PHOTOS: Chris Pine & Zoe Saldana Host Academy SciTech Awards

Last night Star Trek Into Darkness stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana hosted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Annual Technical Awards Presentation at the Beverly Hills Hotel. See below for pictures of the Trek couple at the event.



Chris and Zoe Host Oscar Tech SciTech Awards

On Saturday Chris Pine and
Zoe Saldana hosted the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Awards dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The annual event is to honor achievements which "demonstrate a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures. Honorees are those who have invented such things as "Wavelet Turbulence Software" and the "CINE VCLX Portable Power System."

While quite technical, Saldana told the crowd (according to the AP)
"We’re truly humbled…We can fly into space because of you." Saldana told honorees at the event Saturday night. Honoree Steve LaVietes of Sony Pictures Imageworks (for the Katana scene management software) noted at one point that he often had to "dispel the misconceptions of friends and family members about our glamorous lifestyle. Mostly because we sit in the dark typing and drawing diagrams on whiteboards…Just for tonight we can let that slide because what’s more glamorous than the crew of the Starship Enterprise?"

And (according to DigitalLA) crowd was also treated to a special exclusive clip from Star Trek Into Darkness, courtesy of director J.J. Abrams. Unfortunately no imagery of video of this clip has been made public. 

Arrival images

A full list of honorees can be found at


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Zoe is gorgeous! Chris even wore his nerd glasses.

They look such real honeys – both of them!

Lovely photos. Chris and Zoe both look as lovely as ever. Chris looks good with or without glasses. Cool glasses!

Of course, he could lose the tie, but that’s me. Hate ties…Then again, it is likely he had no choice in the matter…:(

Russell T Davies has lost weight since he was working on Doctor Who!

@3 dalek, that’s funny. I had to go back up and look to see what picture Russel T Davies was in!

What’s with the ultra huge glasses?

Fixing broken glasses should be cinch for Pegg/Scotty – “the miracle worker”…:)

I love absolutely everything in Chris look…. gorgeous with glasses!!!

Zoe looks gorgeous in white… I love the dress!

Simon was great, too… agree w/ #6 Keachick… Pegg/Scotty was there!

Captain Kirk, Uhura and Scotty on Earth for the weekend!

;-) :-)

Those style of glasses are the fashion now. As someone who has to wear glasses to read and type… larger framed glasses are more comfortable and allow for better visibility than those silly narrow-framed ones. A bigger frame is required if a person needs to have progressive/transition lenses. I suspect that Chris Pine needs this kind of lens. When he is not wearing glasses when he is spotted out and about during the day, he always seems to be squinting, quite badly sometimes. Glare is the worst, hence the larger transition frames and lenses.

Yeah, I love it when some of these illustrious Star Trek Enterprise crew time-travel back to be with us now, if only for a short while. Gosh, I love beaming and time-travel…:)!

There’s a rumour that Captain Kirk beamed back to be an analyst who got to stop a bad Russian from causing global economic collapse, or something like that. What’s not to love about “my captain”?…sigh…:)

Zoe looks pretty,Chris looks dorky with those glasses,but I think Simon’s glasses are ok. He makes me laugh! :)

Alice Eve was at the BAFTAS as well you know. I’d sooner see some pictures of her!

Congratulations to the honorees. These guys are pushing film to new frontiers. Maybe film is going to be an obsolete term. For example, I often complain about converting 2D film to 3D because the quality is not as good as native 3D. But someday, technology will be able to turn 2D images into 3D images that will rival native 3D film.

simon pegg co-presented the award for best adapted screenplay

Alice Eve at the Baftas had a strange ‘Mars Attacks’ hairstyle. She still looked nice though.

The BAFTA update has been pulled and is going to become a second article with some potential Star Trek news

What was in the clip?

Are those the glasses that Bones gave him for his birthday! LOL….that is awesome!

Quite possible. In this alternate timeline Kirk gets dark framed specs for his birthday, whereas the older prime Kirk got much lighter smaller framed specs for his birthday. I think I prefer the bigger specs that this younger Kirk has received.

I want to see a scene in Star Trek where Pine/Kirk wears glasses. Even in this alternate universe, Dr McCoy has still not been able fix Kirk’s eye problems so he needs to wear glasses here too and at a younger age. A good scene would be seeing Kirk wearing only a bathrobe and reaching for his cool dark rim glasses…Make it so!

I think it’s funny that Chris Pine teased Zachary Quinto about having to Brazilian Wax his eyebrows [2009 release interviews] … when he himself has bigger eyebrows than Quinto!

I can imagine the joking in the makeup trailer.
ZQ: [plucking eyebrows]
CP: Hey, Zach, why don’t you just Brazilian wax your eyebrows?
ZQ: [Spockian, assessing look at CP] You’re lucky you’re playing a human. You *would* need a brazilian wax for your eyebrows.

PS I’m glad Mr Pine wore a tie. He looks nice, and appropriate for the occasion! And Ms Saldana looks lovely.

Yes, those guys have such most eyebrow hair. I’m not sure but I think that Zach may have slightly more than Chris does.

Could be a full time job for these guys in managing their facial hair…:)
Ooooo…it’s all that testosterone; so long as they are good in bed…Ooops…

oh dear – getting distracting – meant to write “…have SO MUCH…”

#22 Keachick

btw… Chris Pine was wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna black, two-button tuxedo!

;-) :-)

LOL, Chris just needs a fedora hat to be Clark Kent

both looking very spiffy! =)

Chris looks great in his 60’s suit & tie!

I wear “nerd” glasses exactly like his, except EVEN BIGGER! =D

The tuxedo jacket and pants on Chris do look good on him – good tailoring. The fabric has a certain alluring “sheen” (if that’s the right word) to it.

Chris Pine is so gorgeous looking…sigh…oh dear….

It’s so cool how Star Trek is getting recognition like this!

I could SO RPS them… *sigh* ALMOST. Where were Quinto and Cumberbatch? Then it would have been a f***ing party. Heh.

@8Rose: reason Chris P. is always squinting: overexposure to JJ’s bridge lens flares! : )

#30 – Yep. It’s a worry, to be sure…:)