Buy Tickets Now For Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Fan Sneak’ Screenings May 15th

Star Trek Into Darkness officially opens on Friday May 17th, however Paramount has just announced special "fan preview" IMAX 3D screenings of the film for Wednesday May 15th and you can buy your tickets today via Fandango. More information below.



Buy Advance Tickets For Star Trek Into Darkness Wednesday May 15th

You can be one of the first to see Star Trek Into Darkness by attending a "Fan Sneak" showing on the evening of Wednesday May 15th. You can buy tickets now exclusively via Fandango. The early screenings were announced by Paramount via the new mobile app which added a new Fandango button. If you click that button you are lead to a list of local screenings.

If you don’t have the app, you can go directly to the Fandango site and buy your tickets that way. Just enter your zip code and select May 15th. As you can see below, it lists just the IMAX 3D listings.

 So if you want to see the movie in regular 3D or 2D you will have to wait for midnight screenings on Thursday.


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Too bad, no IMAX close to us…

I’m in! I’m number one!!!

So cool.

This is great for those who can!!!

oh man, we’re getting a new imax theater in my town, but I doubt it’ll be finished by then!

Otherwise the closest one is something like 3 hours away

hope i don’t get a seizure from all the lens flares in 3D…let’s do this thang!

I wish they would do something for the fans. Doesn’t anybody care about the fans?

Okay, so does the enter sweepstakes for one point button give you that one point every day you enter (it says to enter daily) or is it just a one shot deal.

Great to have early bookings. Unfortunately, I can’t handle 3D, so I’ll be waiting a day or so more…

This sucks. Why not 2D???

This is a money grab. ‘If you want to see it early, you’ve got to pay 3D prices and Fandango fees’. That is, IF you can see 3D!

even though there is a imax theater in the town i am in, i rather just wait the two days.

yikes. We better finish this movie already.

No 3-D for me. :(

Must not be in all markets yet…no go in UT

Bob, just out of curiosity, being writer/producer on a film like this, how often do you tend to visit bad robot or check in on production? Or do you feel like most of your job has been done now that filming has completed and things are in the post production phase?

Once again, Europe left out.

The big game ad for Star Trek is online

There are some new scenes

Trailer is live folks, go watch.

Doesn’t anybody read the twitter feed?

To recap: Harrison is “better” at “everything.” Genetic superdude, anyone?

And the Enterprise sustains enough damage to possibly require a REFIT.

Kirk doesn’t know who is John Harrison, looks like he is not Gary Mitchell after all.

Except to a few stubborn holdouts, Harrison hasn’t been Gary Mitchell for a very long time.

Anybody notice the full shot of the Enterprise covered in damage seems to be underwater? You can see air bubbles leaking out the front and the nacelle. The close shot of the saucer section shown in the next shot is in space though.

15. Andrew – February 3, 2013
Bob, just out of curiosity, being writer/producer on a film like this, how often do you tend to visit bad robot or check in on production? Or do you feel like most of your job has been done now that filming has completed and things are in the post production phase?


When producing, you have to keep on it until the last minute on multiple aspects. It’s not just finishing the movie, it’s marketing it both traditionally and online, making sure the video game is right, the comics tie in, etc…

Just one problem, neither of the IMAX theaters in my city (San Antonio, TX, a major metropolitan US city I might add) has online ticketing available through Fandango. Does this mean we’re SOL?

Bob, thanks for the explanation, I suppose I didn’t really understand the role of a producer. Keep up the good work though, just watched the super bowl spot and it looks fantastic!

Anybody else having problems getting this to work?

I need a big crow as I need to fly 6,542 miles or 10,526.08 kms from Auckland to Los Angeles. I want to bring my son as well, who turns 20 years old on 15 May. Anyway, if MJ is right about Khan (a very miniscule possibility) I may need to eat crow. It’s all about being well prepared…:)

#12 – Now, Bob Orci, I hope we haven’t caught you napping. Yes, I guess you had better get on…goodness gracious…:)
Any plans for promotional travel for the main actors overseas, especially downunder? Karl Urban could bring Chris Pine and a couple of other of the fine cast down here just in time for school holidays – sometime in April. Just a thought…I can but *try..;]

* I’ve obviously been a bit trying to some posters here on the other thread.

I am not anti-American. How is telling the truth being anti or pro anything? Perhaps I have some history wrong but I am not being corrected so either I am correct with my assertions or my accusers have not ascertained what the facts are and shared. I try to be as clear as I can be but I still get misunderstood, labeled and attacked. I try to deal with facts and ideas while others seem to see my statements as some sort of personal attack on them or the US, when I am not doing that. I don’t know. I guess it is easier to keep silent. Then again, I am reminded what Dumbledore said to Harry Potter “Don’t do what is easy. Do what is right.” (or something like that).

The date only goes up to April 3. You cannot select beyond that date.

It’s occurred to me that sites like this one- and the Internet in general, pretty much negate the purpose of those fancy apps. Being one (of many) who has a phone that is incompatible with said app, this warms the cockles of my heart.

I do wonder if the IMAX version is going to be restricted to IMAX theaters, or if it will play at other large-format theaters? We have a (lousy) IMAX and a (terrific, brand-new) RPX theater. I’d rather drive 3 miles to the kick-ass RPX screen than drive 20 miles to the pathetic IMAX.

Either way, I’ll watch it- even if it’s on a bedsheet in a parking lot. (We watched “Wrath of Khan” that way- while in tech-school..)

i have my Ticket’s for May 15th. Very Excited.

I just bought tickets for 5/15. I hope the even number curse is still in effect, and Into Darkness is so good that it makes Star Trek XI look awful by comparison.

None in my area. :( And I live in Philadelphia. I suspect the closest 3D IMAX is King of Prussia or Cherry Hill and I don’t drive so both are no go for me. I’ll wait. :/

Any idea if this will apply to Canadian Theatres as well?

Can’t wait!
I’m guessing Star Trek INTO DARKNESS should be at least 2 hours and 45 minutes long. I didn’t pay over $40 and wait four years for a bad movie

Once again Europe ISN’T left out! The movie opens here on May 15th. Of course,I’m in New York that weekend,lol!


25 you can purchase tickets at those theatres begining today when the theatres boxoffice opens it doors.

25 thats according to the girl I talked to today, when I asked about using my read I was given for not being told ahead of time that my IMAX screening of the Hobbit was not going to be showing the 9 min preview back in december.

AMC has that policy of no ticket refunds after the movie starts and since film IMAX theatres went straight into the movie with no previews durring the Hobbit. The Manager offered me a Read to use for when Star trek tickets went on sale.

I have two tickets for the 15th showing at the Nashville Opry Mills IMAX! It is about an hour driver for me but then I drove to the same theater the weekend The Hobbit opened just to see the 9 minute preview.

Not crazy about the idea of 3D but will see it in 2D later also. IMAX should be a great format for the film though. I know my family enjoyed the last one and I don’t think many if any scenes for it were actually shot with IMAX cameras where I read about 40% of scenes in this film were.

The app never specified it was IMAX 3D until after I purchased, but given the $17.50 ticket price, it had better be!

Locked in two for the 15th, but only after a brief panic after I got a Server Error 500 after processing my payment.

Sounds like fun, seeing Trek in 3D with a bunch of fans on a Wed night before it opens wide.

This doesn’t work for me :( Dammit, stop teasing the fans! Haha.

I really really REALLU hope that Uhura and Spock’s kiss was in private this time. I don’t care how much Spock is embracing his human side – that was just absolutely out of character last time for both of them. *crosses fingers*

Frustratingly, even though we have IMAX theaters in Nashville, Fandango says no show times are available for me. Curses! I wanted the early showing!

Ahh, I’m in. I tried to do it through and couldn’t do it. But doing it through the app worked! Hooray!

I bought my tickets yesterday before the Superbowl. I was just checking the app to see what was new for the game and then saw the Tickets button.

My non-fandango theater now has tickets for the IMAX 3D preview on the 15th. GOT MY TICKETS! YAY!

I bought my ticket for May 15 @8PM. I went to this same theater for the “Hobbit” movie to see the 9 minute Star Trek “Prequel”. I once had problems with the old kind of “3-D” movies. But this new kind is pretty good. And the IMAX makes the picture look great.

#10 Anthony Thompson. If you don’t want to pay the Fandango fee, join the AMC “Stubs” program. The Fandango fee is credited back from AMC at the time of purchase. Plus AMC gives upgrade sizes of Snack Bar purchases using the “Stubs” program.

Just curious, anyone here in Baton Rouge LA able to get it? I put in my zip and tried to get it but it says the IMAX 3D won’t have it early :(

Also curious if they are going to have a list of theaters that will be doing the early screening.. like the 9min hobbit preview thing.

How do you select the date? My screen only goes to April.

Depends on where you are. If a movie theater with your zip code isn’t showing the movie,then it won’t come up. At least that’s what I experienced searching for one in New York. Ended up with a few that are showing it there and the best one for me was on 34th. Didn’t even know there was a theater there,LOL! Usually stick to the ones on 42nd.

So cool that I can book a movie ticket NOW though,all I have to do is pick a flight from here that’ll get me there on time. Where’s Superman when you need him. Or better still,a transporter,lol!

Have fun y’all!