TrekInk: April 2013 Star Trek comics solicits

klingonIDW Publishing has released their April solicits. TrekMovie has the covers and details of April’s Star Trek comics and other comics news after the break.

April 2013 Star Trek comics solicits

Star Trek #20
Written by Mike Johnson, art by Claudia Balboni, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

The all-new origin stories of the Enterprise crew conclude with this special issue that focuses on TWO Trek Stalwarts: Sulu and Chekov! Witness their first meeting at Starfleet Academy, and learn how their paths intertwined all the way to the bridge of the Enterprise! Overseen by Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this issue sets the stage for Sulu and Chekov’s new adventures in the blockbuster film sequel!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers: Tim Bradstreet sketch cover and a photo cover!

Star Trek #20 RI photo cover

Cover RI: photo cover

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 (of 4)
Written by Mike Johnson, art by David Messina

This is it! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this official prequel to next spring’s STAR TREK film sequel! Overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this climactic issue leads directly into the upcoming blockbuster as Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew fight for fate of the Galaxy!

2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 David Messina, 1 Photo)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers: unique variant cover, graded by the CGC!

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 RI

Cover A and RI: Art by David Messina

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness TPB
Written by Mike Johnson, art and cover by David Messina

The countdown to the motion picture event of 2013 begins here, in this blockbuster 4-issue prequel mini-series that sets the stage for the upcoming STAR TREK film! Like the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN in 2009, this all-new series leads directly into the next movie, with a story by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson (STAR TREK ongoing series), and drawn by the original STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN artist, David Messina! STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS is the can’t-miss lead-in to the new adventures of the Enterprise crew!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-623-0

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness TPB

Cover: Art by David Messina

Star Trek: John Byrne Collection HC
by John Byrne

Comics legend John Byrne has taken on four Star Trek titles, all collected in this oversized hardcover collection. Assignment Earth recounts the adventures of interstellar agent Gary Seven, Crew recounts a tale from the very beginnings of the United Federation of Planets, Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor is a collection of tales from this famous member of the Frontier Medics Program, and mystery, intrigue, and war abound in Romulans: Pawns of War.

HC • FC • $49.99 • 320 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN 978-1-61377-612-4

Star Trek: John Byrne Collection

Cover: Art by John Byrne

Star Trek Space-Spanning Treasury Edition
Written by Mike Johnson, art by Stephen Molnar, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

IDW continues to boldly go where no comic book company has gone before—producing beautiful treasury editions of comics deserving of a BIG format! Collecting three issues that tell two complete stories, featuring one story inspired from the original series as well as one completely new tale! Great stories by ace Trek scribe Mike Johnson and stupendous art by Stephen Molnar featuring THE RETURN OF THE ARCHONS and THE REDSHIRTS STORY!

FC • 72 pages • 9.25” x 14.25” • $9.99

Star Trek Space-Spanning Treasury Edition

Cover: Art by Tim Bradstreet

Other Star Trek comics news

Artist David Messina gives us our first view of a Klingon in the new Trek verse. You can see Messina’s original art for Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 at

Art by David Messina

Art by David Messina

Apparently the Kindle edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Vol. 2, is already available for your reading pleasure, but limited to these devices: Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad, and Kindle for Android. The trade paperback edition is scheduled for release in February.


Star Trek The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Vol. 2, Kindle Edition



Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.

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Looks cool.

Finally, new news.

any more surprises?

yeah news after 10 days,however I have already seen this comic news on trekweb.

trekmovie will have to keep up with trekweb when it comes to trek news as I prefer this site to trekweb.

hey trekmovie maybe you should post the story of how the beautiful zoe saldana and the handsome chirs pine will host the oscars technical awards.

Can’t want, its the 2009 anticipation all over again XD

Um… how can Sulu and checkov meet at starfleet academy when one is in his 30s and the other was 17 at the time of his posting aboard the Enterprise?

I mean, ok, I know we can all get a touch irritated with the canon nazis… but can we at least have some semblance of logic applied to these stories?

@6. Sulu was on the 13 year plan. Career student.

Chekov is a whiz kid and attended the academy at a much earlier age than the other crew members. Hence he meets Sulu. You also have to remember that enlisting is not like Grade school. You can choose at any age to volunteer for Starfleet. Just like a MBA class, you get people of all ages and backgrounds in class together. This is actually a good thing as you learn a lot by working together on projects with people quite dissimilar from yourself in age, experience and family life.

Wow, old news masquerading as new news.

Wait, the adventures conclude with issue #20? So that’s the end of the series? Crap. And here I’ve been buying the series in trades. Oh, well. I guess that will save me a bit of money for other comics in the future.

Wow…..first everyone complained about no news now they’re complaining the new news is old news. Don’t they know that there are news starved trekkies I’m China that would be grateful for this?

that’s “in China.” Nothing like autocorrect to ruin sarcasm…

John Byrne is well-respected in the comics industry and will do a great job, I think.


9. Seriously? It ‘s way more detail than was on Trekweb yesterday. There are still mainstream sites publishing ‘Trek fan passes away’ as news this week. Trekweb also posted a month-old video as news this week too.

6. Grindr!

@14 Carry On BobbyO! Is the Superbowl trailer coming together? Do we get a glimpse of GATT2000, Peter Weller and the rest of the band in it? Only asking for a glimpse to be satisfied, pretty please.

The Gotham City mayor from the Dark Knight would be a great Khan… Timothy Olyphant (Justice/Deadwood) for Gary Mitchell… Oliver Platt for Harry Mudd.

Yes, random casting thoughts. I’m hard up for Trek news.

Thanks, Mark. Any idea if the first Into Darkness is still coming this month?

Hey Bob, I’m glad you guys stayed with the motion picture version of the Klingons. I always loved the fact that it was simply an extenuation of the spine. It made much more sense than all the weird turtle-like formations just globbed together and stuck on the foreheads. I blame Nimoy and Trek 3 for that abomination. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading the countdown comics to the film, I’ve been reading the recent Star Trek : The Motion Picture newspaper strip compilation and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The next 4 months sure are going to be a lot of fun!!

@16 Jack,


I’d LOVE to see that story! Haha

FYI — regardless of who gets which story first, this is my favorite Trek site, and that is why I only chat here.


And we love to have you around here interacting with the fans.

Beside Star Trek & Ender’s Game, are you involved in other science fiction movies or TV series ?

YAY Bob…I happen to agree with you…back when Anthony started this was nothing….Anthony and his staff made this site vibrant and alive and it seemed there is much better reader interaction, comments etc…here..YES sometimes a bit TOO intensely dedicated one way or another as in WE LOVE NUTREK…WE HATE NUTREK hahah…

Anthony and staff do a better job at listing news disseminating it and then we get to pick everything apart and fight about it..Thats why this website is still the best even waiting when the action and news wane…

Oh and Bob just watched the Fringe Finale….I know off topic here but Man was that a great finale. I think you guys created the best show on tv and the acting/casting is perfect and the writing has been incredibly original right up to this very emotional fantastic ending…Love and family win….My only regret..NO more Fringe..SIgh….But thanks to you guys and bad robot…awesome show…from beginning to end…

@22 – feel the same way;)

Looking forward to your latest endeavours with an unusual level of anticipation. I think I know what you’ve done (Harrison is not Khan, but Khan appears setting up the third film), and marvel at the hints and subterfuge.

hah don’t know if it will make it into tv guides in box letters section but I sent them a letter about their cover article on fringe and the finale….also tried to throw in a reference to Bob… and the new trek movie…free advertising I hope….

Who the Hell said these were “Motion Picture” Klingons. They are wearing masks.

Can I ask you guys a question – those of you who read Countdown before Star Trek 2009 was released, did it make you know what was coming when you watched it, or did it enhance the movie, or was it an entirely stand alone affair?

I’ve been trying hard to avoid too much about STID and wondered if I should avoid this too.

thats a matter of opinion toonloon…..if like me you devoured every bit of news n rumors then most of the plot of the prequel was already known by reading here…by that time reading the well done prequel did add details without revealing more of the movie so i liked it for the background but if u really dont want too much info then dont read a prequel n dont read articles ornposts here either haha
in other words it all depends on what u think too much info is..

Has anyone seen this? Lovely stuff –


My god, you miserable miserable little people

Complaining yet again about a break and then a new article.

Ill guarantee ye are active on loads of other sites/forums shoving your worthless opinions down others throats as well.


My name is Gustavo Leao and I am the editor of TrekWeb

I just wanna say that Anthony and me are good friends, we exchange emails from time to time, and Anthony even phoned me from the US some time ago (I live in Brazil)

If Anthony takes vacation from time to time to work in other projects I understand because editing a site like this is a lot of work, I am tired myself and will retire from TrekWeb in October

On a last note – TrekWeb is not in competition with TrekMovie or TrekToday, this is not a race folks, this supposed to be fun

Best regards,


Well said Gus…and this is just my humble opinion and in no way am I ever gonna tell Anthony how he should run but maybe just maybe, if he would communicate with his readers just as a courtesy to let us know whats going on like…gonna be outta town first two weeks of feb for instance it might cut down on these op eds from impatient Trekkies hahah….or have another staff member let the readers know….its certainly not required as its Anthonys site and he owes us nothing… and if this place is good enuf for the likes or Bob Orci, Chris Doohan, Mr Sternbach et al its more than good enuf for me…however Anthony Decides to run it….I will 4ever be in Anthonys debt and humbly thank him for his dedication to us and Trek….and his staff…their hard work for us is appreciated….always..

34. Jim
“.. if this place is good enuf for the likes or Bob Orci, Chris Doohan, Mr Sternbach et al its more than good enuf for me…however Anthony Decides to run it….I will 4ever be in Anthonys debt and humbly thank him for his dedication to us and Trek….and his staff…their hard work for us is appreciated….always..”

Couldn’t add a thing to that. Hear, hear!

With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright
infringement? My site has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any techniques to help protect against content from being stolen? I’d really appreciate it.

Is #31 Anton Yelchin the real one?

Is that the real J.Frakes? If so. I just want to say I love your work!


We saw Joseph Gatt in the trailer already! He was the left guy in the scene who walked out of the room where the cryo-tubes had been!

Glad to know that this is Bob Orci’s favorite digital hangout. I enjoy both the posts as well as the comment threads (when they don’t disintegrate into fanboy bickering).

Keep up the good work, Anthony!

@33 Gustavo Leao well said sir

I have been and avid follower of this site and since the 1st announcement of JJ Abrams and co taking over the Star Trek franchise. I find both websites very good in producing articles, wheather its a spolier, tidbit of information about a film or a look back on something.

People should remember that these websites may not be peoples only jobs and they do have other priorites.

I am also pleased that Mr Orci interacts with people here, goodness know it must be annoying with all these moaning mini’s around

By the way Mr Orci once tweeted at me. I did make a high pitched sound and scared my room mate

Both to Trekmovie and Trekweb thanks for the good work


Thanks Mark for the article & the information.

I’m actually looking forward to the countdown comics.

I assume that they won’t give anything away about the film?

I assume that the Klingons being depicted in the comics and the STID trailers are actually people wearing removable helmets and other body armour and not another variation on how Klingons look naturally in the flesh, as it were. Well, their heads at least.

If my former assumption is correct, then frankly it is horrible. I guess having an actor put on a helmet cuts down on the time spent in the makeup department.

Of course, throughout human history, warrior helmets and body armour has been common place and it is sensible. The only people who fought naked were the Celts in Roman times and the Romans hated it…apart from many Maori in pre-European times. Not sure why the Romans hated the fact that Celts fought naked. I have a theory or two of my own.

Klingons are now a literally faceless, murderous enemy, anybodies, nobodies, whereas before they were fearsome, murderous individuals within a collective, which is what armies are.

What are you doing, Bob Orci? Seriously.


Has it been confirmed that we will only see them with helmets? If not, I say: wait for the movie before you start complaining.

@ 49. Sub Trek – January 19, 2013

Has it been confirmed that we will only see them with helmets? If not, I say: wait for the movie before you start complaining.”

IIRC it was mentioned that, apart from two main Klingons characters, all the rest will be wearing helmets.