Esurance Into Darkness Facebook App Offers BTS Video + Premier Sweepstakes & More

Once again Esurance is teaming up with Paramount to be a promotional partner for Star Trek. They have announced an "Embrace the Darkness" sweepstakes which will take one fan too the US premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. They are also promising exclusive behind the scenes looks at the film and more. Details below. Currently they are offering a short video featuring JJ Abrams and cast members talking about the film. More info and links below.


Esurance Facebook App Offers Exclusive Looks + Premier Contest

In 2009 Esurance was one of the promotional partners for Paramount’s Star Trek and for 2013 they are back again for Star Trek Into Darkness. They are starting off with a Star Trek App on their Facebook Page. To get to the app you need to like it on Facebook and enter the contest, with the winner (and a guest) being sent to the U.S. premiere of Into Darkness (along with $2,500 in travel expenses).  The app also promises exclusive "inside looks" for the movie. Currently there is one video video with footage from the trailers and comments by Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director JJ Abrams along with some of the cast.

In the video JJ talks about how they have "upped the ante" for Into Darkness and how the "action of this movie, the scale of this movie is light years beyond (Star Trek 2009). He also says that Star Trek Into Darkness was the "most fun and challenging experience I have had." Quinto calls the film "stunningly beautiful," Chris Pine says it is "relentless," Zoe says "this is the kind of film that 3D was made for."

The app also features a "Vulcanizer" which allows you transform your pictures into yourself as a Vulcan (and share them). There is also a download feature which currently has some icons and desktops (nothing new).

Esurance promises that there will be more updates to the app as we get closer to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. To get the app go to the Esurance Facebook Page.

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Hope this is better than the other app, that downloaded other apps onto my phone and I stil could not get to the star trek stuff- I know they have to do social media marketing but it seems its not exactly smooth-


Okay, just watched the new trailer and…awesome! Harrison is “better” at “everything.” Why? Probably because he’s a genetic superdude. When Kirk asks him who he is, I think that’s the answer we’re going to get.


Also looks like the Enterprise sustains enough damage to call for a REFIT!!!

Bleep bloop

I agree with 2. It’s pretty much means he’s either khan or from Botany Bay.

So that is why the app only works in America. It’s going to be cheaper to get the winner to the premier.

Just kidding.