WATCH: Second Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

The second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has just been released. This one is being called the “Teaser Trailer” and is the same one which debuted with domestic non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbbit: An Unexpected Journey over the weekend. It is longer than the “announcement trailer” and has many new things to see. And you can watch it below. Warning: Spoilers.


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

Here it is. [UPDATED: Replaced Apple version with YouTube]

(Also available at Apple Trailers)

If you missed it, HERE is the previously released “Announcement Trailer”

Stay tuned to for our usual shot-by-shot analysis of this new trailer.


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this is gonna give me something to chew on for a while. slo mo frame by frame here we come!

just watched it – cant see a lot of changes form the teaser??

ahhh… strike that…. my browser was still showing the teaser!!!!!

Must be flooded—-not loading!!!!!!!!


That was almost better than the 9 minutes!

Just saw the teaser. Not bad for a teaser. Is it May 17 yet? Lol. Been watching the IMAX trailer (yah, I recorded it on my iPhone) too. LOVE the music.

Lord save us from Quicktime!!!!!!

FYI: The download links work on Apple’s site. The streaming “watch now” links for the higher quality versions seem to be offline/overwhelmed.

People in tubes!

the film seems packed with different contents. must be an attack on star fleet headquarters, followed by a chase to the klingon home world, where the showdown happens. but i cannot make sense of the jump from the skyscraper and those scene nor of the role the little girl and his mourning father plays.

Already watched it twice.
I have to watch it more!!!!

:56 has people in tubes!

wow, kinda disappointed and it looks pretty cheesy actually.

What’s the deal with the guy taking an alka seltzer?

“In a world full of darkness and indigestion!”


chekov runs through enginbeering
there are humanoids in cryo tubes or something similar!!!
the father puts a starfleet ring into a glass of some liquid
tmp badge

First takeaways:

The “hand on glass” scene definitely appears to be between Kirk and Spock. Looks like an earth based building, not in space. I’m guessing it’s right before Spock jumps off that building and goes chasing after Harrison.

I cannot wait for this movie!

1:17: I think I see a battered ‘old style’ Constitution Class Starship!!!

i get the quicktime logo and a question mark through it.

The trailer is not embedded here on trekmovie :-(

Man of Steel Trek.

I like what they did to the ship @ 1:17…

ah… spock jumps of the high-rise to land onto some aircraft below.

I guess it is john harrisson starting a war with the klingons. the starhsip crashing into the bay seems like one victim of a battle in orbit. all the debris seems to indicate that.

TMP badge design on the new dress uniforms, interesting…

Think the Big E was having a pretty bad day too, what with some of the deflector missing…..

Looks awesome!!!!

!!! @ the spacesuit thing!

Looks like the Enterprise takes quite a beating!

And those are definitely some kind of chryotubes. The glass is iced up and you can see faces underneath. Also…is that Noel Clarke and Cumbers walking out the door in the background?

Looks like interesting shots start at about the 47 second mark: someone (John Harrison?) looking down out of a damaged building down onto a destroyed one.

55 seconds has the folding of the federation flag, but it doesn’t look like it’s “over” anything to me, just over a sidewalk or something

56 seconds DEFINITELY looks like some sort of life pods WITH people in them in some sort of cargo bay

1:13 – guy in a spacesuit flying through major debris toward….I assume Earth?

1:17 – a Constitution class vessel (with NCC-17??) with pretty devastating damage

1:19 – better shot of the person falling. That does look like Kirk. POSSIBLY Scotty, hanging on, but the crewman falling doesn’t look familiar.

1:21 – what….WHAT IS THAT?

1:26 – Scotty holding on for dear life

1:26 – looks like Kirk speeding in a rocket suit with a cracked visor

1:27 – I thought the punch from the international trailer may have been Cumberbatch punching like a desk or console in frustration. No, he’s beating on someone (can’t see who. probably Kirk).

Most of the rest looks like stuff we’ve seen or just “characters looking dazed” shots

But still…wow

This isn’t working for me. When will it be on YouTube?

14 – heh I thought of that but it kinda looks more like a metal gumbdrop when I paused it.

15 – oh, it could be a ring. didn’t notice *watches again*

18 – I’m almost certain it’s the new Enterprise type of ship

My bad, it was a ring. #notalkaseltzer

But you can see how it would get the wrong, Right? Right?

I like the little windows in the jackets that show the uniform color…
and the old school icon on Kirks jacket @ 1:28…

Very cool…very intense. Brings goosebumps to the surface and is exciting all at the same time! Very nice! The Pike monologue ties in nice with the 2009 trailer talking about “meant for something special…”

#13- Yeah, looks super cheesy.

Give me a break…

Was that Kirk or Harrison standing on top of the building?!

Well, Checkov was not in season one of Star Trek. So maybe he moved around a bot before sitting on the bridge in gold.

I think the story goes like this: Harrison reintroduces eugenics techniques from the 1990s. Alters himself. Wishes to cure others throught his technique. Is pissed off at Earth society for outlawing such medical practices. Offers this to someone who can help him…..the dad with the sick girl. Creates detruction in London and SF, maybe even Qronus. Then adventure. I think the Botany bay will be found at the end of the movie.

FYI: in Space Seed the crew barely could figure out what the Botany Bay was and who was onboard so I do not think even Starfleet knows about Khan and the others.
…of course unless the Klingons found it in this timeline and woke him up. He then joins Starfleet and does what I have stated above. The Klingons seem to find everything at the right monent…..the edited scenes had the Klingons capturing Nero in the first film. Yep!

I don’t think the people-in-tubes scene is on a ship. When the people walk out, the wall behind them looks like it’s made of stone, so it definitely looks planetside

Maybe Harrison is the Lord of the Rings XD

During the Saldana/Quinto kiss, is that typical Trek incognito wear? Is that for Qo’noS? Or for some other kind of place?

Quicktime more like slowtime.

31, Josh, 1:21 looks like a bird of prey to me.

Definitely a new style Klingon Bird of Prey at 1:21

How do we know it’s Spock jumping off that building?… (probably is..)

Girl’s dad drops ring into glass?…

Tubes with bodies!!!.. with lab technicians leaving the room!!!

Gray jackets that have a window that show the shirt color….

What’s up with the frame @ around 1:56 – the word “FINISH” upside down? A mistake, or some kind of easter egg/clue? boborci?

15 – you’re right, he is dropping a ring into the glass of water

32 – thank you sir!

38 – I’m not sure. I THINK Harrison but don’t quote me on that, heh


43 – I don’t think so. It looked too small. It looked like it was either some one-man craft or even an autonomous fighter to me. It looked like it was chasing after some small Federation-type craft as well

Maybe this is related to Cold Station 12…

This trailer was amazing, I have no idea how I am supposed to wait for the next 5 months!