Mobile App Delivers Two New Star Trek Into Darkness Images + EW Cover Controversy Update

Today the Star Trek mobile app offered up a couple of brand new images from Star Trek Into Darkness. You can check them both out below. Plus we have an update on the Entertainment Weekly cover description controversy.   




App Delivers 2 New Star Trek Into Darkness Images

Today the Star Trek App had two new missions to scan the two Entertainment Weekly covers and as a reward delivered two new exclusive images. Check them out below. 

Official caption: "Capt. Kirk and Cdr. Spock"

Official caption: "Capt. Kirk and Harrison"

Note: It appears that not all apps have been updated with the "Find the EW Cover" missions, but Paramount tells TrekMovie all apps should be updated by the end of the day.

Today’s missions deliver new images

EW Magazine Cover Description Makes Big News

Yesterday TrekMovie reported on kerfuffle that erupted over the online description of one of the two Entertainment Weekly collectible covers. The "Khan" description that appeared (then dissapeared) from the EW site made big news across the web. In addition to the usual geek sites, the "Did EW Spoil Star Trek?" news even made it to mainstream and gossip sites Yahoo Movies, Atlantic Magazine and PerezHilton.

However, as TrekMovie reported, the actual copy from the article notes that discussion of Khan is just a rumor. And the actual issues came out today and as you can see below Cumberbatch’s character is described as "John Harrison." So it does appear that the the errant description was isolated to the EW Backorder store…not exactly the place where Paramount or EW would be breaking news. 

From actual EW magazine that arrived today


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Cumberbatch has very prominent spinal ridges.

He doesn’t actually! Apparently Harrison does though…

Official caption: “Capt. Kirk and Harrison in the tanning booth”

Also the “brig interrogation scene” must be one of the slower dialogue heavy scenes as they’ve used it for multiple promotional purposes without giving anything away.

Dude… A disguised Klingon a la Arne Darvin!


Time to start a new rumor!


So, John ( “The Thing” ) Harrison has very prominent spinal ridges…

What is that sphere between Kirk’s and Harrison’s heads?
Is that some new mind meld device?

7 – looks to be an examination light similar to one you’d see in a dentist’s office. The walls appear to be blue so it is likely the scene is taking place in sickbay.

6. 3 spinal ridges at the top.
But they appear to stop at that point .
Could be implants or a prostethic of some kind .

I watched Space Seed last night and I think John Harrison is one of the “tryants”, like Khan, that was put into a sleep chamber, but his was left on earth. He awakes, takes on an identity, learns the technology and tries to take over the planet. I was surprised to go back to this 1967 episode and how enjoyable it was to watch. Khan was “better” at everything than mere humans were. Perhaps John Harrison sets off with a ship to find the Botany Bay and bring back it’s 100 super humans?
It’s worth it just go back and watch. It’s free in six or seven parts on YouTube. enjoy!

Kirk looks cranky.

“….Could be implants or a prostethic of some kind .”

‘Could be.

Zip on his tunic is all

absolutely KD that is what I have been saying and no one responds to it.. Kahn was found years after this time line there were a bunch of the tyrants or supermen thats who Harrison is going to be… NOT KAHN.Gary Mitchell, or anybody else from Canon…

April wouldn’t use implants to control Khan. He’s holding Khan’s crew.

“Zip on his tunic is all”

I see no “zip”.

But, I could be wrong.

Is it just me who notices this stuff but, why does Chris Pines part his hair in this movie on the right rather than the left as he did in the previous film? In Star Trek he had his hair parted on the right similar to Shatners. This subtle inconsistency drives me crazy. While I am on this trivial matter why wasn’t Karl Urban’s hair parted the same way as DeForest Kelley in either of these films? You would think actors and art art directors would try to bring some type of physical continuity to the way in which these characters look.

16. Aurore – February 8, 2013

“Zip on his tunic is all”

I see no “zip”.

But, I could be wrong.


You are right. No zip is apparent. However, it first struck me not as a zip but as the seam of his shirt where the material has rippled. I’ve seen that before. But then I don’t see a seam going all the way down, and we DO have to account for why Kirk would be chasing this guy to a KLINGON planet of all places.

Perhaps it’s time for Darvin’s Theory of Unnatural Selection? ;-)

“…not exactly the place where Paramount or EW would be breaking news. ”

Unless the magazine originally revealed more but then they had to retract it, and forgot to do the back order page? *conspiracy theory music plays*

Yeah, I can see the seam on Harrison’s shirt going from the shoulder to the collar. I can see the seam of his collar. But I don’t see a seam down the middle of his back.

That looks like something under his shirt.

The plot thickens!

Humm…the more I see,the more confused I become.

But these are cool pictures. :)

John rhymes with Khan.


I still think Peter Weller is playing Paxton. Again.

And give up expecting a straight-line plot with no turns.

I think this movie is going to be a club mix for the ages.

There was something I recall reading, somewhere about a production sketch for a prop being seen during some publicity press meeting or whatever. April’s Gatling Gun. Which I assumed meant the month it was required for filming.

Not that who BC is playing. For one thing, if the age of characters is consistent with original universe… Robert April would be senior to Kirk. Senior to Pike too. A contemporary of Lt. George Kirk and Capt. Robau of the U.S.S. Kelvin.

Dmduncan they wont have any character from a Trek series that hardly anyone watched. JJ wants the general movie going audience not have seen any Trek for the sequel. I think JJ even said you don’t even have to see ST 2009 to see the sequel.

I’d love Weller to be playing Paxton again. But I doubt we’ll see that alien racialist fella again, now ENT is gone. Which is a pity, because there was a lot of addressing of social commentary in that character.

He’d be a hundred and fifty four if he were a day, by Kirk’s time!

I know they had Admiral Archer and his prized beagle were mentioned in ST 2008 but to the general movie going audience he was just some Admiral that had a dog. Only Trek fans knew who they were.

They’re just sweater bumps. I get those, too, and don’t consider myself deformed. Unless people are just too polite to tell me.

Sorry I meant ST 2009.

One thing I noticed in the reboot is they still have bloody scars left over and used bandages from fights and injuries. In the 23rd didn’t the have a device that heal those instantly or was that not until th3 24th Century that they had those?

On previous photo one the security guards in red is looking at those ridges…I’m I right, this is my first attempt at the guessing game, sure hope i’m right…

Whom Gods Destroy They First Make Mad. Don’t get too crazy about the whole villain identity thing. (It is a fun game though) I say Garth himself or he had a shape shifting brother or family member out for revenge? It would be just like them to take a single episode villain and then do a retcon job on their origin. Notice they are also reviving the little known TAS character Capt. April also in the Countdown comics.

Did you guys notice that Kirk is wearing the black starfleet undershirt, only in the one scene where he is hanging on. What if that is really Benedict escaping his imprisonment on the Enterprise morphed into Kirk likeness? Do you also notice that only in some of the pics Kirk has a sort of gleam in his eyes and does not quite seem to be himself. That is when BC is masquerading as Kirk! BC is a shapeshifter just like Garth of Izar (or whereever)!! Any takers on that opening night bet when the movie comes out. That’s my final vote for the villian identity sweepstakes!

P.S. For now.

@33 Shapeshifter gets my vote

It’s Khan.

#7 It’s a lens flare machine!!

Cumberbatch is a Klingon spy, who had his ridges modified and has infiltrated Star Fleet.

27. Chris Roberts – February 8, 2013

Yes, he would be old, but remember, he had his own genetic engineers, and Weller’s character in STID has been reported as being a CEO type, which fits Paxton. His character’s name also hasn’t been released yet.

Why is that???

Some think he’s playing Khan. No. All noise, no signal there.

Some think he’s playing April. A possibility. We know how April SHOULD look from the comics, so when we get our first screenshot of Weller in character we’ll have more to go on. For now, there’s a question mark over that one.

And what did Damon Lindelof contribute to this story?

He came off Prometheus, in which a supposedly dead but very old CEO named Weyland made an appearance.

Are we going to get some riffs from some of Damon’s other adventures in this movie?


In the beginning of Aliens, Ripley’s drifting ship (with her in suspended animation!) was discovered by a deep space salvage crew.

Does Paxton’s company discover the Botany Bay?

Do the Klingons discover the Botany Bay and strike a deal with Paxton’s company to infiltrate the Federation which they both hate?

Paxton was anti-alien, true, but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

So Paxton could team up with the Klingons while simultaneously hating them, because he’s a neocon.

I could easily see Paxton having long policy discussions with William Kristol’s head in a liquid-filled jar.


Wouldn’t he be a neo-neo-neo-neocon? ;-)

Neo… the same problem with “postmodern.”
What comes after it?!



A neopaleoneocon. But the word doth stumble clumsily from the mouth.

Hmm…the ridged Klingon foreheads were explained back in the days of The Motion Picture as being an extension of the spine. Interesting days ahead!

Those “spinal ridges” aren’t really pronounced enought for me to think Klingon. They probably just put them on his back to make him look more genetically engineered / superman-strong.

My app doesn’t have the new mission!?!? :.(

@41 dmduncan “neopaleoneocon”

Hey, what do you know, that’s my favorite ice cream!

About the iOS App:

Does anyone know why the points aren’t awarded for entering the sweepstakes daily?

And what was the “Hourly Delta Badge Sweeps” that ran on Monday only?

I can’t find an email address or phone number to ask Paramount.

Can anyone else? Please?


46. There’s an address in the help section. It gives you a point the first time you do it and that’s it — not sure if it’s designed that way or if it’s a glitch… i assume its the former…

dmduncan – February 8, 2013
16. Aurore – February 8, 2013
“Zip on his tunic is all”
I see no “zip”.
But, I could be wrong.
You are right. No zip is apparent etc…

When I typed my answer, I only added the “But, I could be wrong”, because you weren’t “around” yet to take a look at the picture…


So, it’s official then ; NO ZIP…is apparent.

Let the speculation continue, ladies and gentlemen!

The “spinal ridges” could be some technology he has on him to heighten his body’s abilities, to make him more super-human and do things people see him doing..

Anthony or Bob, do you know anything about the future of the movie forum?
It’s been locked or hacked since a week and we are wondering if Paramount plans to open it up again or to close it completely… many people were still posting every day and we hope it will continue will all previous posts remaining ;)