Watch: Video Shows Star Trek Into Darkness Post Production & Reveals Some New Glimpses

JJ Abrams Bad Robot production company has a state of the art facility in Santa Monica where they are currently doing post production on Star Trek Into Darkness. In December the editing technology company Avid conducted a video ‘webinar’ from Bad Robot featuring many of the people working on the film. See below for the very interesting behind the scenes video, and check out a few glimpses of the movie that could be seen in the background


Watch: Avid visits Bad Robot

Bad Robot uses some of the latest high tech audio and visual tools made by Avid and so it was the perfect spot for a ‘webinar’ to showcase some of the cool stuff. Below is a link to the 21-minute behind the scenes video from Bad Robot which features many of the people who work on the film, including the editors Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon. If you are interested in filmmaking it is worth watching and even if you aren’t it is interesting to see how post-production is being done.


During the video you will see a lot of Star Trek imagery and video playing on the monitors and screens around Bad Robot. Mostly it is from the 2009 Star Trek movie or the Into Darkness trailers released in December. However there were three very short (but interesting) glimpses of new footage. Unfortunately two of the shots were obscured by someone walking in front of the camera, but here they are…


Another cryo tube shot

The most interesting shot (albeit obscured) is of a room with what appears to be cryo-tubes.

From Avid Bad Robot Webinar

This seems to be the same room (and walking figure) seen in the teaser trailer (below). 

From Teaser Trailer

Shuttle pilot

New shot of someone (possibly Scotty?) in what appears to be a shuttle.

From Avid Bad Robot Webinar

Captain Kirk

New shot of Kirk and it appears he doesn’t have the same marks on his face (which he presumably gets during the fight scene on Qo’noS)

From Avid Bad Robot Webinar

Kirk is at an unknown location, possibly the same as one of the locations where Scotty can be seen from the teaser trailer or recently released images.

From Teaser Trailer

From Empire Magazine

Thanks to Tony for the link tip


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So many secrets to be revealed! Don’t disappoint me Abrams…

Looks good!


Cryo tube photo, The Guy walking could be Kahn

Gotta admit, the guy walking towards the back of the cryotube bay sure looks Khanian to me. Definitely not Cumby OR Weller. Maybe the silly rumors of a CGI Montalban Khan might not be too far off!

Those cryo-tubes have very interesting circular patterns on the top near the glass portion. They do not look mechanical, as it’s a large circle with a smaller one below and to the side (with a small diagonal line attaching the two)

What if those tubes are actually coffins akin to the torpedo burial?

That could make them like a Vulcan mass funeral thing or a funeral after the terrorist attack evidenced by the teaser poster.

I think I saw Kirk on top of Harrison, and also a shot of a bridge that was certainly not the Enterprise. Anyone else?

Well, they weren’t kidding with the ‘Darkness’ part in the title, were they? Turn on the light, JJ!

My pleasure, Anthony. Was a very interesting behind the scenes video of some very talented individuals.

if you click on pitcures 1,3,4, it will show that a person on the left is looking at the screen….. in a bad robot screening room & she/he could be watching a screening of star trek:intodarkness.

Is that part of the script?
Kirk: “We’ve got to get the power back on!”


On the same page, seatbelts are mentioned.
On another screen, the terms ‘warp core’ and ‘April — gun’ can be read. The gatling gun that was mentioned in another report some weeks ago?

I just noticed that the place Scotty is in looks like its turned on its side or something. That would explain why he’s holding on from falling sideways. Look at the platform and stairs in the background.

April Gun does not refer to a month in spring. It’s Robert April 100% fer sho’! And I’ll betcha he comes in from TOS/TNG timeline in the ship that crashes into SF Bay. In fact, I continue to believe that it’s the 80 year old April who gets the reverse aging secret sauce from Khan and takes over Harrison’s identity. We’ll see if I’m right or wrong! :)

6. For the love of Cthulhu, are there still people who actually think those are coffins with frost-covered face-aligned windows? Seriously? Highly illogical.

I do have a feeling Weller might be April.

The duty uniforms bug me. The undershirt never looks right on Pine. Makes the faux “collar” look huge.

#14: “I continue to believe that it’s the 80 year old April who gets the reverse aging secret sauce from Khan”

That’s just silly. Khan has never been shown to have any reverse-aging secret. If he did, he wouldn’t have aged.

@16 Alex Prewitt,

I don’t hate these uniforms, but every time I see them, they just look baggy and anything but military. They kind of look like weekend wear in the suburbs — oversized sweatshirts over an undershirt, with loose fit Dockers.

It’s funny, they are the opposite of what Gene Roddenberry wanted with the tight form-fitting designs of the originals, the ultimate embodiment of which were the spandex used in TNG’s first couple of seasons. I imagine if he were around still running the show, these would have been made by Under Armour.

Could somebody do a blowup of this “Khanian” figure?
Right now, I am just not seeing it .

My take is that Cryo tube scene is very near the end.

The figure walking away is a CGI (or stand in) Khan. Darkness sets up the third movie which is Khan.

I highly doubt that the third film will be called Star Trek:Khan

Very cool Webinar. Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed learning about the workflow at Bad Robot and getting to learn more about the creative team and dynamic there.

This movie seems like its just a big set up for Khan in their trilogy. Heck they could end up killing whom ever they want because there will be another reboot after this trilogy. : (

@16, Its not a military order! Roddenberry must be rolling now that people are now call Star Fleet a Military Order. Things have sure drifted from Roddenberry’s vision.

Starfleet was military in TOS.


TWOK moved into a much more Naval/Miltary visionparticularly in the design of the costumes and Roddenberry was still alive and involved .

If the villain IS Khan, I think we can safely say they sure as hell aren’t doing a rehash of Space Seed and certainly not Wrath of Khan. So it really shouldn’t matter if the villain IS Khan, because they’re obviously doing something very different with him.

#24: Starfleet has always been military, even under Roddenberry. They fought wars, followed military decorum and ranks, held court-martials, carried weapons, stood at attention and did everything else the military does. They were always military. It’s naive to say otherwise.

#27: It’s NOT Khan. That much is clear.

I see a lot of hope for Khan, but no actual proof.

God, this military/non-military discussion is already 30 years old and it never stops. It all started with The Wrath of Khan . And TWOK, which is btw all your favourite film , finally consolidated that Starfleet is clearly a military organisation.

Nuff said.

“I’m a soldier, not a diplomat.” — James T. Kirk

29. BulletInTheFace – Nothing’s clear until the movie premiers, but my point is that it doesn’t matter if it’s Khan. Not at this point. They have him doing completely different things than he has before. His name is incidental. The original furor over Khan was that they would be “rehashing” Space Seed, or, more impossibly, TWOK. They obviously aren’t doing either, so he may as well be Dr. Who. It just doesn’t matter, except that some people have a strong need to say “I told you so.”

I liked the shot of Robby the Robot, Lost in Space Robot and Mecha Godzilla together on a shelf.


With what we’ve seen and heard about the movie plot so far – how realistic is it that Harrison is Khan related? We’ve been told he is/was a member of Starfleet – obviously Khan wasn’t. Also we’re told this movie is aimed at the mass audience who (believe it or not) has no idea who Khan is. That would be a lot of back story needed to bring everyone up to speed then propel the story forward with what we know is going to happen.
How disappointed are you going to be if John Harrison is just John Harrison – like Nero, a new character?


They have been keeping as many details about Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain a secret for so long, and Peter Weller’s character is unknown at this time. Those two facts suggest that there is more to BC’s character than just the name “John Harrison”.

If BC’s character is no more than just John Harrison, and Peter Weller is merely playing “some guy”, then the secrecy will end up being more hype than substance.

Not to say that either the movie or the villain will suck, just that there’s a method to the supreme court’s madness.

Peter Weller’s character must have some importance to the main villain, otherwise, we’d know something about his character.

He’s playing either a C.O, or a C.E.O. Other than that, nada, nothin’, zilch, zippo, zero.

@17. BulletInTheFace – Alternate universe remember? All bets are off in JJ land.

The guy on the right in the cryotubes pic looks most certainly like Cumberbatch from behind. The other guy has a ponytail and looks like Khan from Space Seed. I am betting Weller is Khan and gets killed off, unleashing the revenge of his fellow comrade, Cumberbatch.

39. Picard’s Slappy Patty – It just doesn’t seem worthwhile to me to have Khan as a bit player in the story when he’s been THE villain of an episode and a movie. I have a hard time seeing the use in it, but I’m not saying they won’t do it. I just think it would be poor writing. It would be better to never have him come out of cryo, if you ask me.

If you’re going to have Khan, you go balls-out with him or not at all.

As usual, however, I’m willing to be proven wrong, as long as they make a fabulous film.

Kirk looks emotional in the new shot. Could it be:

A) Because of Carol Marcus?
B) His lack of humility leading to deaths in his crew?
C) None of the above?

Also…the cryo tubes could be coffins….

D) an emotianal scene that led to an emotional reaction.

What if the shot with the cryotubes is a flashback to Khan launching his people into space (darkness?) and he’s the guy with the ponytail on the left (Starfleet gives him the standard issue when he’s taken aboard, perhaps while he’s still asleep?)?

The person on the right looks bald to me, and nobody’s seemed to speculate yet who the character played by Joseph Gatt, GATT2000, is. Maybe he’s an artificial intelligence that is the caretaker of the Botany Bay while everyone else is in suspended animation?

I mean, why would he have 2000 in his name other than maybe he’s an artifact from our century?

@Shilliam Watner – Zoom in close on the cryogenics tube picture from the trailer, on your iPad. It is clear as day that the guy on the right is Cumberbatch. The guy on the left, definitely has a ponytail, and has the air of Khan (Space Seed) time. He could be a Klingon, but I am betting he is Khan. Harrison wants revenge for the death or perhaps incarceration of Khan (Released in Part III)????

Weller is probably April. We now have two Bad Robot sources mentioning the character in the movie

Such great teases, this team! Keep it up!

I think we have to look at what JJ and co. have freely admitted over and over again. Harrison believes that what he is doing is RIGHT and that conviction is so powerful that it leads the 1701 crew to be on the edge of believing it as well. IF that is Khan and Harrison in the trailer tube pic (and yes, upon magnification, it’s very possible) then Khan brought something from his time (or universe) which shows the JJ Federation to be evil. There is also reverse aging secret sauce in the mix somewhere as the big gun used by Harrison belongs to April which 99.9% for sho’ means they’re one and the same. Yeah, I know that it doesn’t seem like a solid plot but that’s because we don’t know the details yet. It will be fleshed out as more info seeps out.

Wait, I thought ILM did the special effects of Star Trek 09? Yet we saw some shots (like the one from ST09 where the shuutles left earth for the ship) where they where unfinished.

Am I the only one who thought the guy in the red shirt is Hugo from Lost? I was like, ’’they do private screenings for the Lost cast?’’

Also, it just dawned on me how seriously rich JJ is. Haha!

I’m glad we don’t know that much about what’s going on. It will make the first viewing that much more interesting…