Star Trek Into Darkness Opening Week Earlier in UK , Germany, Australia & Other Countries + North America Date Unchanged

Paramount has been shuffling their international Star Trek Into Darkness schedule around and now a number of territories will be getting the film a week before the official North American opening on May 17, 2013. Official openings will begin as early as May 9th in a number of countries including Germany. Full details below. [UPDATED: Fixed date for UK & Ireland]


Star Trek opening a week early in Australia, Mexico and some European countries

Paramount’s international arm has decided to move forward a number of release dates for Star Trek Into Darkness in a number of territories. The film will now open the week before the North American premiere on May 17th in a few markets. Here is the list of new early dates:

  • Australia – May 9th
  • New Zealand – May 9th
  • Austria – May 9th
  • Germany – May 9th
  • Switzerland (German speaking areas) – May 9th
  • United Kingdom – May 9th
  • Ireland – May 9th
  • Mexico – May 10th

Correction: UK and Ireland are May 9th (Dates on official site summary page are incorrect).

Note a number of other territories will get the film the same week as the USA but since they traditionally have openings on Wednesdays or Thursdays they will also be getting the film before North America. These include Wednesday May 15th openings in Egypt and Norway and Thursday May 16th openings in Chile, Peru, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

No change to North America release on May 17th

Sources at Paramount say that the international date moves were related to feeling that in some markets the film fit better into the calendar a week earlier based on competing films. However, TrekMovie has confirmed that the official US/Canada release date for Star Trek Into Darkness is still Friday May 17th and a spokesperson for Paramount says that regardless of the changes in some international dates, the USA/Canada date is firm.

Taking a look at the competition, May 10th features only two wide release openings: The Great Gastby and Tyler Perry’s We the Peeples. Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd. In its Trek’s second domestic weekend (Friday May 24) the film will face the animated film Epic, Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover III.

We have already reported that there will be special "fan sneak" IMAX screenings of the film on the evening of Wednesday May 15th, which was an exclusive for the Star Trek app.

A full list of release dates is available at

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first!? seriously though, I just can’t wait until May 17th – the rites of Spring and new Trek!

some great news for a change

Wow. So there will be no surprises by the time we get to see it here in the states.

Yay! The internet’s full of the UK release date change, but here is the first place I’ve found that says it’ll be released earlier in Aus as well. I’m a happy little vegemite…

It’s actually May 9th for the UK as well, not the 10th.

There is NO REASON in the modern era for different countries to have different release dates. This is outrageous. Why is it that, every time I’m following something, the US has the last release date?

Whoo Hoo!!!! this is a first! – Of to get my Imax tickets here in Glasgow asap!

So any reason why we in Ireland are having to wait a week extra? Have the Irish branch not officially confirmed it yet? Or am I going to drop everything and have a sudden urge to visit my BFF in London all of a sudden?

Thanks for noting that Ireland’s release date is still the 17th… but you do know we’re a different country from the UK? Right?

#9: But why should different countries have different release dates at all? It makes no sense. People shouldn’t get content at different times because of where they live in relation to arbitrary lines on a map.

Germany – May 9th!:-D

I’m getting excited now, but those evil foreigners are going to spoil every last detail a week before I can see it.

May 9th!! This is Fedcon Weekend!!!!!!

Blast and damn it!

Wow, I guess by 17 May we in the US could’ve already seen pirated video of the whole movie.

Not begrudging our worldwide friends who usually have to wait a long time for the overseas premieres, just wishing it could be on the same date for THE WHOLE WORLD for a great outpouring of Trekenthusiasts and our enthusiasm!

Profound frown in Paramount’s direction. }:<


I think Paramount in these parts are in charge of both the UK and Ireland.

No fun for US. Oh well. I can handle it. Grrrrrr


Often countries outside the US have to wait several weeks sometimes before we get to see the films already released in the US. Only 8 weeks away…whoa!

I won’t give anything away about the movie, but I can’t promise others won’t sound off…:(

6. To drum up interest in other markets… and to kick start marketing here with “a hit overseas!” Why’s it outrageous?

It worked for Avengers, Skyfall — plenty of movies. When I was living in Europe last year, I was amazed how many movies now open there earlier. Years ago, it was the opposite.

And more money is made internationally — potentially — than the U.S.

Ireland’s now the 9th as well? Woo-hoo, Anthony! You made my night!

What about here in Canada? Why not release it along with UK ?

21: Because the entire continent would tilt with the influx of trekkies from south of the border, causing the earth to fall off its axis. No?

Makes sense that the UK gets it earlier, since well…go back and look at the trailers. They’re basically featured. AND it’s more than likely part of the plan to help it as an international film.

why argentina has a premiere date so different from the rest of Latin America? we have to wait unti agusht 22……..that so unfair……speaking of spoilres, piracy and all

I think Paramount should move it up to May 9th because I think Fast & Furious 6 and Hangover III will crush the film in its second weekend. If they are expecting ST 2009 returns, it would be prudent to do it because the aforementioned films would put STiD out of competition. I think this film will be great (plan on seeing it opening weekend) but if Paramount wants STiD to be successful, moving the release date to a week before would make more money and pave the way for a third film.

Anthony – One big request… From the 9th through the 17th, can you please (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) be super vigilant about purging spoiler-posts from non-spoiler articles?

I’d hate to have to stay away from for a week or more!

It seems Sweden got lucky as well; it’s not on the list of international release dates, but United International Pictures has revealed on their website the film will premiere here May 10th.

Article (in Swedish):

I hope it’ll be possible to see it in English in Germany; a lot of people will be there for Fedcon, and won’t want to watch it in German.

So we’ll have a complete rundown available on the movie before it opens here.
Once again, Abrams’ vaunted ‘secrecy’ becomes a running gag.

Mexico a week earlier? Sounds like an excuse to go down to San Diego for the weekend and watch it in TJ

May 17th… Perfect Birthday Present. As long as Canada opens that night, I’m happy

“So we’ll have a complete rundown available on the movie before it opens here. Once again, Abrams’ vaunted ‘secrecy’ becomes a running gag.”

Pretty much my thinking on this. Look at how quickly those latest spoilers made their way here from Brazil. By comparison, that week will be an eternity in internet-time, and given the renewed interest in Trek by American media, I don’t see how anyone with a modem or smartphone stays unspoiled–who lives/dies, Khan-or-no-Khan, etc.–until the film opens in the States.

I’m guessing that J.J. Abrams is very well aware of this, and is none too happy about it either.

I’m no uber nationalist, and understand that Paramount’s eye is rightfully on its own bottom line. Still, it seems a shame that regardless of its quality (and I’m still hoping for a great film), due to a marketing decision this latest installment of Trek will almost certainly wind up as something of an anticlimax, here in the country of its birth.

@10 vdeane Iron Man 3 is the REAL reason for the Euro-Shift for STID. It comes out exactly 2 weeks before the new date May 9th in most of Europe. ( Yes movie fans IM3 is opening one week early in Europe also) Thus Fast & Furious 6 / Hangover 3 will now come out two weeks after STID in Europe. In the USA the moive STID is already 2 weeks before IM3 and FF6 and H3 come out just one week after. We at this site already know that the three competing movies I referenced will kill at the “overseas” markets.

Paramount is simply giving STID more breathing room at the European Boxoffice. We all know STID is already a hit in the USA / Canada boxoffice and is expeced to make around 300millin there if the film has good word of mouth. For those who forgot Star Trek 2009 got a whipping from “The Hannah Montana Movie” no less when it opened against it in Spain. It may suck a little in the USA on this news, but cut Paramount some slack they have a lot of CASH riding on the success of this film ulike us peions.

UK on the 7th- GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@6- I do agree with you though.

Errr….UK on the 9th….whoops, my bad…..

Now the USA can have a taster of what it feels like to have to wait to see a movie after its release in another country after a period of time!! I’m sorry, but I cant help but be happy about this! I have always cursed the fact that the USA always got the release of big movies before us. Then it became almost normal for same day worldwide releases. But my Yankee friends, do you know the Klingon proverb; “revenge is a dish that is best served cold?” Lol.

Not looking forward to reading the spoilers before it opens in the USA.

Simon Pegg just tweeted that the UK premier will be May 2nd.

Nice! A shorter wait for me at least. :-)

@Anthony P

Sorry if I’m double-posting but my posts seems to have disappeared.

According to (official website) the premiere has also been moved to May 21st from the previous date June 21st.

This does not seem very likely though, as May 21st is Tuesday and movie premieres usually take place on Fridays in Poland.

The general list at lists May 31st – this is more likely, as it is actually Friday.

Could you maybe verify this?

Woohoo, great news for all us Aussie Trek fans!!!! :-)

wait… Australia gets early viewing? … Shit yes! cant believe for once we’re first <3.

@41 Tobes

Technically, New Zealand is first… They will be 2 hours ahead of AEST in May.

Re: Ireland and UK — it depends on if you’re talking about the “real” Ireland or not! XD

I don’t really understand why the U.S. is being left in the dust. Star Trek is an American thing in origin. It’s kind of like the game developers who shaft the PC altogether or push back release dates a month or even year after console release dates — yet their first games were on PC.

It will be out on bootleg before it gets to the U.S.

@Ciaran – We already had a taste – The Avengers was released overseas first.

Gonna have to stay off the site from the 9th to the 17th! lol. Agreed, it should be universally released around the world.

Gonna have to stay off the site from the 9th to the 17th! lol. Agreed, it should be universally released around the world.

I am interested plot-wise: from what I’ve read, vengeance plays very well in some areas overseas, so this may be a reason for re-hashing the revenge theme. First Nero, then Harrison. Yes, for different reasons, but tiresome in plotting.

I reiterate my hopes that the US date will be moved up to May 9, because of the spoiler situation. I enjoyed reading partial spoilers here, but may not be able to resist reading the entire thing beforehand, and that would be a spoiler indeed.

Must … RESIST … temptation … must … not … read …

I never watch bootleg pre-release b/c the quality sucks.

The opening weekend and following weekend profits are also of great concern; will CBS/Paramount fund a third movie if the second one flops?

For my part I wince in disgust at STiD losing out to the other movies, which, except for IM3 (thanks to the well-written, conflicted and smart a** character of Tony Stark) do not appeal to me at all.

I already know of a number of US fans who will now watch on bootleg instead of going to the theaters. Lost revenue with such an early release date. :/ However, I think this could also help the box office in the US through good overseas reviews and word of mouth. Paramount must be confident in the movie.

I’m still annoyed though. It will be nearly impossible to avoid being completely spoiled and I feel that Trek in particular really ought o hit the US first. Ah well, I’ve got my May 15th tickets and will be there, spoiled for the film or not!

Wait, what? So now I have to sit here for a week watching people from everyone else but the US tell me about every part of the movie before I see it? Yeah…no. I’ll simply stay away from this site that week.

…So J.J. vehemently hates spoilers or dropping meaningful hints of any sort, but has no objection to premiering the movie overseas a week ahead of the US. WTH is that??? Seems kind of asinine…