Buy Tickets Now For Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Fan Sneak’ Screenings May 15th

Star Trek Into Darkness officially opens on Friday May 17th, however Paramount has just announced special "fan preview" IMAX 3D screenings of the film for Wednesday May 15th and you can buy your tickets today via Fandango. More information below.



Buy Advance Tickets For Star Trek Into Darkness Wednesday May 15th

You can be one of the first to see Star Trek Into Darkness by attending a "Fan Sneak" showing on the evening of Wednesday May 15th. You can buy tickets now exclusively via Fandango. The early screenings were announced by Paramount via the new mobile app which added a new Fandango button. If you click that button you are lead to a list of local screenings.

If you don’t have the app, you can go directly to the Fandango site and buy your tickets that way. Just enter your zip code and select May 15th. As you can see below, it lists just the IMAX 3D listings.

 So if you want to see the movie in regular 3D or 2D you will have to wait for midnight screenings on Thursday.


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