Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Commercial ‘Our World Will Fall’

The Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial airs during the second quarter of the game. However if you can’t wait, you can watch it here at See below for an embedded version and for a link to Apple Trailers for HD version.


Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Spot

Here it is…

You can also check it out in HD at Apple Trailers.

Extended Version with Star Trek App + Analysis coming soon

Using the new Star Trek App, if you scan this commercial live on TV or via the above links or embed you will unlock an extended version of the commercial (5 seconds longer). Get the app now:

The usual shot by shot analysis will follow shortly.


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heh, awesome….

I think Harrison is some kind of augment. Maybe the Khan theory isn’t so far off, after all.


I am better…

At what?


Augment. Augment. I repeat, the villain will be an Augment.

Ok that was cool! I wonder where this movie will leave us at the end?

Anybody notice that the Enterprise in this shot seems to be underwater?

Can see bubbles of air licking out the nacelle and the front of the saucer section

Enterprise… crashing… so not cool! We just barely got to know her!!!

awesome, keep it coming!

JJ has got to be back for the third film. At the same time though, I can’t wait to see what he does with Star Wars Episode VII!

yep, if this isn’t Khan, he has to be an augment. there will be a link.

look at the evidence:

1) Trekmovie calls Khan ages ago
2) Botany Bay almost made it to end credits of Star Trek 09
3) Orci declares villain ‘canon’
4) Carol Marcus is in the film

95% Khan or an augment

6 – I dunno. It clearly seems to be crashing down into the planet in that part. Maybe puffs of smoke instead of bubbles?

11 – I’m not sure if any of those are really convincing, though I do agree there may be an augment element (though nothing related to Khan).

1) this isn’t really evidence of anything. sites “call” things all the time that end up being butt wrong

2) Like they had any idea what the plot of this movie was going to be in 2009

3) How many canon villains are there in star trek?

4) Maybe the best clue, but this is more along the time of Space Seed (which she was not part of)

5) What major Star Trek baddies don’t think they’re the shit?


@6 Look at some of the surrounding imagery – clouds – puffy smoke – don’t think that’s underwater. Besides, if the E were crashing through water, she’d almost certainly be tumbling through all three axes of movement, not going straight down. May be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, but I think she’s descending through space.

Looks really awesome.

Very nice !! Looks like the Enterprise needs a refit again. I still dont think thats the Bif E crashing though even though this segment leads us in that direction.

Reminded me of that line Gary Oldman used in The Professional..

Oldman: Get me everyone
Cop: What ya mean?
Oldman: Everrrrrrry ONEEEEEEE!

#6. Jonathan

It’s smoke you see in this shot!!

The big explosion at 00:03, could it be from the starboard nacelle (00:14)?

Surely it’s in water, there’s no smoke, no fires, the image is distorted from being underwater, bubbles and bits of debris floating away.

The clouds in the background are just clouds of bubbles



Explosion at 0:03 isn’t the nacelle, there’s people walking in there and the far end is curved, looks like a large shuttle bay or weapons facility

Ok, I’m really starting to think we may lose the Enterprise in this one. Which means we may get to see the J.J. ‘verse 1701-A…which I am quite ok with.

I’m also starting to waiver on my “That is most definitely not Enterprise crashing into SF Bay.” call. Sure, the nacelle pylons and nacelles themselves don’t look quite right in the Bay crash shots…but then the E herself looked to be in pretty rough shape falling into the atmosphere in this trailer. Extreme battle damage and atmospheric re-entry could account for the “cosmetic” differences.

That smiley guy is still in the crowd scene. Can’t they zap him?

BETTER!!! ;-) :-)

Chris Pine’s hair looks spikey.

The background extra who is smiling at the camera
(previously reported by Trek Movie) is still in it at 0:04.

#20 you just beat me to it.


That’s not the nacelle. Appears to be some sort of cargo bay or something. There’s a lot of equipment and people walking around.

Pardon me but isn’t the WWII debate still going on?

Is Uhura kissing Harrisson? Or was that Spock? Either way, terriffic trailer!


You’re right about that!!

I think that image is of the Enterprise underwater, but the ship crashing in the bay can be seen in the next frame mowing down the San Francisco skyline. I think we are going to get to see a great many ships of the fleet destroyed. Also Enterprise is sinking straight down like in a controlled descent that other ship skims the surface of the bay! We are going to be in for one hell of a thrill ride!

Jonathan, the ship is clearly falling out of orbit. Those are clouds below it. The black billowing stuff is smoke. The E is underwater at the beginning of the movie. That has already been established. But this is not it.

It’s a hanger deck of some decription at 00:03. There are shuttles and other craft with warp nacelles ‘parked’ in the various bays, along with what looks like misslies on the left hand side closest to the camera.

16 – I think one can clearly see cities lit up on the dark side of earth just at the beginning of that shot. 99.9% sure that’s in orbit or upper atmosphere

1000% E falling towards clouds before it. You can see black smoke coming from the damaged parts. It’s dropping straight down…like a brick, which is fascinating.

Johnathan.. You’re seeing clouds! Not bubbles…. Seriously its clearly falling to earth from space!

I still half-heartedly suspect (and semi-wish) that Cumberbatch is playing a version of the villain Omne from the Phoenix novels by Marshak and Culbreath back in the 1970s. He was tougher than humans and at least as tough as Vulcans, super-intelligent and better at EVERYTHING, very calm and controlled at most times, with vengeance in his heart against the Federation because of his family and the results of the Prime Directive, and whose goal was to break Kirk and Spock and all they stood for, often by offering people a chance to save their loved ones…even from death. And so on. Fits WAY better than Khan.

Some people hated those books, others adored them, but either way, the character of Omne would fit almost everything we know about this villain, assuming (as so many do) that he’s not REALLY just John Harrison.

11 – all fair points, but it’s a lot of evidence in one direction imo. surely if this will be an augment story, Khan will be involved somehow?

Is it too late to say that the British flags are upside down?

Jonathan, JJ likes that dirty lens look at times, including these E scenes. There are spots here that you may be mistaking as bubbles, perhaps? I don’t see anything like bubbles.

The fist time I heard it, I thought it was “I am butter”. Hahaha! Woah, now that I think of it, it can also be “I am bitter!”

Don’t you think Cumberbatch’s voice is a bit mechanical in this? The guy does change his voice in roles but I don’t remeber it being that robot-sounding.

The CGI fire is horrible.

I had a helluva time trying to view this trailer. Every time I tried it, the browser said that I needed to download QuickTime, and after I did and rebooted my computer, it gave me the same message. Wasted the better part of an hour doing this. To no avail.

Finally got to see it on my iPod Touch.

I hate it when they trash the Enterprise.

I must be mad, but it’s clearly underwater!

Falling out of orbit shot:

Clearly lots of debris and smoke and embers and flames in sharp detail as it falls

Underwater shot:

Everything has a blue hue to it, the image is distorted, no black smoke or embers, or fires, just bits of debris and bubbles

No bubbles!? What are these making a long straight accent to the surface?!

39 I thought he said butter too haha! The internet could have fun with that one

Look at the link in post #6…….. That has to be underwater. The smoke is gone, debris and bubbles are floating up and away in a straight line. Enterprise is going for a deep dive. I know they showed smoke in a couple of those frames too but the frame freeze in that link is probably after Enterprise went down into the water.

Heck, as long as the E has a couple of impulse coils running, it should be able to counter a few gees and drop in without killing the entire crew. Pity about the starboard nacelle, tho’.

WOW! So the Enterprise IS one of the ships that falls to Earth? Damn… REALLY looking forward to this movie!!

Jonathan great stills. I agree with Hat Rick too, it hurts me to see E get f’ed up and wow it clearly is

John Harrison is KLINGON

Bubbles = debris falling off of hull

It’s not underwater. Notice that in the ‘falling’ shot (where the camera is close to the saucer), the saucer forward hull is heavily scorched – the ship has just undergone re-entry. In the ‘underwater’ shot (with the supposed bubbles), the hull is clean, if busted up – ship has not undergone re-entry yet. If the ship fell and then sank underwater, it would still be scorched from re-entry.

Hey, look at the way Pine raises his eyebrows when he asks “at what?” – that’s so damn shatneresque!