Michael Giacchino Tweets Images & Videos From Star Trek Into Darkness Scoring Sessions

This week marks another big step for the post production of Star Trek Into Darkness. Composer Michael Giacchino has begun recording the score for the film. And he is sharing the experience with fans with tweets, images and even videos from the scoring stage. Check it out below.   


Michael Giacchino Tweets Images & Videos From Star Trek Into Darkness Scoring Sessions

Michael Giacchino is now recording the score for Star Trek Into Darkness. While some music was scored and recorded late last year for the IMAX preview, it actually wasn’t until last Friday that the Oscar-winning composer finished writing the full score for the film. The music is being performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony who have done the scores for dozens of major films including JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek. They also preformed some pre Giacchino Trek films including Jerry Goldsmith’s scores for Nemesis and First Contact.

Giacchino has also been sharing some videos and images that he has been tweeting from the scoring studio.

Photos (images and captions by Michael Giacchino)

End of Day One of the STID Sessions. Fun Day. More Tomorrow! (Giacchino pictured with director JJ Abrams)

Listening to playback of one of the cues (with JJ Abrams)

With Ben Burtt – discussing music vs efx – who will win????

No caption

Engineer Joel Iwataki at the helm of the Star Trek Into Darkness sessions..


The wind section!

More Session photos from STID…

No caption


Giacchino’s score for Star Trek Into Darkness is expected to be released by Varese Sarabande, just like with 2009’s Star Trek. The soundtrack is not yet available for pre-order.

To keep up with the scoring session, follow Giacchino on Twitter.

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