Hi-Res Versions Of Star Trek Into Darkness Images From Empire Mag

On Christmas Eve we reported on a Star Trek Into Darkness cover story from Empire Magazine that feature some new images from the movie. Paramount has now provided us with high resolution versions of those images (which look better than the lower res scans we previously reported). Check out the 11 hi-res pix below.


Hi Res Star Trek Into Darkness Images

The images from the Empire magazine are no longer exclusive and so we can now share high resolution versions for you here at TrekMovie.

Click images to enlarge

NOTE: Captions contain spoilers

Spock (Zachary Quinto) in Nibiru volcano

Capt. James T Kirk (Chris Pine) talks to Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood)

Uhura on Qo’noS holding Klingon disruptor

Kirk on Qo’noS wielding (civilian?) pistol

Spock on Qo’noS wielding (civilian?) pistol

John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in USS Enterprise Brig

Kirk faces Harrison in the brig

Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) and Kirk on bridge of USS Enterprise

Scotty (Simon Pegg) in large room (shuttle bay/cargo hold?)…NOTE: wearing Starfleet Academy ring on right hand

Harrison in unknown location

John Harrison crashing through window

You can see keep track of all the images and videos from Star Trek Into Darkness at TrekMovie’s dedicated page for Into Darkness.

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If nothing else- the costumes in this film are gorgeous.

I get just a little bit of a Maximilian/Reinhardt/Disney’s Black Hole vibe from that first picture of Spock.

It’s Jim Kirk meets Jack Bauer!

May cannot get here fast enough. Wonder when the next trailer launches?


I’m starting to think lacerations on the face are to Chris Pine as to being shirtless is to William Shatner.

Is TrekMovie going to do something later today for Deep Space Nine’s 20th Anniversary?

Is Benny looking pretty buff or what? He didn’t have arms and shoulders like that in Sherlock I didn’t think.

Oh, interesting. Well, from the first look, there at least two tiny little new aspects I can make out:
1. Scotty’s wearing a Starfleet ring. Interesting touch.
2. Judging from the grip of the weapon that Uhura is holding I’d say that’s the Abramsverse version of the Klingon disruptor, doncha think?


According to himself, he worked his arse off in the gym before he started filming.


Man, so many fans on the facebook upload of these images are arguing over Alice Eve’s role. It surprises me that so many people interested enough in the franchise and news on the sequel to argue with one-another would be completely unaware of all the coverage of her role reveal three weeks ago.

With all these costume changes it appears we might be left with but one missed opportunity — the green tunic.

Would love to see an updated take on it. Allways liked how the delta seemed to be a belt-buckle type thing. They could turn it into more of an officers away jacket that was green.

Qu’noS? I thought it is spelled Qo’noS.

#2- um, no. Trying too hadr to make some sens out of all this?

Oh, what does it matter. Once JJ puts this movie through his Editing Suite by Cuisinart, this will matter all matter less and less.

@12. My guess is boy toy….

Lovely images! – Anthony – what are you using to get the images to open up like that in high resolution its very cool with the next or close button on it!!

#8 #10 and he also particularly lost weight for Sherlock. Actually he’s rather buff in Frankenstein (not Star Trek buff, of course, but still) because The Creature is a rather physical role, and it showed in S2 of Sherlock; he didn’t have enough time to completely lose the muscle weight gained in Frankenstein when they started filming the second season.

BTW, Zoe and Alice look pretty HOT in these stills.

Check out the patch on the shoulder of Scott’s jacket. Very Enterprise-ish (it seems to read “Star” (-Fleet?))

Also, is he wearing an academy ring? Douche.

What’s Scotty doing in the Botany Bay’s cargo hold?

Alice Eve makes my eyes VERY happy!

Klingon has all those polyguttural dialects.

Proper is Qo’noS, but Anthony’s from California where they speak SoCal Klingon and say Qu’noS. :)

Honestly, it’s hard not to type a /u/ after a /q/ if you touchtype properly. And we can all blame Marc Okrand for the capital /Q/ being a different Klingon letter from uncial /q/. I wonder if Dr. Okrand was involved in any form or fashion by the Boborci and Bad Robot?? He’s always done such a wonderful job for now over 28 years in building the Klingon language out of James Doohan’s initial vocabulary for TMP into quite a fascinating language.

Notice that the picture behind Kirk and Pine, on the wall, is a volcano blowing up. Kinda strange coincidence?

lol I knew I heard “Nibiru” before…. apparently some people believe there is actually a planet in our solar system named “Nibiru.”

Sorry if this is old news to everyone else…


Actually, Scotty’s outfit is the same one that Captain Kirk is wearing during the trailer. You can tell by the patch right by the collar. Scotty’s has his red uniform underneath and Kirk has the gold. Same outfit. Might have something to do with Starship Operations, being that in the reboot, the red/blue/gold uniforms are only worn while on a starship.

Also, for those with the eagle eyes, Admiral Pikes outfit is the same TMP inspired getup from the last film.

That Cumberpatch jumping through glass shot will have to be fixed in post production. To the left and right of the glass, you can see the filming crew and/or IMAX camera.

Harrisons weapon is identical to the one that Kirk and Spock are weilding, which means

A. They are Klingon in design
B. Perhaps Kirk and crew had to take other means of weapondry, since the mission seems to be one that Kirk is taking against orders..

ZQ looks a lot like Leonard Nimoy in that volcano picture.

Ah, nice. Gotcha.

Very similar looking uniforms, but without all the white on the bottom down.

I’d actually love to see a 3rd film that is more or less a remake of “The Cage”…except a bit more intense, but with Captain Kirk being the one introduced to Vena, instead of Pike.

I bet that will get a Comicbook adaptation, athough I’m thinking the comic series leading from “2-3” will feature the stories in which Kirk took extreme risks to keep the Enterprise out of danger, ala Doomsday Machine, Obsession.

To Anthony and any others interested…

Excuse this post, since it is a bit off topic, but have any of you checked out the new Polar Lights 1/350 Scale TOS USS Enterprise model kit?

If not, do so. Most of the frustrations of building Enterprise models have been removed. There is NO warp engine sag (the pylons lock into place, and even without glue are amazingly easy to work with), the saucer attaches to the secondary hull with little to no pain. The model is molded in the colors needed, for those who do not want to spend time painting the kit) and it has very detailed and accurate internal pieces for the Shuttlebay and Bridge (you can orientate the bridge module however you like, with the forward facing or aligned to fit the turbolift shaft on the outer portion of the hull)..

Plus, the optional accessories kits are amazing. Weathering decal kit for those who don’t want to paint, optional ship registry set, photoetch detail set and the best of all…the light kit, which comes with all the lights needed to light the kit, optional instructions for lighting the Nacelle grills (which was not cannon on film, but something the producers wanted to do with the original 11′ miniature) and motors to spin the warp nacelle caps along with a very nicely done nacelle dome effect (plenty of youtube videos available to show off the kit)….oh, the insides of the actual model kit come with small panels and hooks that are meant to work with the official light kit, so you know where to place each light in the hull to get the desired affect.

It does have a very faint grid line along the saucer (which some find annoying, as it was not “cannon”), but that’s about it. Not distracting, and pretty easy to putty, if you have the time. All in all, it reminds me alot of the Master Replica Enterprise, yet for a fraction of the cost, and far easier to repair when a engine motor dies or a light burns out.

Worth every penny for those who want a very nice and accurate model of the Big E, yet don’t want to spend over $2000 to get one.

That blue “hue” effect on the Bridge picture reminds me alot of the remastered Blu-ray of TOS. That same blue hue was on almost every set, especially season 2..of course it was mixed in with reds and greens, but its still a nice touch to see that the new version of the Original Enterprise still has the crazy colored lights deal going on.

I wonder if anyone who speaks Klingon would be able to translate the Klingon writing on the wall directly behind Spock.

People are aware that it’s 20 years today since “Emissary” aired, right?

@38..very aware. One of my all time favorite Trek shows, right up there with TOS.

Long live Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s a shame they never got to tell a few stories on the big screen, or at least share in one giant war themed movie with the TNG cast.

A couple of things. First, the crew looks like they’re on a covert mission to Qo’nos. Second, Alice Eve looks lovely as Marcus. A little romance for Kirk. I wonder what will change her interests in weapons design to solving galactic hunger.

Starfleet Uniforms have always not-so-secretly been my primary reason for loving Star Trek more than other sci-fi, and the way the ’09 crew have really pulled from the TOS and TMP nostalgic style, but have simultaneously made all the uniforms actually feel “even more navy-like” is probably my favourite thing about the new films.

The costume design is just beautiful. Even the Romulans, who I originally sort of thought of as too partial to the ‘times’ and the ‘dark, duster-wearing bad guy’ trope, actually benefit from a really Gothic (in fantasy-terms, vampiric or ‘dark elf’) vibe that sums their race up instantly, despite being cliche.

But the Starfleet uniforms are just perfect, and so is the decision to mix the color-coded work uniforms (now with slightly Navy-sweater or commando underpinnings!) with the more dress-uniform red and gray ensembles in the same time period. (I know Star Trek is all about the gold/blue/red divisions, but man alive, I’d be really stoked to see some light gray ‘cadet’ types and maybe some green for medics.)

@41: I love the new movie uniforms, but I’ve always been a sucker for the movie era uniforms. I love the maroon color, turtle necks and the dozens of pins that go along with it. Very cool uniforms.

Well! Good to see they have [sort of] gone to canon on the hair style of the pointed sideburns in Starfleet…

Another beautifully crafted movie to enjoy. I look forward to it.

If you expand the pic of Harrison in the brig, you can see a reflection of someone (JJ?) in Harrison’s pants. Wish it were me. sigh.

Did I find the first STID blunder? Look at the pic of Benedict Cumberbatch in the brig. Look in the reflection of the glass over Benedict’s clothing, you can clearly see people in the background. If you look at his knee, I think that’s JJ squatting.

34. YES! Please do an article on props and costumes!! I would like to read a more detailed description of the Klingon costumes and weapons you saw in the Bad Robot visit. And, of course, your opinion of them would be nice to read a well. Not to mention what you thought of “April’s Gatling Gun.”

I thought someone said that the communicators have a TOS-esque mesh cover on them, but the one Scotty is holding looks like the cheesey flip-phone versions from Trek 09.

These images are incredible!

Scotty looks very worried. Like he found a hold full of cryo-tubes and he knows what’s in them.

Whoa! I thought women we’re sexy when they held a Phaser.

Zoe really does it for me in that photo with the disruptor!