why would they not do it again?

To my ear the voice of Cumby and Stewart are not very alike… British is the end of it for me as far as similarities.

The ‘Toy Story Into Darkness’ is great!

@7 I think it really is part of their training in Shakespeare school. It’s great to have classically trained actors in Trek.

The Toy Story one is hilarious! Love it!!!

But it actually proves BC’s VO doesn’t reveal much at all, it fits nearly every story line of action movies out there.

And if this photobombed scene doesn’t make it into the movie because of this guy a bunch of extras will seek him out growling “We have returned. To have.Our. Vengeance”

I’m betting he will end up on Letterman.


No. Maybe it’s just that all Brits sound the same to you.

Is that Geordi La Forge’s great great grandfather??!! Geordi 2000!
That worked so well with the Hobbit!

Cumberbatch sounds nothing like Patrick Stewart. It just because you’re American and any non American accent sounds the same to you.

I hope he DOES make the final cut. No one would notice him in the actual movie, so leave him in! Let his photobomb live forever!!

We should start a rally to tell JJ to leave him in!!!

Much like the duck tape goof in the 2009 trailer, he’ll be digitally erased from existence.

damn hipsters

Definitely caught a Picard “vibe” in the first few words of the trailer. Maybe not the whole thing, but the first part of it. Don’t think it was accidental.

I’m really getting into the Robert April camp. He’s a canon character that isn’t really canon, so they can do just about anything they want with him.

Duck tape?? Please explain!

The guy looks like he is grimacing rather than smiling. It’s just a trick from his negligible screen time.

Hell, that is what I would be doing if I got on set!

It’s PSY!!!

Wow … the TWOK/STID mashup trailer was nicely cut! Well done!

Stewart and Cumberbatch don’t sound anything alike. They both have unique, resonant voices and an English accent, but that’s the extent of the similarity. I’ve posted these two links before to demonstrate the difference, but here they are again.

Patrick Stewart discussing TNG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXOK-ZVJMaU

Benedict Cumberbatch discussing STID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8NHOa885dU

Great; now I wanna see Star Trek The Wrath of Darkness!


They had left a roll of deck tape in the middle of the console for the 2009 trailer. By the time the movie came out, it was digitally removed.


Look next to the red “scanners” in the middle.

Photobomber, I applaud you.

# 26 Hat Rick

Followed two years later by The Search For Darkness… ;-D

Yeah, I’d noticed him. Incongruous w/ the rest of the scene.. Why wasn’t this noticed before by the powers that be? Odd. I’m sure the extras union will drop him immediately.

Is that Tim Allen? Galaxy Quest shout out….

@Sebastian S., LOL, but not to fear — there’s always lens flares to light the way. ;-)

@Anthony Thompson, maybe it was a feature, not a bug. An “Easter Egg,” as it were. But I hope the digital erasers are warming up their computers anyway (sorry, guy-with-smile/grimace-looking-at-the-camera!).

There are only two hard-and-fast rules to being an extra: Rule 1.: The camera doesn’t exist. Rule 2.: See Rule 1.

LOL! Love the photobombing. Especially the “iM N TH3 STARTREKZ” caption. Nice one, that.

This is WAY better than the first Video!


That guy will not make the final cut of the movie.

The Wrath of Khan mashup gave me the chills! If only trailers back then were that good…

Love the Toy Story one!!!

Love the Wrath of Khan one! As people were saying the poster looks like the Dark Knight Rises, it seems that someone made a video using the Dark Knight with the Star Trek Trailer too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLgz-gR0wjQ


Look on the center of the console for the roll of duck tape.


It was digitally removed when the movie came out.

I say leave the grinning fool in the movie, no one will notice. In STTMP Stephen Collins is laughing as he bends over to help Chekov, who has a burned arm, on the bridge. I must have seen that movie a hundred times before I noticed it.

Hey, that’s HARRISON!!!!! The Harrison from TOS!

@41. diggin up bones

I bet he was still laughing at “Phoooton tooorpeeeeeedo….awaaaay!”


Toy Story, Hobbit, and the Avengers mashups are the best trailer Mashups I’ve seen in a while lol!

That’s hilarious! His one chance to be in a movie is about to be digitally removed.

I really don’t see this as a Photobomb. Looks to me like a guy wincing, but it happens so fast, we don’t get to see his entire reaction.

Hey dude, if you’re out there, let us know!

46 are you serious? Don’t be obtuse.

I’ve finally figured it out: The “photobombing” guy is in actually in character as a young Khan.

The Wrath of Khan trailer with the JJ voice over was absolutely cool. Now if only we can go back in time and release that trailer before TWOK premiered! (Although they’d want to cut the scene with spock behind the glass of course)

I missed this. (I was looking for Observers instead.)