Viral Video: 41 Minutes Of Star Trek Bloopers

A fun Star Trek video is going viral this week featuring over 40 minutes of bloopers from all five Star Trek TV series and many of the Star Trek feature films, including Star Trek (2009). In a few weeks it has almost 100,000 views. Watch it below.  



41 Minutes of Star Trek Bloopers

Here is the blooper compilation (via IITREKKIEII).


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Why it all backwards on the film? Everything is flipped over.

Why is all a rorrim image?

It’s probably backwards to avoid the copyright nazis out there.

Very funny.

Of course I wish there were more from the movies aka TOS cast. The ones in this were few, but precious.

Bakula and N.Fillion need to be brothers in something (other than my brain, I mean.)

PS Thank you.
PPS They should have put “TAXI!” in; he could have seen others doing it there and copied their behavior. Could have had it at another time as a callback and been able to still have the bus scene.

(was trying to not be spoilery; guessing I pretty much failed.)

Amazing they got anything on the air.
But, they obviously had fun.


I do not like at 1:42 where kapitain Picard behave like a homosex. It is possible children’s watch this video, and it is bad that they see a man behave in such a fashion.

I like Star Trek so nice, but please kep it good for children’s to watch and do not show video of man being homosex

@ 11. alexei

All your homosex are belong to us.

Generally, blooper reels are good for a few giggles, but after a few minutes you are anticipating where the flubbed line is, and the actors reaction. It really stops being funny at that point.

@11. You mean Patrick Stewart isn’t gay? Apparently it bothered you enough to go back and watch it again…and again to get the time stamp right. Welcome to the brotherhood…

Hugs and kisses….

That was a lot of fun.

Downloaded this off of youtube the other day. A lot of the stuff after the TNG clips has already been out there for a while, but it’s still a lot of fun.

@11 bigotry is also unacceptable for children to see.

Censor yourself.


I remember a time when being Russian wasn’t okay in this country either.



I find Worf very fascinating always laughing on every take

lmao with Worf!!!

Guys, “Alexei” is most likely not Russian. He’s probably just some troll pretending to be one, as his attempts to imitate a Russian are obvious. He is writing English as how he thinks a Russian would speak it.

Great collection and, of course, it doesn’t even include all of the TOS bloopers. That was always the best part of a convention in the mid-70s.

LOL @ #12. Justin Olson. Classic!


I think alexei is an inhabitant of the planet Trollion VI.

Alexei is just channeling Borat. No one writes with a fake accent.

Bloopers are mind-numbingly brilliant. It’s amazing Michael Dorn can hold a job! He’s hilarious on the set.

@ 20. Michael
“OH, JESUS!” :-D

Other highlights:

– “Admiral, I am receiving hailstorms!”

– The guy bumping Pike’s wheelchair and the latter’s reaction!

– The actors playing end scene from Carbon Creek in drunk mode!

– Lastly Abrams saying: “While we feel ridiculous, it’ll look awesome.” Probably true for many of the scenes were significant elements will only be added in post-production…

Those were great, I must add the “I’ve been authorized to plead not guilty. However I’ve been also authorized to plead guilty. I’m very confused.”
“what does it mean, exact change? “

I don’t know what it is but whenever Patrick Stewart starts camping it up, I friggin’ die of laughter.

These bloopers have been around for awhile or are on the DVDs.

They need to release bloopers and outtakes from the early films; TMP, TWOK and TSS.

Reportedly, Roddenberry did make a TMP reel of outtakes and gags but Wise did not want it shown anywhere as it would have reflected badly on him as a director. It must exist somewhere in the Roddenberry vaults. Maybe son, Rod, knows…..

Now I’d like to listen again to the bloopers from TOS. I used to have that official audio cassette in the 80s, but sadly it’s kaputt.

Oh god, I *love* the internet. Here they are!—.html

Sorry, but I think the whole Star Trek: Enterprise show was one long blooper that lasted 4 seasons..

Great Video, hope to see more in the future. and #11 star trek in its very essence is about tolerance and understanding. It does not matter what sex you are, what color you are, where your from, or what your sexual preference is. we are all in this universe together and everyone has the right to live their lives as who they are with out procecution. We only have one life to live so lets enjoy it and be happy. Also note that children are taught by their parents, and unfortunatly Hate is the easiet thing to learn. So please dont teach your children to hate.

I think Nimoy was right, they shoulda kept in the “I have also been authorized to plead guilty. I’m very confused” line. Also I loved Pegg’s “Yessss, can I get a towel?” line delivery. It’s a hair different from the final version that ended up in the flick but it’s even funnier, as Quinto cracks up at it.

@3 & @4: VLC media player lets you flip the image.

Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Transform > Flip horizontally

I love when Bakula tells Trineer “you suck.”

And all of the TNG stuff of course.

Kind of cool to see Shatner valiantly struggling to salvage his takes. Hasn’t he said that the whole staccato delivery thing came about because he’d take pauses when he had trouble recalling the next line?

It bugs me a little when the actors get a bit too goofy on some takes — isn’t wasted film cash that could be used for something else? Get off my lawn!

it’s gone!

Nooo! Why did they remove it?

I like the part that says: “This video has been removed by the user”. what a blooper!

Someone who saved the .flv or .mp4 file from YouTube before the video was removed should share it as a Torrent or other download.

Right, I didn’t see it – someone link it!

OK where the hell is it?

fail…. viral video that doesn’t exist

He musta Got HEAT from DA MAN!!

Darn I didnt get a chance to see it or dl it to my tablet sigh…

“Video has been removed by user”?

Don’t want to be a buzzkill here, but… don’t bloopers get to be pretty repetitive? How many times can you laugh at a flubbed line. In the pressure of work, the actors laugh a lot more at things that, honestly, aren’t all that terribly funny.

A few flubbed lines, and maybe some trips and other slapstick type things, practical jokes, etc.

When working on one of the ST TOS movies, another film that I don’t remember was being filmed nearby. An actor needed to give a surprised expression when opening a door. The put Kirk and Spock on the other side of the door. I’d LOVE to see that if it exists on film.

Just sayin’

@49. I hear ya…