Images of the Day: What If Pixar Made A Star Trek Movie?

Trek fans are always imagining ‘what if?’ scenarios for the franchise but one of them has taken it to a new level by creating images of a notional reboot of the original Star Trek…by the animators at Pixar. The artists images of Star Trek characters has gone viral. Check them out below



What if Pixar remade Trek…

Canadian artist Phil Postma has created a viral sensation with his re-imagined version of the original Star Trek characters as if they were rebooted by Pixar. 

After his images gained popularity the artist posted an update on his site clarifying…

No, Pixar did not do this and will never do this, and I did not render these images either. Yes, these are characters from Pixar films and it is just a photo mash-up of images I find on the internet using Photoshop. No, they are not meant to be a caricature of the actors who played them. Rather a character from the Pixar universe that resembles in some small way the character I am doing. It is just a fun simple project I picked to help me learn more about Photoshop since I am far from an expert at it.

Source: Phil Postma (via Buzzfeed)

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This is awesome!! Pixar should do it!

Bones looks like an ape. Lol

Love how the romulan is that critic from Ratatouille

Yikes, why is Bones a monkey?

That would be too awesome if Pixar did this. It would rock.

This is hysterical stuff.

That is so awesome!….Make it so!!!

I’ve been wanting a PIXAR version of Star Trek for years now! =)

…but not with “comical looking” caricatures… =(

Looks more like a “Cracked” magazine parody then PIXAR cartoons.

LOL the Klingon is the funniest because it is the guy from Brave. Oh man… these are hilarious!

I can see a new line of trading cards.
This would make a great animated ST for the next TV show!

I love it!

Maybe JJ can bride the gap between Paramount & Disney and get this done for real one day. :)

I think bones is the boss character from The Incredibles.

This is cute, but now that Disney owns Star Wars and Pixar, it’s more likely a Star Wars Pixar film would be made first :)

This is great! Sulu is a bit too yellow though….



so cool, you must have had many fun hours putting them together, thanks for sharing the pictures with us

Not a fan. Derivative. Sorry, but CG cartoon faces all look staggeringly unoriginal right now. It’s telling that these are simply preexisting faces that got photoshopped, and everyone knee jerk reacted by saying “I love it!”

Next lets have Pixar renderings of Lego Avengers in official Disney Star Wars crossover comic books! Yay!

The Orion slave girl doesn’t look very Disney. :) now do princess Leia.

Love that Klingon with the savage mane! :-D

Also, Chekov somehow looks more like Yelchin than Koenig.

@17. Kirk Nelson
You remember fun? FUN. See? Now smile. I’s easy really. x


Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is not logical.

This leaves me wondering, though… What would Pixar’s Big E look like?

What an insult to Pixar.

Would also like to see the Pixar version of the Enterprise (TOS) and the E-bridge. The above pictures are of the actual set. What would the cartoon bridge version look like?

Bloody brilliant!
Kirk doesn’t look quite right but all the others are great.

Pixar is owned by Disney, which also owns its newly-acquired Lucasflim division, including “Star Wars.” “Star Trek” is, has been, and will be owned by CBS.

There were ones done of Marvel & DC characters too as well as Star Wars. Move over “Simpsonization”!

@23 ‘insult to Pixar’. Really? Pixar: the studio that possesses one single plot, and one single set of characters? Sorry to burst anybody’s bubble, but if you’ve seen one Pixar film, then you’ve seen them all. The most overrated studio in movie history. And I was saying this ten years ago: what has happened in the intervening decade? Nothing. Still the same derivative plot and character archetypes. Boring. It is not possible to insult Pixar, the laziest company in film.

Sulu’s skin color is uhhhh…unfortunate.

@22 It would look like the Kreo Enterprise.


So I take it you’re a Dreamworks fan, then?

@28 and @17 you should go out to dinner together.

Yeah, most of these are derivative, but you have to admit I think they nailed Uhura. Gotta remember this was done for fun, (off hours) not a paying project. With that it mind they’re all pretty great.

50 years later these characters are icons in any universe. Can’t complain about that.

Sulu = all wrong for many reasons. McCoy–wow (and not in a good way)… and Spock could use some tweaking. The Uhura depiction looks pretty good though.

Aww, Chekov is so cute! But Sulu looks like a meme troll face. Not cool! McCoy is all kinds of wrong (maybe his mouth just needs to be tweaked). Spock looks absolutely livid…or embarrassed, lol. I like Uhura and the Orion. Scotty’s okay, but he kind of looks like a villain. A+ for Effort!!!


C’mon, man, your anti-PIXAR statements are out of line and absolutely ridiculous.

You don’t like the movies that PIXAR makes? Fine, that’s your loss. Big friggin’ deal. Cry me a river.

Uhura looks like she was taken from Mirage; Kirk from Mr. Incredible (especially around the eyes) and Chekov looks like Tony Ridinger (the boy that Violet had a crush on). As for Sulu… they clearly took him from Dash.

Sure it’s derivative… but it’s also cute and funny, and the kind of mood I’ve been these past few weeks (don’t ask) I could use a little cute and funny right now.

It would be great to see Paramount Animation do something like this. Maybe a Trek short film shown before a main feature.

Anyway, nice renderings. All in good fun.
Congrats to the artist.

Pixar does good work – would not bother me at all to see them do animated Trek..

This guy did the Star Wars characters, too.

Bones looks like the ugly people from the original Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder”

I want a T-shirt!!!!!! (Spock)

Y’know, on second look, “Spock” here looks like a Terry Gilliam character.


Hilarious! Great work for a newbie to Photoshop. (Or for a grizzled vet, for that matter.) And brilliant mash up!

I hope the powers that be are paying attention. This could be a reality so easily to fill the gap between movies. The surviving original cast members doing voices? Karl Urban doing McCoy. Chris Doohan providing the voice for Scotty.

Make it so.

Sorry But does anyone else not find some of these depictions be very racialy offensive

26 DonDon P1,
Not true trek has not ALLWAYS been owned by CBS, it was originally owned By Desilu before Paramount bought Desilu. So to say it will always has and will be owned by CBS is not entirely true.

Awesome job!! Loved Bones. Was great to see so many positive comments… til 17, 28 & 44 had to inflict their pathetic negative attitudes on us. Would love to see a Pixar short of Star Trek. It would be fun at the very least.

They’d obviously want John Ratzenberger in, as Pixar always do, so i’d put him down to voice Spock. He could play it as Cliff from Cheers. I’d enjoy that!


Eeeh, it’s a little known fact, Buzz, the art of animation was actually invented by the ancient Carthaginians, using fire and goat skin, starring a character known as Povash Yo-Kimbo, who, if I recall correctly, bears a striking resemblance to, eeeh, Mickey Mouse.

They all work for me except Bones! He looks like a SImpson!

Man, Uhura is a BABE!

@45 What I meant to say that “Star Trek” is owned by CBS since 2006 one year after the Viacom Split of 2005 that separated Paramount Pictures–now owned by the post-2005 Viacom–from its television production and distribution arms–now owned by the CBS Corporation and known as CBS Television Studios, CBS Television Distribution, and CBS Studios International, respectively. I am just hoping that we must not confuse the CBS-owned “Star Trek” with the Disney/Lucasflim-owned “Star Wars.” Of course, I have been a fan of those two “Star” franchise, LOL!