William Shatner As Doctor Who’s Next Master?

The worlds of Star Trek and Doctor Who are colliding this week with some buzz around the notion of William Shatner appearing in Doctor Who as a classic villain. Could Bill be the next evil Time Lord to face The Doctor. He seems open and so is the actor who plays The Doctor. However the show’s executive producer doesn’t seem so keen. Get all the details below.


Master Shatner?

This week the worlds of Star Trek and Doctor Who have come into contact (and not just in the new comic book crossovers). It all started a few days ago on Twitter when When William Shatner answered a fan’s question about possibly playing the classic Doctor Who villain "The Master."

The Master, like the Doctor, is a Time Lord, however he is an evil time lord. And like The Doctor, many actors have portrayed The Master over the decades of Doctor Who on TV. 

William Delgado as "The Master" (1971-1973) – Could William Shatner take on the role?

At a BBC press event this week (promoting the Doctor Who Christmas episode) the new Doctor Matt Smith was asked what he thought of the notion of William Shatner being the next Master and he seemed quite enthused, saying…

Smith: Really? We would love to have William Shatner on Doctor Who I’m sure. He is a sci-fi god.

Indeed Smith speaks the truth, however the show’s executive producer Steven Moffat seemed to pour water on the notion, saying there were no plans (if the Master returns) to replace the latest actor who had the part…and if there were their might even be a fight…

Moffat: William Shatner as the Master that would be confusing, he is Captain Kirk. It is confusing enough that there are two Captain Kirks now. I love William Shatner, I think he is wonderful…Are we thinking of William Shatner as the Master? If I were I wouldn’t tell you, but John Simm is the Master. John Simm would beat him up if he thought he would have his part nicked.

So it looks like Shatner is probably not going to be franchise jumping.

John Simm as "The Master" – would fight Shatner for the part

Who and Trek? – Ask Simon

Speaking of franchise jumpers. There is a notable Star Trek star who has appeared in Doctor Who. Simon Pegg (the new Scotty) played "The Editor" in the Doctor Who episode "The Long Game," which aired in 2005, two years before the actor was cast in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Watch Simon below in a BBC behind the scenes video from Doctor Who

Source: Getty (via Den of Geek)

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