December 2012

Exclusive: Russian Title “Star Trek: Vengeance” Confirmed As Tested Title For “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Over the summer TrekMovie reported that Paramount was testing multiple titles for JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film. Obviously "Star Trek Into Darkness" was eventually chosen, but the new Russian Star Trek teaser poster had lead to a discovery that "Star Trek: Vengeance" was one of the other tested titles, and apparently the Russians (and only the Russians) decided to use it.

Geek Nation Tours Announces “Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas with Larry Nemecek” Tour 2013

Following the success of their 2012 Hollywood to Vegas tour, Geek Nation Tours has announced the August 2013 edition of their Trekkie tour that follows Trek sites around Hollywood and LA area and beyond into Nevada — with some special guests along the way – and ending at the annual Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Geek Nation has once again teamed up with Larry “Dr. Star Trek” Nemecek, who will be leading the tour group. Get more details below and an exclusive photo from the 2012 tour.

MerchUpdate: TNG S2 Blu-ray & TOS Music Box Released + New Posters & more Announced + Watch TNG S3 Promo

In addition to all the news about Star Trek Into Darkness there is some new merchandise news to report. First a reminder that today some new items have been released today, plus some new cool items have just been announced including new retro posters and a new Seven of Nine statue. There is also a brand new Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-ray promo.

Interview: Author David A. Goodman Talks Star Trek Federation History Book (and Futurama)

Today Publish 47 North released their elaborate coffee table book "Star Trek: Federation: The First 150 Years". Our regular reviewer will be giving his opinion on this history book soon but today we start with an interview with the author, David A. Goodman, who explains how he went about creating history, including making some controversial decisions. Goodman also talks about writing Futurama’s historic Star Trek homage.

Exclusive: Into Darkness Teaser To Debut Online December 6th + Longer Trailer In Theaters Dec. 14th

We all know that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will be showing at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit on December 14th, but TrekMovie has learned that is not going to be the first reveal of footage from the new movie. A teaser trailer is going to be released online this week! More on that below plus an update on the first theatrical trailer.

Abrams To Promote ‘Into Darkness’ In Japan (& Beyond?) + Paramount Announces Int’l Release Dates

Once again director JJ Abrams is going global and taking footage on the road to help build buzz for his new movie. JJ will be in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday meeting with the press and showing off the preview of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie which will be shared with the public with IMAX screenings of The Hobbit, starting December 14th. More details on that below, plus Paramount has announced the international release dates for Into Darkness. 

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Revealed

Still months away from its debut, and we’re learning more and more about Star Trek Into Darkness. Last week, Paramount released the official synopsis for the film, and now we have the first official teaser poster as well. Although we’ve been told that Into Darkness won’t be a rehash of The Dark Knight, the influence of the dark Batman franchise seems strong in the new poster. Hit the jump for more.

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Inactivated + Navy Announces New Enterprise To Launch Next Decade

The US Navy’s aircraft carrier bearing the same name as Star Trek’s iconic starship has been officially inactivated. After over fifty years in service the nuclear carrier USS Enterprise was ‘inactivated’ at an event in Norfolk, VA. More details and video from the event. The US Navy has also announced that the next aircraft carrier will be named Enterprise.