Viral Campaign Begins – URL Hidden in Into Darkness Teaser

Once again Star Trek is going viral, as in viral campaign. Just like with 2009’s Star Trek movie, there is what appears to be the beginning of a viral campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness with a hidden Easter Egg within the new Teaser Trailer. .



Eagle eyed fans watching the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness for clues as to the narrative and mysteries of the film may notice something extra in the trailer at about 1:05/1:07 seconds into the excitement. As the camera pans towards John Harrison standing alone in presumably a brig of some kind, look to the right panels and the words ""  appear.

URL hidden in Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

Directing your browser to gets fans to a webpage where they could sign up for future updates. The information forms asks “Shall We Begin?” and fans could enter their information. Once completed, a notice “Thank you, we will tell you when the search begins.” There are also links to a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( that fans could “like” and “follow” although there is not much beyond the same graphics on the viral page. The only tweet so far says “Are You The 1701?”

The “Terms of Use” identify the site as a Paramount Pictures website, and we await more from this exciting viral campaign!

Clue leads you to this website


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Signed up and following.
Am I really #1?

Signed and ready

Signed in as well.. I am number 3

Shall we begin?

Here’s hoping the viral marketing for this movie yields more results than last time. IIRC, the viral hunt last time yielded next to nothing of value.

Signed and ready! :)

Wonder what’s gonna happen!

Easter Eggs rule. Also, Bad Robot just started a Twitter feed- it’s legit. (

Signed up. Should be fun. Anyone here from the last one?

@4 Always got the impression the ’09 viral/arg ended abruptly for some reason. Obviously we’ll never know, but I remember when it was over, it was like, “that was it?” Didn’t seem to have a natural “ending.” Suspected that some element of clues in a real-world location were altered or destroyed, and couldn’t be reconstructed, something of that nature.

Warptube reporting in.

I already registered this morning =)

I’m in! The last one was fun (even though the clues were way beyond me) so hopefully this one will be too.

signed up just now.

1701 what?

1 Cumberbatch confusing
2 trailers trailing
5 months remaining
9 minutes leaking
1701 people something
9000 fans commenting
and an Enterpriiise under the seeea

Signed up! Ready when they are!

I am ready,

On board.

I am also signed up and following.
am I really…#2?

1700 of Roger Korby’s alien-tech androids who have replaced Starfleet members? Maybe “John Harrison” is a Korby duplicate (and not the only one)? That might explain what he was offering the despairing father…a sort of eternal life for his sick/dying child.

On the other hand, in my theorized scenario it would make a lot more sense for Alice Eve to be playing Christine Chapel (Korby’s one-time fiancee)…

What about the word FINISH upside-down at the end of the trailer?

ha! nvmnd I didnt reaload the webpage

OMIGOSH don’t get involved in Viral Marketing!! There might be spoilers involved and your whole Movie Going Experience will be Ruined!!1!!

I’m guessing 1701 has something to do with the Enterprise? NCC-1701?

Yes! FB – check! Twitter – check! – check!


Who finds these things?

Is this like the 4400?

“1701 genetically engineered superhumans went missing in the late 20th century. Now, they have returned.”

I’m ready.

A I really crazy?!?


@23 I found it before Trekmovie did. I even wrote the EIC about my finding. You’re welcome

Signed up. Ready for duty.

I’m signed up and ready for what ever they want to tell me! :)

A I really crazy?!?

Artificial Intelligence really crazy?!?

Al really crazy?!? No, Albert’s really fat!

EIEIO?!? Now THAT’S really crazy!

Where ARE my meds?!? This is driving me…


#14 Nony:

Very funny! Thanks for the funny Christmas parody!

Off topic, but there is a poll at digital spy about which 2013 blockbuster we’re looking forward the most: STID is ahead with more than 20%…

Let’s elaborate on that:


Gimme ma cookie.

1701 aka uss enterprise NCC-1701

I was born on 17.01. :)

I can’t believe I missed that URL. It looks so obvious now that I know where it is.

OK. I’m following on Twitter. 681 followers so far. What will they do when they reach 1701 followers?

Well, for all the squealing about JJ’s marketing methods, they seem to be working. For now, anyway….

My zip code is 4-1701

On board, locked and loaded.


soonerdave, i was there for the last one. Can’t wait to crack this one open. Hopefully we can be in the final 5 this time.

It actually occurs at 1:07.1 which is reverse of 1701. And the FINISH logo at the end of the trailer is also upside-down. I watched it in reverse while standing on my head, but all I got was a headache.


Yes! Nice!

A few things I noticed in the terms of use, linked from the registration page:

“User Forums
Forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms or other interactive areas that may be offered on the Website (“User Forums”) are provided to give users a forum to express their opinions and share their ideas and information (“Community Content”). …”

Would this normally be mentioned unless they are specifically planning to operate a discussion board?

Also, at the end:

“Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Website or these Terms of Use, you may contact us at

The effective date of these Terms is March 11, 2010.

© 2010 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.”

They’re a little out of date!

The Empire is awaiting.

“39. Phil – December 17, 2012
Well, for all the squealing about JJ’s marketing methods, they seem to be working. For now, anyway….”

Absolutely. There’s been a flood of stuff — and now, what, silence until late March, early April? I can’t see them being able to reveal much more before the thing’s in theatres.

Maybe they’ll animate the comic countdown? I know.

I worry too much.

WOOOOW. Flying around a major American city and destroying things?! That reminds me so much of Transformers, and Transformers 2, and Transformers 3, and the Avengers. And trailers to three or four other movies that looked too unimaginatively boring to watch. And how many times can a person free fall in one trailer. I hate to admit it and am surprised at myself for doing so but, this is looking kind of unimaginative and lame. And I’m with everyone else hoping that the Earth bound stuff is only a small portion of the film.

Whoops. I posted that on the wrong thread. Sorry.