New Star Trek Videogame BTS Video Features New Game Footage

The Star Trek co-op video game arrives on April 23rd. The game features a brand new story set between the 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek Into Darkness. Today Paramount (and distributor Namco Bandai) released the first of a series of behind the scenes videos on the making the game. This first one explores the co-op experience. Check it out the video which also features new footage. 


The Making of Star Trek The Game

The Star Trek video game due on April 23rd is a co-op game which allows you and a friend (or the computer) play as either Kirk and Spock as the pair of the deal with a serious Gorn problem on New Vulcan.
In a new video feature released today by Paramount Pictures, executive producer Brian Miller explains more about the creation of Star Trek The Video Game and the co-op play that gamers will experience in it.

The game will be released on PS3, XBox 360 and PC. You can pre-order the XBox and PS3 versions now (PC pre-orders will be added soon hopefully). Click boxes below for Amazon pre-orders.

Star Trek game coming April 23rd

To catch you up, here are a couple videos of the game.

E3 2012 Demo Footage showing two-person cooperation

"Salvation" trailer (Updated version of the Gamescon 2012 trailer)

By the way, is there something in Chris Pine’s contract that says that he always has to hang off of things as Kirk (even when just doing the voice)?

Kirk loves to hang



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The one thing I don’t like about these types of games is if the AI Partner gets hurt you have to stop what you are doing and run over to heal him. I wonder how they will address this in this game? I reminded of the Army Of Two Game. They also have Army of Two sequel game coming out called Devil’s Cartel.

looks cool..nice graphics

will there be an optional 1st person view?

“There are few you do not like”

After the fiasco that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, I would hope that people would have the patience to wait for this game to come out. There is a great opinion video on preorders:

I think for many Star Trek fans that the end of April is shaping up to be both nirvana and a drain on the wallet. There will be TNG Season 3, The Best of Both Worlds, and this game. I plan to buy the first two. As for the last, I will be waiting to see what is said about this game by the professional critics, by the consumers, and by the fans.

(Yes, I know there is ENT Season 1 in March. I know for myself that I won’t be buying this set, so I will have more money for the April releases.)

Graphics look nice enough, but like most games lately I find that the lighting is blown way out with bloom, blur, HDR or whatever they’re layering on these days. Hopefully there graphic options to tone it down…and I too would hope for an optional 1st person view. I really don’t like playing in third person.

Can’t wait for this!

When has a game based on a movie ever been anything but crap.

You know that actually looks like it could be a good game. That’s rare for TV/Movie games so would be awesome if it’s as good as it looks.

@ #8 Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis was awesome.

Lots of ledge hanging and cliff jumping

I hope it’s good, but I won’t hold my breath.

@10 How depressing that game came out 20 years ago:). But If there are dinosaurs in the Star Trek game maybe it wont be as crappy. Spock could have a mind meld malfunction with a T-Rex or Raptor and go crazy and try and eat the crew of the Enterprise. It has a Gorn in it so its not impossible.

Why can’t the Gorns look more like the Gorns? Tails?


It seems that Kirk’s job is to always hang off things, and Spock’s job is to jump or fall from high places.


So you’d rather they look like a guy in a suit?

Yeah, guy in a suit would be cool.

It would be good if they had the same setup as the relationship (bedding the alien) objective/achievement for Kirk like they did in Mass Effect. In between missions Kirk could go and hit on one of the Enterprise crew or bed the Gorn queen to end the conflict. Maybe Spock could have an achievement where he has to control his pon farr regardless of how many times Uhura makes moves on him in the elevator or tries woo him with that sand dance from ST5.
(I hope that’s in STITD)


There have been a few Movie tie-in games that have been good, like the Spider-Man 2 movie game, The Aladdin SNES/Genesis game, The Warriors, Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay, The Lego movie-tie in games.

maybe I should have said disappointing considering the potential but its so often just a rush to get the product with a marketable name into the market. Don’t forget the disaster that was ET that caused the games console crash in the early 80s. I usually just sigh and prepare to be disapointed when a movie based game comes out. The lego games are good I havent played one for a while.

Unreal Engine 3, 3rd person shooter, at least from the technical side that reduces things that can go wrong from a console port (like 30FPS framelimit or BS like that)

also fascinating
PC version is 10 EURO cheaper than console versions
buying it on is 10 EURO cheaper than buying it on (and gets rid of the huge USK logo, replacing it with a smaller much nicer to look at PEGI logo)

now if they only would accept PayPal as payment option in the UK grml…

any idea where i can import a PEGI version with PayPal AND the PerOrder bonus?

Hmm… during the gameplay, you can’t see their faces, but you can see the TOS-esque uniforms they have on… if I play this, it should be easy enough to pretend that it’s Shatner and Nimoy’s versions of the characters. Or maybe they’ll make a mod for it…

Cannot wait! Pre-ordered for same day game play

Blah. Trek is not an action game. If so, the big E would have been demolished in ’66.

It’s the stories… The heart of it that counts.

It doesn’t translate well into a game and I do not expect that this will be any different.

But then again, I’m just an old country doctor.

No ain’t that the truth. I couldn’t have said it any better than that!

I’ll get when it goes on sale for like $10.

I don’t get why the Gorn don’t wear clothes in this. Why are they all naked?

It’s not really a movie tie-in game. They’ve been working on this thing for years now.

27 Maybe JJ was directing it:)

Looks good for a Trek game!Hell, looks good as a game, period.
Make mine PC, please.

14: “In the game you will encounter a number of different types of Gorn (different sub-species perhaps), each with their own abilities and challenges.” Their physiology might be better suited to combat — faster, more agile, etc. We can therefore assume that the Gorn Captain from “Arena” and Slar from “In a Mirror, Darkly” are a different sub-species.

I’m not sure they got the phaser sound effects quite right…

Why would the Gorn be wearing clothes?

#15 Yes, but it’s all wrong, wrong… This (Pine) Kirk should be hanging off vines wearing nothing but a G-string. I tell you, it’s all wrong!…;)

This is not your Rose’s Star Trek…

I don’t remember Shatner/Kirk being so keen and blase about engaging in battle as this Kirk seems to be.

Does the game give a background as to what and where this New Vulcan planet is and why the Gorn are there? I have my suspicions and, if I am right, I may well be disgusted with the makers of this game.


Well, I seriously doubt the makers of this game will lose any sleep over you being “disgusted” with them and their game.

Sheesh, grow up!

@34 Here, here I second that. Let them agonize all they want while the rest of us enjoy the game for what it is.

“Kirk is this brash cowboy character while Spock is the direct opposite.”

Yet I see neither trying their diplomatic skills.

Just shoot the green guys, right? Sorry, but that’s not Star Trek.

Do the gorn really look interested in diplomacy? And as I recall they werent friends in TOS either, so whats your point?

And nobody wants to play a game where everyone decides to sit at a table talking about how to be nice to each other. That is dull, dull, dull. Star Trek has had its fair share of diplomacy, now its time for more action and fun. I’m sorry you dont like action and fun, you must be very dull at parties.

[sarcasmmode]Wow, your argument is flawless and not at all biased. I stand corrected. No, really.[/sarcasmmode]

No prize time! Gorn have different sub-species, the “classic” TOS look, the ENT Mirror-Darkly look and these guys. Or in the JJ-verse the Gorn really got into gene splicing.

Not crazy about ST becoming a “shooter” game – It’d be better if there were other ways to baffle/defeat the enemy … the phasers sound like guns … I don’t enjoy Kirk being so gung-ho to kill something … I hope there is a good reason for all this killing. A really, really inescapable reason.

But … I’m not a gamer

The game looks ok for a console Star Trek game, better than previous Trek console games. Overall the graphics look a little dated, more like a 2006-2009 game than a 2013 game. The only thing that bothers me are the movements of the mouths when the characters speaks, its terrible animation. Im not crazy about a star trek 3rd person shooter but a its been so long since there was a decent star trek game on consoles. I dont do PC games so ill be picking this up.


Sigh, I guess you can’t change the mind of the narrow minded.

Complain all you want, I’m sure the game will be just as exciting and awesome without you buying or playing it. See you when the TOS game with nothing but endless talking and men in rubber suits running around comes out at a retailer nowhere near you this century.

#38, #43
I long for such a game, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

Your preference for conflict is evident, whereas I say let’s agree to disagree. Live long and prosper.

The game looks great to me. I can’t wait to play it.

If you don’t want aspects of the game spoiled before you play it, don’t read this:

but if such things are of no concern to you, it is a fascinating glimpse that Paramount may be taking a stronger participation in guiding its Trek than it traditionally took in the past and than one would expect CBS to permit.