Bad Robot Tweets New Star Trek Into Darkness Image + Did TrekMovie Get Cory Booker A Trek Cameo?

JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production company is new to Twitter, but they are already giving Trek fans something to talk about. Today the official Bad Robot Twitter account sent out an image from the set of Star Trek Into Darkness. Also @bad_robot seems to have picked up on some tweets from @trekmovie about how the mayor of Newark, NJ wants to get into the next Star Trek. More details below.


New image from @bad_robot – Open The Brig Door KIRK

Recently JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot productions has joined Twitter (@bad_robot). And today @bad_robot tweeted the following image (without comment).

While reminiscent of the glowing interface of 2001’s HAL 9000 computer, this image appears to come from the USS Enterprise brig, as can be seen in the Teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, as seen below. In this case the red glow comes from the ship being at red alert.

Now if you look closely at the top image posted by @bad_robot, you can see an individual reflected in the glass. It could be Benedict Cumberbatch.

Regardless, it is nice that @bad_robot is sharing images from Star Trek Into Darkness and we can only hope it continues.

Did TrekMovie get Mayor Cory Booker into next Star Trek?

By the way, last night on Twitter I had seen news that Newark Mayor (and Trek fan) Cory Booker is considering a run for the US Senate. I suggested that it was time for a Trekkie in the US Senate and I included a photo sent to me by his press office back in 2009 when he lead an outing of kids and vets to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie.

Nitpick Alert: Of course soon after that I agreed with others that Booker would be second Trekkie, as President (and former Senator) Barack Obama is also an avowed Trek fan.

I also retweeted some of Booker’s recent tweets about Star Trek including this one where he expressed an interest in appearing in Star Trek.

Not long after that @bad_robot (possibly JJ Abrams himself) sent out the following Tweet.

And Booker replied…

So Mr. Mayor, if you do end up in the third Star Trek movie, or somehow worked into Star Trek Into Darkness, you know who to thank.

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It looks very 2001-ish!

Nice! That would be very cool, Anthony!

Hal from 2001 makes a cameo?

I’m sorry, Spock, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Nah, there’s no politics allowed here…pfft!

Yeah, but I don’t recall seeing any Romney articles here. United in Trek is fine…but seems like equal reporting is in order.

look into the red part and see vague shadows of a bunch of people.

I can’t let you do that Dave.

The KHAN-9000


I agree, let’s get equal reporting here! Or let’s leave politics out!

Yes! New Jersey rules!

Anthony will report whatever he wants to report. If you don’t like it then set up your own Donkey Trek site to balance out this uuuuuuber-liberal one. HAHAHAHA some Trekkies just can’t chillax. I mean it’s a harmless tweet that got reported on and within the first 11 comments there’s actually 3 complaints about it?

Captain, the Universal Translator is having trouble with this dialect. It cannot decode “Joyzee”.

Gee.. I am still hat’in on this new movie since the release of that awlful copycat 1st poster, but if I could again bring up my persistant Trek gripe.

Why no robots in Trek?

You would think that since we are getting another Trek by “Bad Robot” productions that they would at least create an iconic Trek Robot for the new movie. It really is lame to see a future where there are no robots.
I’d even take the Bad Robot logo bot. Even though he looks like a ripoff of Crichton.

Ahh, but let me guess that they will remedy this problem by including another half-baked humanoid android. It seems so silly to have a man play a robot/android these days. Damn. Could’nt we at least get Sony involved and use an Asismo type robot?

It seems that Star Wars will always have a leg up on Trek in this department. Too bad, Bad Robot. The Wars had them in the ’70s, so don’t make the excuse that it is too costly an endeavor. AND you are supposed to be emulating Star Wars’ success, right?

You would think that JJ’s Bad Robot would have this as a top priority instead of concentrating on an overly designed Brig set, or being satisfied with another under-designed engineering set.

Is HAL 9000 in the movie ? :)

Good idea to give a well known Trekkie a cameo in the movies.

Cory Booker rocks. He will be president someday. :)

I thought the only reason that this senator gets a mention here is because he is Star Trek fan. I don’t know if Mitt Romney is a fan or not, but I guess if he was, his trekkiness would also get a mention.

I don’t see what the fuss is about.

@13 – Take your meds and relax.

The ONLY reason booker was mentioned was because there were tweets about trek and his interest. He took kids and vets to see Trek09 even, same issue for Obama who posed with Nichelle. If/when a republican tweets or poses with an actor or tweets a pic of the vulcan salute then you’ll see it here. It wasnt posted just because Anthony has a thing for Booker or any other democrat! ugh… Anthony you get an award for not going crazy from some of the comments here.


Maybe the image is Bob Orci’s cameo. Heeee.

The guy in the image looks like Future Guy from “Enterprise”.

“Please open the brig bay doors, HAL.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, John.”

I hope the Enterprise’s computer doesn’t go crazy and kill one of the astronauts…

As in 2001: A Space Odyssey….

In which the murdered astronaut in question was played by Gary Lockwood….

Who played Gary Mitchell.


@25 Hat Rick,

You may be on to something Rick …

I mean that image is iconic 2001, no mistaking it. Why tweet it if not somehow connected to the movie? Surely not to say: hey we ripped off 2001, isn’t that cool?

@Curious Cadet, the funny thing is that I met Gary Lockwood and got his signature at one of the last official Trek conventions to held at the LV Hilton. He was a very nice person and I really treasure his autograph.

So maybe that explains why I was so interested in the theory that his character was in the new movie.


@ 27 Hat Rick,

I mean there’s the name: John Harrison/Gary Mitchell

It’s a totally different timeline, so it’s entirely possible Gary Mitchell was raised in London this time.

The comics are canon, but only until the movie contradicts them. And the countdown for ST09 was very different from the film account.

Could Gary have had a half brother named John in this timeline also in starfleet with similar ESP scores?

Nahhhh … We’ve done this, right? It’s not Mitchell … Right?

Yeah, you’re right. We’re overthinking it.

The only thing I know for sure about this new movie is that it’s gonna rock.

Although, I must say that JJ was pretty crafty to send out that photo. It’s reigniting debate in my mind at least as to what it’s all about.

See, it’s a mind game. Is the obvious answer the answer? Or is that answer too obvious? Or is it their plan all along that you will THINK it’s too obvious, so that you won’t reach the obvious conclusion? Or, to take it to another level, is the plan to have you think precisely that it’s too obvious not to be true, so that you’ll be surprised at the actual answer? Or….

Time, I think, for Exedrin….

25. Hat Rick – December 21, 2012
“I hope the Enterprise’s computer doesn’t go crazy and kill one of the astronauts… As in 2001: A Space Odyssey….
In which the murdered astronaut in question was played by Gary Lockwood…. Who played Gary Mitchell.”

Ha. I’d thought of Hal — but had totally forgotten about Lockwood. Nice catch.

Any other elements of 2001 that might factor in? Some influence from an alien/higher power? Hmmm. It doesn’t initially sound like it, but…

Harrison sounds like he could possibly be on some sort of messianic mission — whether spiritual, political, religious, ideological — or all of the above.

As long as the words Sha, ka and ree aren’t uttered, bring it on.

Bob Orci had made a good post here at some point in the last couple of weeks — saying that they don’t want us to know for sure. Then a couple of days later that caption said John Harrison and I first thought. “so much for not telling us.” But, of course, it’s only made the mystery more interesting.

That seems to be Harrison for sure, right? Hard to tell with the distortion. Is there some other clue, say who’s on the other side of the glass? Or, just maybe — it’s simply a cool photo.

It’s certainly a very elaborate/stylish, brightly-lit brig, if it’s a brig.

Man, the upper decks get the Cloud City treatment — the standard integrated lighting panels and loads of shiny white — and engineering is strictly utilitarian pipes, valves and hanging lights? Very Metropolis.

Unless somebody/thing else is watching through that sensor/camera/JVC videosphere…

Arlen Specter, Republican senator from Pennsylvania, was a Star Trek fan. And, who knows if Ashley Judd, of TNG fame (and some other things) will become a senator from the great state of Kentucky?

@29 Hat Rick,

Haha. But now I’m thinking … What else about 2001? Hal did kill the entire crew who were frozen in cryo sleep pods … Hmmmmm.

He also killed Frank Poole. So logically with just one person it would reference Dave Bowman. Not sure what that gets us. However, Bowman shut down HAL, following which he is shown a secret video about the monolith on the moon which was kept a secret from the crew. In 2010 it is revealed HAL murdered the crew because of a conflict in his programming due to being programmed to conceal the monolith … Shadow organization in Starfleet? Motive for John Harrison?

@33 Curious Cadet^^

Maybe it’s just confirmation: HAL killed Frank Poole who was played by Gary Lockwood who also played Gary Mitchell. Ergo HAL killed Mitchell. So this is not Mitchell?

Not much news there if so…

It would be cool if they post magnified photos of props in the movie. Kind of like this one. Perhaps a very close-up photo of April’s gatling gun? You know, keep the fans guessing. How about a great shot of the nacelle?

Also, does the red robot of Bad Robot have a name? Or is he/she/it just called ‘Bad Robot’?

Cool, I saw this on Twitter. I follow ILM and they retweeted the Bad Robot image above. I tried to figure out what it was. It figures that trekmovie would get it before I do.

Anyway, I saw that Bad Robot only follows a few people, and Cory Booker is one of them. Well, he’s got my vote!

Star Trek – A Space Odyssey… (it even sounds good.)

@32 Specter was a Democrat before he was a Republican and then switched back to being a Democrat. Judd is also considering running as a Democrat. and to @7 obviously Anthony said if Romney or any other Republican mentioned Star Trek he’d report it.

Twitter conversations are so hard to read… :(

I didn’t know that there is a new HAL 9000!

Look John, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

Let me put it this way, Mr. Scott. The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error…unless I’m exposed to seawater…

Mirror Universe.

Argh! All this speculation is driving me insane!

Kind of like HAL the computer.

Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer, do….

Hmmm, I have a theory, weather previously thought of, or original.

Doctor Richard Daystrom, a computer wizard, and in the J.J. verse, a Starfleet Commander, AND Senior Chief of Starship operations, trades Command, and control codes, and Starship prefix codes for a cure that would save his terminally ill daughter. A cure based on technology other-wised banned in the Federation. The technology is based on the same technology that created the genetic supermen, and snowballing into the Eugenics war’s of the past. Harrison convinces Daystrom (Noel Clarke) that the codes will be used in a campaign to effect political changes in the Federation. Doctor Daystrom soon learns that he aided a terrorist, and gave him the means to bring the Federation to it’s knees and is committed to a psychiatric facility following a mental breakdown.
This element would be a large contributing factor in the exploits of Harrison, and his ‘secret’ mentor, and presumably his Boss. And irregardless of the fact that Orci previously stated the Noel Clarke character was non-cannon, I think he could be Dr. Daystrom- creator of the M series starship command, and control computers. (TOS: The ultimate computer) Hence the reference to the above image from Bad Robot. Maybe a hint of how this computer interface, or sensor has it’s eye on everything, and perhaps the main computer is in control of the ship….
IDK, but If I were writing I would incorporate- as seamlessly as possible- as many of the original series characters I could… considering the fact there are only three movies slated for release, and Trek is a HUGE world. Maaaaaany possibilities.

looks like Harrison to me..note angles on his pants shape of legs etc….

saw the nine min preview today….no claps or cheers for it from this crowd…I liked it…the 3d very well done u can tell Abrams was setting up shots for 3d…the red vines on the alien planet look cool in 3d….also an aerial shot looking down at skyscraper also cool….someone earlier mentioned they didn’t like how fast Kirk n McCoy got to the big e under the ocean….it was fast….they had bubbles coming outta their shoes so obviously they had sone kinda device propelling them….overall loved seeing the preview….that’s a rare treat for us fans..thanks Bob and bad robot…

Interesting possibility, Trek was born on TV.

While we’re talking about computers such as HAL, I’m intrigued by how HAL’s camera lens is supposed to work. Every camera lens I’ve ever seen or know of is non-glowing. I realize that the redness of HAL’s camera lens lends itself to dramatic effect, but does anyone here have any idea how a real-life camera lens with an LED-like central glow could possibly work? Wouldn’t the lens be blinded by its own glow?

Since 2001 was supposed to be based on near-contemporary times, and since Kubrick was a stickler for technological accuracy, I’m curious about how such a lens might function.

The only thing I can come up with is that this is an advanced lens whose central area emits light as a form of illumination; the sensory part of the lens is somehow not lit. Possibly, the center of the lens is not the part that catches the light — i.e., the lens is really a complex reflector of sorts and it’s the circumferential area of the lens that gathers images.

This would mean that the “LED” is only an illumination source that perhaps calibrates the incoming image.

Daisy, Daisy….

Hat rick

Assuming beyond dramatic flare the device IS a camera- an all seeing eye like the ‘Oracle’ In TOS: For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky.
Harrison may have computer control. I wonder if these devices are commonplace for every computer interface. (assuming it’s a computer ‘eye’) and if we will see these in the offices of Starfleet HQ, and aboard other ships of the line.

The people who have a problem with the Cory Booker part are the ones who are making the article political. It’s just an observation. Anthony P, who is trying to convey his own message an author, said the motivation wasn’t political. Isn’t that enough?

I hope that anyone who claims to have heart for ST whether you’re a politician, an internet troll, a cobbler or whatever that our future vision of humanity means looking over something so trivial as an article about a politician who happens to be a ST fan.

3am shocker

Well, when you speak of politicians and Star Trek, let us not forget a certain President Ford, who (after another famous Bjo Trimble letter-writing campaign) changed the name of the test shuttle from “Constitution” to “Enterprise”.

And President Reagan visited the TNG set sometime in the late 80’s, meeting Roddenberry – the story goes that Gene dropped his cane at one point and Reagan himself bent down to pick it up for him and later said, “At that point, I felt like I was going to be knighted.”

And if you care to look for it, the New Voyages (yes, I know that’s the old name) people put together a Nixon/Star Trek thing that is really quite funny.