Fan Granted Dying Wish For Early Screening Of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Today we share a sad story about a fellow Star Trek fan that has a touching silver lining. On Christmas Day a friend of a lifelong Trek fan’s family made a post on Reddit about how it was this fan’s dying wish to see Star Trek Into Darkness. And the message eventually worked its way to the powers that be with Trek and it looks like the fan is going to get his wish. More details below. 


Fan granted dying wish to see ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Earlier this month a 41-year-old Trek fan from New York who is suffering from terminal cancer tried to see the nine minutes IMAX preview of Star Trek Into Darkness, but unfortunately the theater he went to wasn’t showing the preview. A second attempt was thwarted by a trip to the hospital where he was told he had less than two months to live. Being that Into Darkness wont be in theaters for five months, this prompted a friend of the family to to make a post on Reddit on Christmas Day asking "Please come to the rescue of a Star Trek fan."

Eventually news of this got to the attention of Paramount and Bad Robot. While this is being treated by all parties as a private matter and there will likely be no official announcements regarding it, TrekMovie has confirmed that they reached out to the family and are working on a plan to get this fan some kind of screening. Of course the film itself is not actually in a complete form. For example at the recent Bad Robot event, composer Michael Giacchino confirmed he hasn’t recorded any music beyond what was needed for the nine minute preview. However, TrekMovie has been told that some kind of "rough form" of the film will be screened for the dying fan sometime soon.

It is quite moving that the team behind this movie would go to this effort for just one fan, especially in light of the high level of secrecy surrounding the project. TrekMovie commends JJ Abrams and the people at Paramount and Bad Robot for their efforts to grant this fan’s wish.

A post on Reddit leads to a dying fan’s wish being granted

Flashback to Randy Pausch

While extraordinary, it should not be entirely surprising that this fan’s dying wish has been granted. Some readers may remember that four years ago director JJ Abrams reached out to professor Randy Pausch who was also terminally ill and had gained fame for his inspirational "last lecture" on "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams." Abrams offered the professor (who was also a life-long Star Trek fan) a small part in 2009’s Star Trek film. This lead to Paush flying to LA and becoming a member of the bridge crew of the USS Kelvin. He even got a line (see below). Unfortunately Pausch passed away in late 2008 before he could see himself on the big screen, but he will live in Star Trek forever.

Pausch’s cameo giving Capt. Robau of the USS Kelvin an update

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