Watch: JJ Abrams DICE Keynote – Shows His Star Wars Homage in Star Trek 2009

Last week Star Trek Into Darkness (and future Star Wars) director JJ Abrams gave a keynote speech at the DICE (Design Innovate Communicate Entertain) Summit along with Valve President Gabe Newell. Abrams talk was on "Storytelling Across Platforms" and during his talk he showed a clip of Star Trek and pointed out the little R2-D2 Easter Egg. Watch the whole talk below, plus an Abrams inspired Star Trek/Star Wars mashup just for fun.


Abrams mentions Trek and Wars during talk on Storytelling

J.J. Abrams director of Star Trek Into Darkness and Valve President and Co-founder Gabe Newell give the keynote speech at the 2013 D.I.C.E. SUMMIT. Titled "Storytelling Across Platforms: Who Benefits Most, The Audience or the Player?" The pair also talked about the new partnership between Bad Robot and Valve to make new movies and games including possible film versions of Portal of Half-life.

When talking about how he thinks about putting things into films to enhance multiple viewings Abrams used his 2009 Star Trek film as an example and how it included a nod to Star Wars with a quick flyby of R2-D2. You can watch the whole talk below (via Variety and Machinima).

 (jump to 11:00 mark to see him talk Star Trek and Star Wars).

JJ Star Trek/Star Wars Mashup

Inspired by JJ Abrams taking on Star Wars a fan (Mr88668866) has taken the teaser for JJ Abrams’ STar Trek Into Darkness and turned it into a teaser for JJ Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII.

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Nicely done!

Seriously? First?

I am hoping he puts a nod to Star Trek in Episode VII. It’s only fair I say.

I like Star Wars.

I like Star Trek.

I like Star Wars and Star Trek as completely separate entities.

I don’t like that R2-D2 image in Star Trek.

I don’t particularly like the idea of a Star Trek nod in a new Star Wars episode.

Please stop.

No crossover.

@3 Agreed. “Star Wars” is owned by Disney-Lucasfilm while “Star Trek” is owned by CBS.

There is no way J.J Abrams is going to put a “Star Trek” easter egg into “Star Wars Episode VII”. No way. The “Star Wars” fans would freak out and accuse Abrams of turning “Star Wars” into “Star Trek”. :-)

I don’t see r2d2. I think he is making it up for this talk.

I’d like to see the enterprise sneek in a couple of shots at the death star.

The whole 09 film was a Star Wars homage…

Star Wars sneaking its way into Star Trek? The Falcon already snuck its way into the Borg battle in First Contact so it was done before JJ and it may happen after hes gone too.

Trailer was nicely done, love how it mixes mostly Star Wars material with ST09/13 and I even spotted a little Firefly in there too!

Any fans who’d freak out only contribute to the mainstream publicity machine.

Front page spread:
“Distraught Trekkie destroys foyer after seeing movie.”

Pretty slick. My money would be on Spock as an alien in the background on Ep. VII….

Wow after this May..this site will be all about the WARS!..haha…I agree that I am both a TREK and WARS fan as seperate but equally scifi giants. Complain that EPs 1-3 were trash and be grateful Mr Lucas has passed the reins over to more capable people to film “his” vision. Remember that ST 5, 7, and 10 were trash as well, and would some argue 1 and 9 tool! As TREK was passed into more capable hands, I am very confident that the new direction STAR WARS will be going will be one worth seeing!
As for TREK….May cant get here fast enough!!

Keenser is already polishing his eyes for his Star Wars cameo.

Oh great, way to spoil the end of Portal 2 for me.

It’s not a premiere I think I remember that the Millenium Falcon was visible in the ouverture scene of Star Trek First Contact in the Borg cube.

Plus, there already have been Star Trek easter eggs in Star Wars. Well, the comics, but still.
True, that was from a parody comic, but the following isn’t:
I don’t mind a minor easter egg like this or the R2-D2 in the wreckage over Vulcan. They aren’t true crossovers, just a little wink to the fans. That’s all.

I’m pretty sure the ILM guys put the 1701D into one of the Star Wars movies.

Original Enterprise is in NuBSG! Great cameo!

It still doesn’t beat the darth Vader silouette with ms piggys head in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

JJ has alwayse been a Star Wars Fan, it shows all over Star Trek 09 R2D2 is just his way of prooving, and I guess he’s pretty Proud of that,

I am not suprise but content that he will not do any more future Star Trek although the damage to the Trek Universe is already done, and is probabily irreversable. The movie did money, but what the future of the JJ universe looks bleak to me.

Yeah, ok, he is a Star Wars fan, he always has been, even when back in 2009 when he rebooted Star Trek, he was a Star Wars fan. That’s ok. I respect that, i even hope he brings all the best to the force guys over there.

But all of these things happening the last 2 months..Damn, this is beyond just being a fan of a rival franchise. I mean, it’s really weird. The guy is literally doing everything he can to just make Trek disappear. Gosh, whatever happened that made him hate us so much?

WHY are they having a sword fight over which medium is “better”? Movies have their strengths and weaknesses and so do games. Besides… It’s hard to take a middle-aged slob who looks like he lives in his mom’s basement all THAT seriously. JJ on the other hand makes the best argument… I respect him.

Pretty sure the Enterprise was at Corosant in SW2.

All of you… really need to chill.

3: It was a barely one second cameo that you couldn’t spot unless you were looking for it. Hardly anything to cause a fuss over. I guess you also hate the hieroglyphs of R2-D2 and C-3P0 in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? :)

22: No one currently helming Star Trek is actively trying to destroy or hates it. It would be illogical to create a $250 million movie if they thought it would kill off the franchise. If you’re still enjoying merchandise, DVDs, and other things related to Trek, you have the new movie to think. It both reinvigorated the fandom and brought new ones into the fold. The quality of the movie is debatable of course, but the results of it are fact.

Re: “rival franchise” — no, the only rival aspect of these franchises are the fans that carry on a childish and pointless argument ad nauseum. It all comes down to “my toys are better”. It’s ridiculous.

23: Gabe Newell’s appearance has nothing to do with the debate. Stick to the facts, please.

@25. Seems to me that they have. Someone, somewhere will have their undies in a knot over this, but it just seems to be a fun thing for most folks. Like I mentioned earlier, my money will be on Spock in a background scene somewhere. Even better, at Kirk and Spock dressed at Organians….they should fit right in.

you’ve never heard of the enterprise? it’s the ship that did the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs….she’ll do .5 past light speed…

Seriously? Were all you complaining when the Enterprise was in BSG? … or the weapons locker was numbered 1701D?

Come on man…


p.s. I never even new about this until now. lol

Panties bunch a in

Make a sentence outta that..