Collectible Cover Images & Excerpts From Upcoming EW Mag Star Trek Into Darkness Feature

The upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly has a Star Trek Into Darkness cover story along with two collectible covers. EW has provided us with images of the covers along with some excerpts from the issue. See below.  




Entertainment Weekly Unveils Two Collector’s Covers With First Look at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

The upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine (on newsstands on Friday) has a Star Trek Into Darkness cover story. 

Regarding director JJ Abrams finding himself atop both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, EW provides this preview of their interview:

Abrams sums up the current state of his career with just one word: “Madness.”

Cover 1 of 2 (click to enlarge)

The issue also features interviews with cast members, here is their tease for that…

…the cast did spill some details about what we can expect from Darkness: namely, a lot more action. This time around, the fight is coming to Earth, where both London and San Francisco will face brutal attacks. And expect more fighting from Uhura (Zoe Saldana), who’s still navigating the waters of her relationship with Spock (Zachary Quinto), too. “I told them to make sure that Uhura kicks more ass,” Saldana says. “And she does!”

We also got the cast to weigh in on Abrams landing the Star Wars gig. Pine admits, “I’ll be disappointed [if he doesn’t direct our third film], but there are people in his circle that will carry on.” Of course, Pine does have a back-up plan to keep the director on board the Enterprise. “Kidnapping is always an option, right?”

Cover 2 of 2 (click to enlarge)

Pick up your copy (or copies) of Entertainment Weekly this Friday.

By the way, as TrekMovie tweeted out this morning, the EW cover was first revealed this morning on the Star Trek app, another reason to pick up the app.

Star Trek App users got first look at EW cover this morning

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Keep the momentum going!

Ok. Pine may Kidnap J.J. I love it.

So can’t wait to see Star Trek. Into Darkness. I already have my Ticket Bought and I am more then ready.

Who here as already bought there Ticket to see Star Trek. I have mine.

My Typest is now in the Agony Booth for not getting my name right.

More action, more fighting, more destruction.
Not sure if this is good.

It’s gettin real now!!….Madness is right!..Trying to revive the Star Wars Universe will be much tougher than TREK me thinks and only 2 years to do it??!?? anyway only 100 days away!!!

“Pine admits, “I’ll be disappointed [if he doesn’t direct our third film], but there are people in his circle that will carry on.””

I liked this, CP seems more realistic here than in that interview to USToday … and my favorite cover of course is CP & ZQ, definitely!!

#4. I do as well… IMAX 3-D…May 15th!!!

i got my ticket for wed may 15 early IMAX 3D !!!

With so many people who claim to have already purchased Tickies, I wonder what the box office might be already … Heh heh

Man does JJ have the Force in Hollywood or what? The Trek and Wars franchises under one father almost sounds like some kind of prophesy or something.

I know I’m not alone when I say: “MAY 17TH, COME NOW!!!” I NEED IT. I NEED IT!
Sorry guys, I got carried away…

Purchasing my IMAX 3D tickets as we speak! (and also a ticket for Best of Both Worlds, I think- I haven’t decided yet)

argh I just want it to be May already!

#14 and others I hear ya, Im also Stoked… but then it will be over and we wont be able to wait until Star Trek Into Brightness :)

My gosh, even the magazine cover promoting the dang thing ha way too much lens flair!

I miss Rick Berman, he “got” Star Trek and did the best he could with what he had to work with to keep Gene’s original idea going. Like him or not, no one can deny that he keep the Star Trek train going for 18 year straight, a feet I dare JJ Abrams to even get close to!

I like the wary look Chris is giving Cumberbatch,

#16 He actually ran the franchise into the ground which is why it was dead to the mainstream until 2009.

“a feet I dare JJ Abrams to even get close to!”


And J.J., unlike Rick Berman, is highly sought after.


Rick Berman is gone. Never coming back to Trek again. Banished from Hollywood forever.

C’mon, now. Get real!


Did anyone reckongnized Cumberbatch’s Jacket?! :-) It’s not so different from April’s in Countdown to Darkness :)

I love the App for this kind of things. Anyway, what is wrong with Chris Pine’s head? He really looks like a Ken Doll, btw. And damn, just give Cumberbatch a mustache and he IS Dr. Strange.


Totally agree. Rick Berman is generally given a hard time, but he did a great job particularly with TNG. There are fans & non-fans of what came after that, & at the end of the day that is up to the individual’s taste …

#19 & #20

You guys are kind of arrogant.


How many academy awards did Rick Berman win for Star Trek?

I wasn’t aware Academy awards were given out for TV programmes…

Ugh. I miss the uniforms.

I miss the uniforms, too. Where’s the big E? Cumberbatch is gorgeous.


Check out this list for nominations and awards to Star Trek in all of its incarnations…'s_awards_and_honors

Star Trek 2009. Only Star Trek, in ANY incarnation, to win an Oscar. Just sayin’


And the ;) is to acknowledge the s@#t storm that comment could create. Want to get that out there first to validate the point BEFORE the posts begin.

Cumberbatch looks super gorgeous. I prefer that cover. Pine’s lipstick is so pink.

But you know, that being said, I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s. LOVED TOS as a kid. And still do/ ST:2, 4 ,6. 8 were movies I really enjoyed, thought The Next Gen was borderline awful in my opinion. If you want to know why, I’ll be glad to elaborate. But for now, I won’t bore you with that just to say it had an aura about it I never liked. So JJ resurrectes a dead franchise. My beloved characters’ origin stories. Fantastic visual effects. Shit blowing up, phasers (which emulated blasters, which I loved), space battles, and sci-fi up the waazoo like time travel and wormholes, warp drive and red/antimatter. Read some Kip Thorne as to whyall of this is plausable. Read Neal DeGrasse Tyson as to why all of this is AWESOME.

Anyway, long post not so short. An Oscar for 2009 Trek? I can live with that. STID is going to blow us away similar to TWoK. I really believe that. I think this is just plain good stuff Bad Robot is giving us. It is not all JJ. Great cast, good writing, and the visuals and sound are amazing thanks to the technology Bad Robot has in house. I really hope they continue with Trek, with maybe Bob Orci running the show.

I haven’t beem as passionate about ANYTHING entertainment since Farscape, Lost and then 2009 Trek. This is so fun.

more lens flares!!!!

Lens flares on the magazine covers too?

I really like Spock’s jacket; gotta get one.

Too much hotness in those magazine covers! WOW :P The fic is going to be nuts, just an advance warning.

Madness indeed! …now please hand Star Trek over to writers/directors who can do it justice?


I like the shot of Uhura in her wetsuit! Hottie!

And I love the behind the scene shot of JJ and Alex Kurtzman. I try to read the tactical display. I wonder if they put any easter eggs in those…

I don’t want to be just a ‘fangirl’, which is why I’m consulting people and other stuff so I’m prepared.

I think J J Abrams is doing really well. What can you expect from Star Trek? I don’t think we should go around assuming the worst. And what can you expect from a franchise set in space? I trust Abrams as long as we get a feeling of not just action (I know Star Trek has that kind of stuff in it) but a really intelligent storylines and incredible characters with depth and meaning. I’m especially looking forward to John Harrison, not because he’s played by Cumberbatch, but the fact that he just looks so menacing and intellectual I wonder how the Enterprise will go about dealing with him.

Love the photo of the four (?) Redshirts escorting/arresting John Harrison.

You just know what’s coming next for those poor guys….

if u r looking for “intelligent storyline”, u r looking in the wrong place… LOL!!!

At the rate they’re going with excessive amounts of action and characters “kicking ass”, they can have Michael Bay direct the third one instead.

might as well have Bay… he matches the writing style… =(

they need to stop emulating Dark Knight, and start taking a clue from AVENGERS! (MARVEL KICKS ASS!!) (for real) =)

#38. I bet 100,000 Quatlos that we see 5 red shirt deaths.

@45 and 46 I surely hope not!

I would like Brad Bird to direct it. He did follow JJ with the Mission Impossible movies.

#32 So are Cumberbatch and Quinto lips pink. This is how 23rd century guys look!…:)

I have noticed that Chris Pine’s lips have a tendency to crack easily. I have seen this when he has given interviews in the past – probably to do with being nervous. I think he now uses quite of lot of colourless lip balm at times to stop the drying and cracking. It is more than likely that using lip balm would be a normal part of the make up routine for actors (male and female) – working under hot studio lights could have a drying effect.

In these photos, his lips do not seem any more pink than the lips of the other two actors photographed.