Viral Campaign Begins – URL Hidden in Into Darkness Teaser

Once again Star Trek is going viral, as in viral campaign. Just like with 2009’s Star Trek movie, there is what appears to be the beginning of a viral campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness with a hidden Easter Egg within the new Teaser Trailer. .



Eagle eyed fans watching the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness for clues as to the narrative and mysteries of the film may notice something extra in the trailer at about 1:05/1:07 seconds into the excitement. As the camera pans towards John Harrison standing alone in presumably a brig of some kind, look to the right panels and the words ""  appear.

URL hidden in Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

Directing your browser to gets fans to a webpage where they could sign up for future updates. The information forms asks “Shall We Begin?” and fans could enter their information. Once completed, a notice “Thank you, we will tell you when the search begins.” There are also links to a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( that fans could “like” and “follow” although there is not much beyond the same graphics on the viral page. The only tweet so far says “Are You The 1701?”

The “Terms of Use” identify the site as a Paramount Pictures website, and we await more from this exciting viral campaign!

Clue leads you to this website


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