Watch: Preview Of Big Bang Theory Guys In Star Trek TNG Costumes

On Thursday the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory will once again venture into the world of Star Trek. This time it features the characters dressing up in Star Trek: Next Generation costumes and headed out on a road trip to a convention. Check out a video preview and image from the episode below.


TBBT goes TNG in "The Bakersfield Expedition"

On this Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory (titled "The Bakersfield Expedition") the gang get dressed up in Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes and head to Bakersfield Comic Con.

Episode summary:

All four guys are heading to the Bakersfield Comic-Con dressed as characters from Star Trek : The Next Generation. Their trip seems long because Sheldon has downloaded his voice and facts into their GPS. Stopping to take some photos in costume, Leonard’s car is stolen. The guys walk to a diner to report the stolen car. Even Sheldon is tired of walking around in costume and wants to get home instead of continuing on to Bakersfield.

The girls are having a Saturday brunch and wonder what their guys’ fascination with comic books is. Visiting Stuart’s store, they get stared at by all the males in the store. After each purchasing a comic book, they go back to Penny’s apartment to peruse their purchases. As the tired Star Trek enthusiasts return, they hear their ladies in the guys’ apartment arguing over comic book characters and wondering if they have tumbled into an alternate universe. Phasers on stun they charge through the door.

EW also has an exclusive photo from the episode.

“The Bakersfield Expedition” airs this Thursday, Jan. 10, at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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Meh. This show doesn’t do it for me, and there was pretty much nothing funny about that promo.

So looking forward to this

what the heck? lol.

Thos is the best Comedy on T.V. It has the rating’s and it has a great cast. The best part. Pretty much all of us on Trekmovie can place ourselves in this show. Lol,

Ok. Who want’s to play. Rock,Paper,Scisors,Lizard,Spock. Anyone. Harry,AJ,CmdrR, Anthony.

Scary how much Sheldon look’s like Data.

@1 Some of us love it, though I’m doubtful we could combine you. All your objections are valid, I’m sure. But I like it. And if you knew Amy, you might find the clip funnier.

Convince, not combine. Bad spell check

TBBT is setting records for viewship last seen by Friends, comsidered one of the most successful comedies ever. Odd as it sounds it’s good exposure for the series, probably as evidenced by the number of Trek alumni who do guest shots…yeah, I enjoy Galaxy Quest, too.

BBT is a fantastic show. I can understand how some might not like it but it would seem right up the alley of nerds who like computers, video games, and Star Trek.

Yep, I’m 3 for 3 :)

AWESOME!,,,can’t believe they didn’t get Will Wheaton, Levar Burton or Brent Spiner back on for this one….. TBBT is so awesome!!!

Can’t Wait!!!

It’s been a while since we’ve had something involving Star Trek that blatantly reinforces a stupid stereotype towards women. I can only hope Star Trek Into Darkness won’t be as blatant as this.

We did not start watching this series until the 3rd season. Our kids got us the DVD’s for Christmas last year. We’ve had evening TBBT marathons and find this silly, funny, thoughtful and best of all… not dumb.

Fantastic news. I’m not a fan of the show… yet but here’s what we should know. The Big Bang Theory is the highest rated comedy in America according to Wikipedia. So, when they channel Star Trek, it can only be good.

I will never understand why this show is so popular.

OMG this is AWESOME!

:-) :-)

…ah, it was only a matter of time before someone took to this post to bash a movie they have yet to see….I’m just surprised it took 13 comments to get to that point. Awesome :-/

I think that´s bad policy from Trekmovie force people to use Softsthat mask the IP Adress just to see posts here.
Way do not let people in other countries see your posts?
This is a kind of segregation, people.
I need to use TOR to see the video from the Big Bang Theory.
This is stupid and offensive…

“not available”.

Bakersield: A woderful place to be from.

Didn’t think I could hate that show more….

I love love love love love TBBT!! It is funny, intelligent, and unlike anything elsed on TV.

I’m really looking forward to this ep. They are going to a ComicCon, so there is still a chance for a cameo or two from some of the Star Trek cast!

The Big Bang Theory is *hilarious*. It has been since the day it premiered and continues to be. Sure, not every episode knocks it out of the park, but they’re always entertaining.

Well, that’s my opinion.

#19: It has nothing to do with TrekMovie. It’s common for companies to do this–but it wouldn’t be TrekMovie doing it.

@19 & 20
I am blocked, so I went to youtube & put in Bakersfield Expedition. Pulls up several of the 21 second promos no problem. No need to mask my ip. Living outside the US I have learned this trick helps in most cases.

26: thanks!

Love this show.
They need to have more Trek and scifi references.
Sometimes this show just turns into Friends for me.

19. Trekmovie doesn’t do this (they’re just linking to an existing clip) — TV broadcasters/networks do it, usually it’s only allowed to be viewed online inside the broadcaster’s country of origin. Due, apparently, to copyright laws and various licensing agreements…

So UK TV broadcasters’ video content often can only be viewed in the UK, Canadian TV broadcaster content often can only be viewed in Canada, etc. etc. But US broadcasters almost always restrict all content, even promos, to IP addresses within the USA.

I’m in Canada and can’t see the clip either.

Sorry I missed 26. Good advice.

Don’t get this shows popularity, I’ve given it a chance a few times but I just find it insulting. but thats just me.

This upcoming episode seems to demonstrate why Sheldon can make any road trip into a nightmare (see facts and figures programmed into the GPS) but also shows us the gang all dressed up as characters from Star Trek: TNG. I can’t help it but this show is hilarious with the way it lays out the characters and their adventures. My DISH co-workers think I’m crazy but maybe that’s because they can’t relate to the show: I can because I get all the nerdy references and comic book quips. I’ll be working when the show comes on but I’ve already got my DISH Hopper set to record it when it airs. The Hopper allows me to store up to 2,000 hours of my favorite TV shows and movies so I don’t have to rush into watching anything I’ve recorded. I’ve got complete control over how I watch my TV and I love it!

Why are they wearing their phasers backwards? For super genius nerds who are supposed to be Trekkies, I don’t see how they could let this detail slip.

I’m still interested in the horns of the female characters’ dilema:

If Thor casually tosses his hammer onward towards his bed and its handle grazes the hand of another in the room, does it instantly defeat inertia and go to the floor or does it obey Thor’s will and land on the bed?

@32 (Celayha) – Nice plug for DISH there.

BTW, those TNG costumes looked really authentic. Makes me wonder if they were able to use some that were in storage from Paramount. Star Trek is a CBS property now.