Star Trek Mobile App Launches – First Into Darkness Bonus Material Coming During Super Bowl [UPDATED]

Today Paramount launched their new Star Trek mobile application which promises to provide fans with exclusive content on a regular basis between now and the launch of Star Trek Into Darkness…and beyond. This includes bonus content that will be delivered during the Super Bowl this weekend. More details and first impressions with the app below. [UPDATED: Now available at Google Play Store]


Paramount Star Trek App Available Now – Get Exclusive Bonus Content During Super Bowl

The new Paramount "Star Trek" app is here. The app is cross between a game and marketing tool for Star Trek Into Darkness. I had a chance to preview the app last week and it is a lot of fun and more importantly, it promises to provide fans with exclusive content from the movie. The way it does this is by regularly updating with new "missions." These come in three types. One will be for you to watch and "listen" to Into Darkness trailers or clips. The second is to take pictures of specified Star Trek visual items (like a poster or standee). And the third will be location based (such as visit your local theater). Each mission provides you points and as you gather points you unlock content, such as the poster and trailers.

The app is avaialbe for both iOS and (very soon) Android. Almost all the functionality works anywhere in the world with the exception of the geo-location missions which are US and Canada only.

There will also be missions that will unlock exclusive new content. The first big thing will be this Sunday during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. If you have the app running and "scanning" (in other words listening to the audio) while Paramount’s Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial airs it will unlock special bonus content from the movie, exclusive to the app.

In addition to the missions and media content, the app also has a news feature that will include links to articles online (including as well as some exclusive articles just for the app.

After meeting with the developers I am pretty enthused about this app. Some past marketing tools kind of landed with a thud, but they appear to have learned their lesson. The key will be that this one is updated regularly with new missions. In addition the new technology of listening, scanning and geo-locating is pretty impressive. While anyone in the US and Canada will be able to use the app in any location, Paramount are also looking into providing special missions for "Star Trek locations" such as the future home of Starfleet in San Francisco. The app will also have some tie-ins into the "Are You The 1701" viral campaign, but for now they aren’t providing specifics. Promisingly Paramount see this as more than just an app for Into Darkness but a "Star Trek" app that will live on beyond this upcoming movie.

Bottom line is that if you are looking for the full Star Trek Into Darkness experience you should get the Star Trek app. You can download the free app right now at:

UPDATE: Helpful link

Many of the missions can be accomplished using the Into Darkness media page.

More on the App at the official site:

And if you missed it, here is a video of the announcement of this app from CES (note the contest is now closed).


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No uk version?

UK version?

Windows Mobile?

We in Europe are Second Class Star Trek Fans… We cant watch Trailers, take part in contests… :(

I am a good sheep and I have downloaded the App and ready for Sunday.

I thought Star Trek didn’t sell as well internationally, why are they focusing all the promotion on the US? Everyone’s going to go see it anyway.

if you think the Trek world in Europe, it is difficult … so imagine on the surface of the moon … lol

I need an android version soon… ;-) :-)

I don’t understand the Academy mission. Do you actually have to go there?

I second that, Max! I’m all the way in New Jersey. I don’t wanna travel all the way to San Fan in order to beat this! There HAS to be another way!

Who produced this app? Was it Santa Monica-based Trigger?

it won’t work on my iPod touch cause it doesn’t have a camera. darn it! app for EU. So sad.

Sounds more fun than a little PewPew phaser app.

Very cool, I will be downloading this asap!

Well I installed it but the dang thing won’t load!!!!

“it won’t work on my iPod touch cause it doesn’t have a camera. darn it!”

Since when do iPod Touch’s not have cameras? Mine sure does.

As someone who worked at Qualcomm for eight years: no offense if you’re reading this, Dr. Jacobs, but this “run the maze like a good little fan/rodent to get your rewards”-style of promotion strikes me as ineffably creepy. Sorry, no can do.

Nice dress, Alice!

Downloaded and this is really cool. Look’s like Bad Robot is really going after the marketing.

Hi Anthony – Missed you. Were you involved as a creative consultant on the lead-in comics for the new movie? I bet that was pretty cool.

Since when do iPod Touch’s not have cameras?

I think the first 2 generations of the iPod touch don’t have cameras.

On a side note, my app keeps crashing after scanning 1 in 5 images and then I can’t view them in my “unlocked rewards.” =\

Just like a fine bottle of aged rum she is intoxicating and wears it so well. Like fire that Red dress burns a hole in my left pocket!

Alice Eve and Zoe Saldena is like fine Black & White Scotch straight from the Scottish Highlands, smooth and definetly hits the spot!

Oh here’s an interesting discovery. Some of the unlocked pictures have captions that might shed some light on what’s going on in them. This one for example is titles “Harrison’s Getaway”
Too bad half of my pictures don’t show up, though I still got points for them.

Why is everything US-centric? :(

Is there any other way to unlock the location-based content for those of us who live elsewhere? E.g. unlock codes released every so often to let us catch up?

I’ve gotten up to the rank of Chief Petty Officer but can’t figure out how to do the Map (circle) to visit Starfleet Academy and get 20 points. Anyone figure that one out yet?

I’ve got the same problem as ScottC, I tried going step by step through the directions to SF but nothing.

YAY! This is soo COOL!

Now, they should include fans from Asia in geo-location missions in the next movie! It is like we are missing the majority of the fun here!

Don’t see it in google play store yet?

App is free? Coool. Then: “This App is incompatible with this iPad”.

Yeah, as if I wasn’t disappointed enough that Apple itself abandoned my ipad 1 after 2 years, now Star Trek has jumped on the — “you use an ipad 1? You’re incompatible!” bandwagon.

Sigh. Excitement for what’s to come, met head-on with disappointment. Again.

I’m out.

Well, I’m from Brazil and had to make an account in the US to use all the functions. No wonder Trek doesn’t do well in other countries. NO marketing, releases on finals week… oh, myyy!

Well, this will be an interesting application of new media… Games and treasure hunts are not my thing, but I know it is for others. I will download the Android version when it’s available just to see what the marketers are doing. Professional curiosity.

Anyone who was worried about “getting the word out” or piquing interest in the movie should be mollified for at least the five minutes it takes for them to look at the app. Then I’m sure that, yet again, we’ll be hearing all about how “terrible” the marketing for this movie is.

Some people are never happy. *sigh*

Looking forward to further developments…

Kinda sucks if you’re a fan who can’t afford a smartphone…guess I’m not getting ‘the full experience’. I hope some of this content will be released on the internet at some point.

‘Travel to San Francisco and visit the future site of Starfleet Academy.’

You physically have to visit the location.

28. Pegasus – January 31, 2013
App is free? Coool. Then: “This App is incompatible with this iPad”.

This is why my husband and I refuse to buy Apple products; they obsolete them too quickly. If you try to update the software at all, the device will cease to function, which is sad for people like us who stretch their devices into years of use.

My condolences.

Android all the way

No….we can’t download the app in Germany. If you follow the link it says
“app not available in German app store” :-((

Like any of us need a marketing tool to get us excited about the film.

Well it is sad that having a smartphone doesn’t get you smart.

It requires a Front Facing Camera (IPhone 4 or higher). Not compatable with IPhone 3GS.

#37 LOL

Anthony…good to see your text on this site again

Gosh… app not available on the surface of the Moon… SHAT!!! :-(((

The app isnt available via UK itunes yet.

OK, so now what?

I don’t know about anyone else… but that video thumbnail deserves a caption competition.

Okay — so the geolocation stuff can’t be cheated? I’m not flying to San Fran for 20 points ;).

I don’t get what the point of this is — is it just racking up points? Is there a payoff (bonus content, a draw for local preview screenings, etc?)?

Still not up!! Grr. Why does Google Play always get shafted?!

Gotta say, I wish they’d just focus on trailers , commercials, posters and the media blitz and not product tie-ins and all this other, er, crap. How is esurance going to draw people into a Star Trek movie? You can tell, I’m not a marketing fan (I spent 3 crappy years at a network coming up with all these sorts of cockamamie ideas — when really, the basics are all you need).

Do these kinds of things actually boost sales?


I think the idea is that “Star Trek ID” could attract new customers to Esurance.

after the JJ star wars announcement, i can care less about this film. If he doesn’t care about this franchise, then why should I care…. Especially these gimmicky advertisements. I’ll stick with DS9, thank you very much… A show from a time where we had people involved in the franchise who cared about the franchise (Ronald D. Moore, etc..).

Will their be a Windows 8 app?

Alice with red dress, she dies in the movie and kirk goes on personal vengeance against Spock’s brother…