Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl Commercial for Star Trek Into Darkness is just half a minute but mixed in with stuff we saw in the previous two trailers is some new (and very interesting) stuff, along with some new (and very intriguing) dialogue. Below TrekMovie has a full shot-by-shot analysis of the commercial. We also have caps of what was in the ‘extended’ version available on the mobile app. As always, beware of Spoilers.  


Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

Once again TrekMovie dives deep with a shot-by-shot analysis analysis of the new commercial. The captions below are based on what TrekMovie considers to be confirmed information. In some cases it will note when there is supposition or conjecture. Items that are new are indicated with "[NEW]". There are also a few ALERTS to dig deeper into some parts of commercial, looking at the implications (and some nitpicking).

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Let’s start at the beginning…

[NEW] Building in London (note Federation and Union Jack flags)

Some Brits have noted that the stripes on the Union Jacks are backwards (The thin stripes go on the bottom on the left side and the top on the right)

Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) at Starfleet meeting location

[NEW] Explosion inside some kind of large large storage bay (possibly in London…see below)

Details are hard to see but is the ship Harrison uses to attack Starfleet seen in the Teaser Trailer somewhere in this giant bay? 

[NEW] Explosion (terrorist attack) in London

Crowd reacts to something (could be London or San Francisco)

Even after TrekMovie alerted the world that some guy was photobombing (moviebombing) Star Trek Into Darkness, he seems to still be making the cut – as does the 23rd century hipster (dude with sunglasses). 

[NEW] Kirk (with Zachary Quinto’s Spock looking on) asks John Harrison "who the hell are you?"

Many have speculated the Harrison could really by Gary Mitchell. But the new Star Trek comics (as seen below) have shown that Kirk knows and is friends with Gary Mitchell, so he isn’t likely to ask him "who the hell are you?" Unless he has had a lot of work done.  

John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) looks menacing

John Harrison attacks some Klingons on Qo’noS

Uhura (Zoe Saldana) on Qo’noS

Harrison on Qo’noS

Kirk and Uhura on Qu’noS (likely watching Harrison beat up Klingons)

[NEW] Kirk hears Harrison (still likely in the Enterprise Brig) say "I am better" and asks "at what?"

[NEW] Harrison replies "at everything"

"I am better…at everything" should feed the ‘Harrison is really Khan’ speculation fans. Of course Khan Noonien Singh was a genetically enhanced superman and was known to let people know how superior he was. 

"Nothing ever changes, except man. Your technical accomplishments? Improve a mechanical device and you may double productivity. But improve man and you gain a thousand fold. I am such a man." – Khan in "Space Seed"

Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) screams

[NEW] USS Enterprise severely damaged and falling towards planet (possibly Earth)

The above (and below) shots are somewhat reminiscent of the destruction of the original NCC_1701 in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. The ship has sustained a lot of damage and is shedding parts as it heads to a planet. Are we going to get a NCC-1701-A in the next movie? If not a replacement the ship is going to at least need to get a major overhaul, so is there a refit in the future?

[NEW] USS Enterprise continues fall and appears out of control

This spinning Enterprise in bad shape is likely linked to shots from previous trailers showing explosions and people sliding around the ship (those inertial dampeners are so unreliable). 

[NEW] Title card

[NEW – but seen in IMAX Preview] Spock in Niburu volcano prepares for death

[NEW] Title card

Uhura macks on Spock

[NEW] Title card

Spock jumps off a floating barge or platform (possibly in San Franciso)

[NEW] Title card

Kirk enters the USS Enterprise sick bay

Harrison in command chair of some ship

Some ship (not the
USS Enterprise) crashes into San Francisco Bay

[NEW] Crowd (likely San Francisco) reactions to explosion or crash

[NEW] Ship crashes into building (likely in San Francisco)

Title cards

Bonus shots in "extended" version

If you have the Star Trek mobile app and you scan the commercial you can watch an exclusive "extended" version of the trailer which is about five seconds longer. In addition to switching around some of the images there were a couple of shots seen in previous trailers but also one additional shot of Kirk, plus the addition of a "THIS SUMMER" title card (preceeding the bit about "OUR…WORLD…WILL…FALL").

[NEW] Title card

[NEW] Kirk tries to hang on

Kirk and McCoy jump off cliff into Nibiru ocean

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