Hi-Res Versions Of Star Trek Into Darkness Images From EW

Paramount has now officially released high resolution images from Star Trek Into Darkness that were first shown in last week’s Entertainment Weekly. You can check out the five shots in great detail below.


Hi Res Star Trek Into Darkness Images

We previously shared lower resolution images from last week’s Star Trek Into Darkness issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. They are no longer exclusive to EW and today Paramount released the high resolution versions of these images so you can see all the detail…even down to the beads of water on Uhura’s wetsuit.

Click images to enlarge

NOTE: Captions contain spoilers

Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in her wetsuit – on bridge of USS Enterprise

Director JJ Abrams talks to co-writer Alex Kurtzman on Enterprise set

Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Kirk (Chris Pine)

John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) surrounded by Starfleet Security team

Kirk hangs on as Enterprise spins out of control

You can see keep track of all the images and videos from Star Trek Into Darkness at TrekMovie’s dedicated page for Into Darkness.

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Looks awesome. Cant wait to see more. I am guessing Uhura went straight to the bridge from a certain shuttle craft.

I want a high-res of Alice Eve screaming.

Great pictures.

Love those wetsuits!

And those Redshirts escorting/arresting John Harrison are so doomed!


Are the uniforms now Latex???

@ Trek Lover — We can hope for latex. They might even have replicated leather in the 23rd century, too. Tight, tight leather. Black, of course.

That “wetsuit” should be the real uniform. It’s much closer to contemporary superhero outfits than those classic shirts. And stuff like has a much more futuristic look and feel. It’s something we wouldn’t wear these days.

Four redshirts… But where is Cupcake!

Cool pics. Just wondering: is McCoy going to be part of the “big three” or is it now Kirk, Spock, Uhura?

Wait a minute! That’s not just a wetsuit. That’s a WET SUIT!

@ 9. chain of command – February 15, 2013

“Cool pics. Just wondering: is McCoy going to be part of the “big three” or is it now Kirk, Spock, Uhura?”

I was wondering the same thing. It would be great mistake if they didn’t give MaCoy bigger part & have him be part of the Big Three.

Karl Urban is a far more interesting actor than Zoe Saldana

When you guys make high res images available can you not use your shadowbox script? Makes it pointless and un-navigatable, and I’m on a 2560×1440 display.

Yes,I must wonder,how many of those Redshirts will die in that scene?

I miss Cupcake

What do you guys think about this theory- based on thought, conjecture & banter from previous posts: if Harrison is Capt. April via a “reverse aging” situation AND events are a retelling of the Khan story – could new Spock give his life to save “his family” (and perhaps thats why Scotty is comforting Uhura in a pic) – well, could things come together with the first movie : new Spock dead then “prime” Spock also “reverse aging” and at he end things back to normal with one Spock moving forward.

OK – its a reach, but would that be outside of what you’d expect from JJ ?

Just picked up my copy of EW yesterday.
Great pics, and a nice article.

As for Cupcake? Maybe an alien monster found him delicious…. ;-)

I have previously confirmed that ‘Cupcake’ (now known has Hendorf) is in the movie. But it is true, he isn’t part of the team around Cumberbatch above

@Anthony, thanks for the confirmation & welcome back :)

Redshirt #3: There are four of us. We all have oversized phaser rifles.

John Harrison: You think you are safe?

Redshirt #2: No s***, Sherlock!

And that’s when he kills them!

Any chance of a spinoff movie just about Uhura?

any chance of making the most boring spinoff in all of history?

Anything’s possible I guess.


What a stupid reply.

I sure wish they would release a Pike photo from the movie.
So far, I’ve only seen one of him and he was with Kirk.

@20. Uhura was a minor character in TOS, and not much more then arm candy for Spock in the reboot universe, so I guess the question is why would she be of any more interest then any other minor character in Trek?

Since we have to wait a while longer for the movie … someone might request Paramount some picture of Kirk, Bones and Sulu wearing wetsuit on the bridge! … HELLOOO … I’m waiting, PLEASE!!! … ;-) :-)

What does it mean for continuity, if anything, that Kirk isn’t wearing his gold shirt in the scene where E is being attacked (but appears to still be wearing the rest of a Starfleet uniform like in 09)? It sounds like the second half of the film will be of him going rogue and thus the promo shots of him wearing the civi garb.

“Director JJ Abrams talks to co-writer Alex Kurtzman on Enterprise set”:
Huh, I always assumed those graphics were a visual effect.

@22. A stupid reply to a stupid post? Seems fair to me.

Well, since the Star Wars saga’s team is willing to delve into spin off films, why not Star Trek? I’m certainly up for a Vulcan colony story where William Shatner’s Kirk steps out of the Nexus to help out Leonard Nimoy’s Spock!! ;)

Why does Kirk without his Gold shirt have to mean anything – he may have been asleep in his cabin and the Enterprise attack was a sneak one. Maybe he was in the middle of changing from his dress uniform to regular or vise versa.


Love the idea of a Trek spin off movies, either on the big screen or Direct-to-DVDs movies.

Star Trek universe is so big that they can come up with ideas for stories that focused on something other than the crew of the Enterprise.

If it was up to me, I would start with a DS9 movie.

McCoy in this film then? Haven’t seen a single pic of him apart from brief shots in the trailer. By far the most popular & universally lauded of the reimagined characters/actor

@32 Ditto on McCoy. But I expect we’ll see more.

(Patience … patience ….)

20. chrisfawkes

“Any chance of a spinoff movie just about Uhura?”

Don’t know about a spin off, but I do understand what you are tryingt to say here. Both versions of Uhura are absolutely lovely in my book. Zoe is wearing that wet suit very well.

#30, it doesn’t really have to mean anything, true… we just got to see him in it so little in 09, it’s an iconic look so I was looking forward to it a lot more in this one

The red shirts are PROTECTING BC…. their eyes are the same…

I can’t stop staring at the Uhura’s pic
Jesus the woman is gorgeous

There does need to be more pictures of Dr McCoy (Karl Urban) in the promotional stills. It also seems that not a lot of people have been unable to see the nine minute preview (in any form). Both Kirk and McCoy were in the opening scenes being chased through a red forest by aliens and the Kirk/McCoy banter was clearly audible. I watched a bootleg version where the visuals and audio weren’t that good, but despite that, I am looking to STID just a bit more because of what I did see and hear.

Isn’t it about time that Paramount released the preview onto the internet the way it has done the trailers? Or perhaps, trekmovie.com could be granted exclusive rights to show the nine minute preview here? It is now three months out from release date and it is only fair that as many people as possible have the opportunity to see it. The only explanation, as far as I can see, for them not releasing it, is because perhaps JJ Abrams and co. have decided to do some editing or something, due to feedback received from some of the viewers…

Anyway, I really hope that, at the very least, people coming here may get to see the (amended?) preview soon!

I recall myself actually asking why the preview could not be made available to all a little while back and someone responded saying that there may already be too much revealed about the story/characters in STID. This preview, unless it is undergoing a major editing where perhaps new information re plot and/or character(s) is revealed, will not be telling many people what they don’t know already or has not been discussed here, and out of context, for many people coming here. It just means that people who were not able to see the preview at an 3D-IMAX cinema will now be able to see it for themselves.

#38 #39

Rose, you really have a lot of nerve posting here again after you insulting an entire region of the United States with no apology???

Anthony and everyone, I would like to draw your attention to the recently Alice Eve article here, where Rose made light of the Chris Dorner situaiton in Southern California. As an example when one lady who had never posted here before mentioned that she and here two kids in San Diego were living in fear for a week during this (Dorner was sighted near her house), instead of showing some sensitivity, Rose responded to here with, “stop being such an idiotic bitch!” And she called myself and several others Son’s of Bitches when we just tried to explain to her why this was a big issue in our region.

Anthony, I would request that you consider suspending Rose from this site for several weeks based on her cruel personal attacks on abut 8 of us here, which continues a pattern of posts that are belligerents towards Americans and Canadians.

Calm down KJ, you’re just trying to stir up trouble, give it a rest…sheesh.

Anthony, I agree with K-7’s post. You need to reign in Rose. See her posts in the Alice Eve article as K-7 suggested. Her posts speak for themselves.

#41. Ah, another unhelpful post from you.

@ 41. Jonboc – February 17, 2013

“Calm down KJ, you’re just trying to stir up trouble, give it a rest…sheesh.”

Agreed, no need to start another endless argument with Rose or anyone else. Lets focus on Star Trek & related issues.

The second issue of Countdown Into darkness is coming on Wednesday, I wonder what, if any, new information we will get from that issue.

Ahmed, Jonboc,

Agreed. Time to drop this and move on.

DiscoSpock, K-7,

Come on guys, drop it.

I just had a thought:

Any chance both Cumberbatch and Weller are playing the SAME character? An older version and a younger version?

I’m glad Keachick didn’t get to see the STID trailer, and instead was forced to watch a crappy bootleg. :-)

@46. Dave

We didn’t see Weller in any of the pictures or the trailers. Either he is playing small insignificant role or his character is too important, that revealing it will revel a twist.

Kinda like Kevin Spacy who didn’t do any promotions for his character John Doe in the movie “Se7en” & it was total surprise to audience when he appeared at the end of the movie.

Get it go, guys. There are bigger fish to fry….

Well I certainly think Anthony suspending Rose from the site for a couple of weeks would set a good example here for people who keep unnecessarily attacking other peoples countries over their false perceptions of events.

My wife is still fuming over Rose’s claim that 90% of Southern California was not effected by this. Our neighborhood was in lock down mode last week when this crazy guy was running around, and I showed her Rose’s comments, and I had to restrain her from writing a response herself. The whole region was in lockdown mode. I don’t thing Rose has any appreciation whatsoever on how one nutcase struck fear in 18 million people last week. She had no clue how bad it was hear, and the level of fear that most of us went through over this ordeal.

And that is the last word I will say on this.