Watch: My Little Pony Goes Into Darkness + More New Star Trek Trailer Mashups

With the release of a second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness there are now (of course) more trailer mashups to share, starting with a very clever combination using My Little Pony. Check that and other Trailer #2 mashups below, plus a collection of mashups of classic Trek on TV and film with Trailer #1.




The second Star Trek Into Darkness trailer has already inspired a number of mashups. Here are the best of the lot, starting with a pony…

My Little Trek Into Darkness (by FFF1987RETURNS)

My Little Pony gets a whole lot darker with this one.

Halo Darkness 4 (GrayFoxN7)

Master Chief John-117 gets a tribute in this mashup with the recently released Halo 4 game.

Dark Knight Rises Into Darkness (by Robbi Fidelino)

Much has been said about the parallels between JJ Abrams Star Trek series and Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot, so it is only fitting that the latest trailer gets mashed with the most recent Batman.

Iron Dragon Darkness (by born2bwilde93)

What if you mashed the animated movies Iron Giant and How To Train Your Dragon with the second Star Trek Into Darkness trailer? Well this is what you get.

Summer 2013 megamash – Man of Iron Into Darkness (by DigitalSniper18)

This one goes for a 3 way mashup from 3 summer 2013 movies: Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.


Two weeks ago we shared a number of mashups with the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, but there have been more released. Here are four that take it and combine it with some previous Trek films or TV

Nemesis/Into Darkness (by FomorViceroy)

Search for Spock/Into Darkness (by FomorViceroy)

Wrath of Khan/Into Darkness (by CommanderCourage)

TOS/Into Darkness (by freakstorm2)




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It’s nice to see “Into Darkness” achieving a piece of a three-way extravaganza with two hotly-anticipated comic movies, given the general climate in Hollywood this past twelve years or so and counting. For the Star Trek sequel to be seen among the ranks of Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel is definitely a good thing regarding its shot at big numbers.

Samurai Jack would be an interesting candidate for the STID treatment, as he seems always to be getting into perilous situations.

Other candidates:

Doctor Who
Babylon 5

Huh, well that makes Nemesis look better =)

Why is this a news story on this site???

I’ll never see My Little Pony the same way.

Oh wait. I meant, I’ve never watched My Little Pony because I’m a 50-year-old man.



Why wouldn’t it be?


To spite you, clearly. Now just wait when Khan is in no way involved in Into Darkness; will you lose your mind? ;D


Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, buckaroo.

That’d be awesome: getting a piece of cartoon in a Trek movie!
(if only to hint a new animated series)

The best use of the audio with the video was the “Nemesis” trailer, it works really well and makes the movie look like something really good!

Welcome to the Herd, @5 :D

The TOS mash-up is the best! But I like the MLP one as well. I’ve watched it often with my daughters, it’s a good show!

I always liked seeing TOS given some modern treatment in trailers.

The ones from the old ST movies are great: I’d thought of mixing up a Wrath of Khan/Into Darkness trailer myself. Instead I went with a seasonal remix, to Carol of the Bells (

Totally excited!

The Mashups with Star Trek II and II work best (at least IMHO) – but that’s hardly surprising…

This was supposed to be “II and III” of course.

“My Little Pony gets a whole lot darker with this one.”

Spoken like someone who isn’t wondering where these clips came from. ;-)

“Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, buckaroo.”

Well… I’ve tried it; therefore I can now knock it.

Just isn’t for me, I suppose.

Please, enough with the MY LITTLE PONY! *face-palm*

Following some of the other links….watch the Toy Story 2 (using TS 3 clips) “Into Darkness” trailer…This is good!

4. Because it’s news.