Cool Stuff: New ‘Unify Humanity’ Khan Propaganda Poster

You may not have remembered it but Star Trek history tells us that Khan Noonien Singh was the leader of a big part of the globe. And now the fine artists at Bye Bye Robot bring us one of Khan’s propaganda posters. Check it out below.  



New poster to show your support for Khan!

Bye Bye Robot is announcing a new poster featuring Captain Kirk’s iconic arch nemesis… Khan! As if straight out of the future-past, this poster, named “Unify Humanity,” sets an austere call for the masses to trust Khan’s “superiority” and leadership. Based on the early-to-mid last century’s communist propaganda posters of some of the world’s most persuasive leaders, this poster has a tongue-in-cheek take on these previous commanders and their push for obedience.

“The vintage distressed look and feel of it make it seem like I’ve been transported back to that era…or is that forward? It’s exactly what Khan would say, if he were in charge,” jokes Charity Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Robot. “All joking aside, though, this new propaganda poster from Steve is a perfect addition to his retro collection.”

The fourth poster in the set, from illustrator Steve Thomas, this propaganda poster fits right in with the retro feel of the previous three. Choosing colors and styles that were prominent in the real propaganda posters of the time lends an authentic feel to Khan’s rhetoric. It sports the phrase, “Unify Humanity Alongside Khan” and set in the year 1994, it touts the benefits that humanity would have if they would allow Khan to rule.

Unify under Khan poster from Bye Bye Robot

Speaking of Khan, Bye Bye Robot also has a cool poster featuring the exile ship for Khan and his fellow genetic supermen, the SS Botany Bay, designed by artist Mark Brayer. See that below.

Unify under Khan poster from Bye Bye Robot

Both the “Khan Propaganda” poster and "SS Botanay Bay," are, under license by CBS Consumer Products, and are available for purchase today from for $25 plus shipping.


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India connecting to Africa via Central America? That explains it all, it’s an alternate Earth! XD

Kkkkkkkhhhhhaaaannnn !

Why/how would a poster showing a NEW Botany Bay also include a ship from 270 years in its future?

Funny…Khan doesn’t look like Hugo Chavez…

I have the Botany Bay poster on my wall and it looks fantastic.

Yes, we Khan!

Why is Khan depicted wearing what would appear to have been a jumpsuit worn after he would have posed for this poster?

8 He is wearing a red outfit in the old photo they discover in the episode too.

@8. Those were his Elvis years…


It’s based on this pic of Khan from the 1990s:,_1996.jpg


Interesting – a couple months before the new movie and three (so far) Khan Trek products are hitting the market: this poster, the Kirk/Khan action figure set and the Wrath of Khan Enterprise. That’s a lot of Khan merchandise if Harrison is Gary Mitchell ;)

I’m just waiting for the “derivative” comments.

It’s such a lame buzzword in the fandom its annoying.

Not impressed. Mondo’s are so much better in terms of design.

I don’t see anything too great in that poster. It really isn’t too reminiscent of the old communist propaganda posters. It’s just kind of blah to me.

i kinda think posters by khan for the subserviant norms would be a lot more superior and angrier/meaner more demanding even fear mongering and hatred spewing kinda like nazis….but oh well….i liked the posters when the observers took over earth in final season of fringe their superior tone was just right

Lets hope that in the upcoming movie, nu-Kirk gets to shout “Oh, Khan, Oh Khan…” Just like Shatner did in Wrath of Khan!!!!

Interesting: ‘Power, Leadership, Superior Intellect.’ ‘Offering the world order!’

Pretty much Gene Roddenberry’s founding principles for The Next Generation…

I like the new trailer!

Looks like they toned down the lens flares.

Also the movie’s color palette seems darker. I think the yellow and red uniforms look less bright.

Here in Bulgaria, the new trailer has made everybody here go carzy with excite!

Star Trek has always been very success here, but the new trailer has made men, women and child of all age get very happy about this new film!

Greeting to all Star Trek fan, wherever you are in the world!

I like the idea but why is he wearing the outfit that all his crew had on while being put to sleep on the Botany Bay.

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