Viral Video: Homemade Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

While we wait for the new Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial why not check out another Into Darkness trailer that is going viral, even getting the notice of Simon Pegg. A fan was inspired by the last trailer to remake it himself with no budget. Watch the homemade Star Trek Into Darkness trailer below.


Home made Star Trek Trailer

This homemade trailer comes to us via DustFilms. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the trailer to show how close they got it.

Flashback: Star Trek 2009 ‘Sweded’

The new no budget trailer is reminiscent of the ‘Sweded’ spoof of 2009’s Star Trek made by Push It Films. If you didn’t see it (or forgot) check it out below.


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Finally. Some fans with an actual sense of humor.

I have to say that I love the wig of Kirk in this video … is comparable only with the wig of Chris Pine in the film Bottle Shock … LOL … the soundtrack is also fantastic … the guy who plays Kirk, looks like a young Benicio Del Toro … this is really fun!

One of the most creative and funny video I have seen in a long time. Well done!

Does anyone think that the guy as kirk in homemade trailer looks like benicio Del toro in first shot of him?


Awesome :)

Very funny and well done!

That was classic !!

Kirk with a blonde wig and black eye brows…LOL

I totally cracked up at the end when “Harrison” does his speech about what you would do for your family…LOL

Jejejeje Funy and great Job !!!!

These rock. Watched the side-by-side. They got the timing down perfectly. Gotta love fan films!

That was funny, very clever.


I especially like those innovative non-special effects, like the simple but clever trick of how to make the action figures fold the Federation flag, or the LED lights producing Abrams’ trademark lens flares!

Why did I enjoy that? But I did. It was awesome and it made me laugh. I especially appreciate the dramatic music score ” Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggh! ” Ha. Awesome. Later maybe we could talk about the fact that this is actually a pretty good storyboard for this promo. This friends, is the fundamentals of how it’s done…

Very funny.

I liked the amateur special effect for the missing man flyover!

I laugh every time I see this. Why?

The Wauuuuuggghhhhh voices doing the “music”



Cool voice!


J.J.’s credit card includes lens flare!

Good job!