Watch Trailers For Star Trek Enterprise S1 and ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Blu-ray Releases [UPDATED]

CBS has released a couple of new trailers for their upcoming Blu-ray releases. See below for preview of the Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 and the stand-alone ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ release. [UPDATED w/ BTS featurette clip]  





Star Trek Enterprise Season


UPDATE: Featurette clip

You can pre-order Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 on Blu-ray (due March 26th) – discounted to $78.

Star Trek TNG – The Best of Both Worlds [UPDATE with HD version]

The Best of Both Worlds Set is due on April 30th, but not yet available for pre-order.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 3

You can pre-order TNG S3 at Amazon – discounted to $91 (due April 30th).

You can also order TNG S1 and S2 (both released in 2012) from Amazon.


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Bet of Both worlds tailer is in standard def, trying to sell the the newly remartered version, WTH!

Seems counter-intuitive to be releasing a trailer for an HD remastering in 4:3 and only 480p.

Is the bonus material of the Best of both Worlds Blu-ray also on the season 3 Blu-ray? Or will that be split over season 3 and 4? Anybody know?

Enterprise is my favorite Star Trek series after the original. It had the most identifiable characters of any of the spinoffs, especially being set so much closer to our own time, and in most episodes it felt like the ship and crew were in real peril, far from home and over their heads.

Even though it’s on Netflix, the video quality there is pretty poor on an HD screen. I might consider picking this up.

Count me in for the Enterprise blu rays.

#2: In regards to 480p, I agree that was a thickheaded move. However, they cannot change the fact that all the Star Trek television series prior to “Enterprise” were filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Could the narrator’s voice be anymore irritating?

#3. The bonus material for BOBW is exclusive to the BOBW BD release.

Yay! Finally.. Enterprise is almost here on Blu ray.

I’m very excited about seeing the new documentaries a decade on, catching up with cast members now. It promises to cover a lot of frank discussion about the show’s problems, its successes and failures.

Enterprise should have been released on Blu-ray the first time around… it was filmed in HD for pete’s sake…

When did they start adding “Sparkling” as a way to describe Blu-Ray discs?

sorry about TBOBW SD thing. Article updated with HD version

@10. I wholeheartedly agree. It should’ve been on the format at least around the time TOS-Remastered was. If not before, when BSG and even Stargate were getting HD releases.

Enteprise is a much better Star Trek show than anybody gives it credit for. “Broken Bow” a pretty solid and different, modern-day feeling pilot, with only “Emissary” giving it serious competition in my opinion.

I suppose releasing within a month of Star Trek Into Darkness gives it a decent shot at being given another shot.

By 2014, the superb ENT Season 4 will have had its time in the sun – TNG Remastered will have reached up to 1993 and Season 6, with work apace getting DS9 out there in HD.

Can’t wait for Best of Both worlds feature length cut, and Enterprise.

I don’t know about that season 3 trailer…action packed? Now I’m laughing like Data!

Whoever is in charge of marketing for Star Trek just sucks. Every time there is a release, the trailers are cheesy and awful… with terrible voice overs… WHY CAN’T THEY FIGURE OUT HOW TO MARKET STAR TREK!?

#2 In regards to the 480p resolution, you can change the settings to be in 1080p within the youtube link so you can watch it in its HD glory.

Regarding the 4:3 issue, I think they were referring to the fact that the original version of the trailer was both pilar and letter boxed. When I watched it, I had a border around all the sides of my screen. There is just plain no excuse for that. It was bad enough when they did that in 2001 on DVD releases, but this is 2013. There should never be any aspect ratio issues ever.

At least the fixed that completely in the new version. Huge improvement.

@2. njdss4 – February 7, 2013 “Seems counter-intuitive to be releasing a trailer for an HD remastering in 4:3 and only 480p.”

It was framed for 4:3. They can’t squeeze anymore picture from the original filmed elements. Remastering 7 seasons in HD was a monumental feat in itself. The project has been written about here for 18 months. Where have you been? And you can change your youtube settings to HD.

McFarlane is wrong. It was summer of 1990, not 1989 when TBOBW came out…

@#10 – You mean broadcast in HD. The show was shot on film for the first 3 seasons, Season 4 used digital HD cameras.

I think it was more a matter of marketing. TREK TV on Blu-ray got a shot in the arm because of the TNG remastering and it doesn’t hurt that INTO DARKNESS is being released this year as well. It’s all about market awareness and ROI.

Oooohh… Best of Both Worlds in HD –> The Wolf 359 battle field in HD!! Bernd Schneider & friends from Ex Astris Scientia will certainly so gonna have a field day with this! :-D

Oooohh… Best of Both Worlds in HD –> The Wolf 359 battle field in HD!! Bernd Schneider & friends from Ex Astris Scientia will certainly so gonna have a field day with this! :-D

Even though I bought all 4 seasons of ENT at the Admirals Shop at ST: The Experience in Las Vegas on sale a few years back, I will get the Blu-ray since we have a BR player and a HD TV now.

I hope the new commentary is good as the previously done by the Okuda’s. They only did a few select episodes but I wish they did more if not all the ENT episodes. Their text commentary is so informative.

People change the resolution to 1080p by clicking the cog and changing the resolution…

Pre-ordered my Enterprise Blu-Rays as my way of apologizing for never giving the show a chance when it was on the air.

The 3D conversion looks kinda cool :D

What has happened to Frake’s right nostril!

Some of those shots look like CG models to me, but then sometimes physical models look like CG under certain lighting conditions. I look forward to finding out what it really was.

To prevent future confusion: they posted an SD trailer. It was replaced with an HD trailer. The old comments are no longer relevant.

Also, I hope my local library picks up this set. I’m already getting seasons 3 and 4, and I don’t want to repeat Best of Both Worlds just for special features, but I wouldn’t mind borrowing a copy.

Thanks for the update featurette clip about how Scott Bakula got cast.

Would be nice if they added some more SFX that were cost prohibitive to do at the time, for instance in the 24th centuary the moon has cities on it.

@33 which would likely be at Lights Out mode if the system was being invaded, mate. i think they would take some measures to make them less noticable LOL…

was the video of the BOBW HD actual HD photage?

“‘Enterprise’ now in 50 shades of grey, so set your phasers to ‘snooze’…”

These look great!!! I wish I could afford every blu-ray season set of every trek series. We’ll at least I can dream…