Shot-by-Shot Analysis Of Star Trek Into Darkness Alternative Teaser

The new alternate teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has a surprising amount of new footage and dialog in it. And so as we do with all new trailers and previews, TrekMovie takes an in depth shot-by-shot look at the alternate trailer. Find out what’s inside the trailer below, but beware of Spoilers.  


Star Trek Into Darkness Alternative Teaser Trailer Analysis

Once again TrekMovie dives deep into the new trailer with a shot-by-shot analysis. Shots that new are noted with "NEW" Other shots were seen before in other trailers, the Super Bowl commercial and/or the IMAX preview.

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Nibiru Volcano

Nibiru natives chase Kirk (Chris Pine) and McCoy (Karl Urban)

Nibiru native throws spear at McCoy

McCoy: I hate this
Kirk: I know you do

[NEW] Shuttle flies to pan of San Francisco skyline

[NEW] Pike (Bruce Greenwood) talks to Kirk in his office

Pike: Do you have any idea what a pain you are?
Kirk: I think so sir.

Back to Nibiru chase

McCoy: Jim, the beach is that way!

[NEW] And back to Pike reprimanding Kirk

Pike: You think the rules don’t apply to you because you disagree with them

[NEW] Kirk prepares for space jump with countdown heard "3, 2, 1…"

[NEW] Kirk and second jumper exit the Enterprise

[NEW] Kirk flies through debris field towards another Starfleet ship


Close-up on ship Kirk is flying towards. Ship is similar to Enterprise but not the same (saucer and nacelles somewhat different)


Kirk’s faceplate begins to crack

[NEW] Kirk fires suit thrusters on way through field

Title card

[NEW] John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) looks on (presumably watching London attack)

Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller): By now all of you heard what happened in London

London attack

[NEW] Harrison piloting small craft (NOTE: says "EMERGENCY" on windshield)

[NEW] Kirk talking to unknown person (possibly Pike or Marcus)

Kirk: He’s a fugitive and I want to take him out

[NEW] Kirk piloting civilian ship being chased by Klingon ship  (firing on them) on Qo’noS

[NEW] More of Kirk piloting craft through buildings on Qu’noS, note Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in background

Kirk: Hold on
Spock: This ship will not fit
Kirk: We’ll fit

[NEW] Kirk squeezes ship through narrow opening

[NEW] Ship exits narrow opening and flies on

Kirk: I told you we would fit
Spock: I am not sure that qualifies

Spock prepares to drop into Volcano

Sulu (John Cho) piloting ship inside volcano and talking to Uhura

Sulu: If we are going to do this we are going to do it now!

Uhura prepares to drop Spock into Nibiru volcano

Spock enters volcano

Scotty (Simon Pegg) spots a big fish while ship is under Nibiru ocean

 Uhura in her wetsuit in shuttle on Nibiru

Sulu: Ready to swim?
Uhura: I’m ready

USS Enterprise exits Nibiru ocean

Kirk orders Sulu to "punch it"

[NEW] Sulu takes the ship to warp

[NEW] Enterprise jumps to warp from Earth Station

Spock leaps off floating barge while chasing Harrison through San Francisco

[NEW] McCoy talks to Kirk

McCoy: Tell me this is going to work

[NEW] Pike (talking to Kirk)

Pike: I believe in you

[NEW] Kirk and Scotty running through Enterprise corridors (ship at red alert)

Kirk talks to McCoy on bridge of Enterprise

Kirk: C’mom. It’s going to be fun

Ship crashes into San Francisco Bay

Ship crashing in San Francisco

Title cards

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Woohoo! Four years of waiting is finally almost over :D


Honestly this is simply an amazing trailer. Kirk looks like a real hero and the dialogue between he and Spock/Uhura and he and bones on the bridge is just like the old series. Chill worthy trailers all in all.
Great analysis!

Thanks for the nice images!

2 months and 8 days left.

does Chekov die early on in this? he doesn’t seem to have any scenes whatsoever

sure looks like it could be an older Enterprise in orbit…

Still not giving much, I’ll bet March 29th is when we see much more, though maybe not who BC is…

This is great! :)

Only 2 months for me.

Dammit I’m still not sold by the flash & blast of these early trailers. There’d better be some substance to go with Lando, er, Kirk, flying ships through tight holes and having the same conversations with Pike that he did last time. Saw this at an Oz screening last night and the audience reaction wasn’t exactly stellar.

No Cumby VO to not scare the kids? Haha. Love that you get running, jumping, flying, swimming and a trusty circle of friends. Plus parental lectures. It’s a great “kid-friendly” trailer!

I am betting that is Captain Robert April’s original U.S.S. Enterprise Kirk is space diving to.

After 4 yrs we’re finally setting sail again and it’s wonderful!!….Awesome pics and the new teaser was spectacular!..Finally got to “hear” Peter Weller at least…. The ship that Kirk is flying towards looks more like the ship that we see crashing into San Francisco, not the Enterprise????…anyway I can’t wait ..this is going to be the longest 2 months!!!…
But again where’s Chekov????

I think Kirk’s last line might be “It’s going to be fun,” not “It’s going to be fine.” Though I have crappy speakers.

wow, in the scene where spock is leaping off the building, they changed the buildings in the background! (i compared it with the big game spot)

i noticed other changes (cgi, colors…) before…. maybe it´s time for a trailer comparison? :))

Has it now become a running gag that anything in the Star Trek universe that falls from orbit must land in the San Francisco bay? There’s a whole lot of world for this stuff to land on. But it always finds it’s way there. It must be like a junk yard by now with all the stuff in there! :)


I agree, it could be April’s Enterprise.

Is that Earth’s moon in the background?

This movie has very cool colours… More blue and trek 09 had very warm colours…. Just saying :)

#16 – If you count ST IV, then yes :)

trailer comparison “spock´s jump”

i have an image for you guys:

#21 Cool. Thanks for that.

I have heard great things about that foot chase in SF. The Guardian stated that it made the opening of Skyfall look like an episode of Doctors. Exciting! Exciting!

@13 I was just thinking the same – my first reaction on seeing that ship in the space jump that it was the same one we see nose diving it to San Francisco bay.

**Potential Spoiler taking into account from what I read from the Brazilian report earlier this week**

The ship that Kirk is jumping to is possibly the same ship that “someone” gets reassigned to? (also would explain why Kirk is allowed to make the jump as a part of the consequences that caused the reassignment?)

@12 & 17

Looks very much like Robert April’s Enterprise. I wonder if a regenerated or, dare I say it ‘Augmented’ Robert April is waiting on it?

I am sooo happy the trailers aren’t giving away the entire movie.

Finally: A character-driven trailer, and it is GREAT.

Are the rankpins on the shoulders similar to the “sqeaks” used in II-VI?
The half-saucer ship looks like the USS Newton NCC-1727, a successor of the Intrepid type of ships.

id bet the ship that kirks space jumping to and the one that crashes in the san fran bay is the origional enterprise that they mention in countdown to darkness.this new trailer just got me even more excited about this movie:)

JJ wasn’t kidding when he said these movies weren’t made for me.

In the top picture of the two captioned “Enterprise jumps to warp from Earth Station”, why is the right nacelle missing that should be on our left?

The red thing Spock jumps off is probably the set in the early spycam videos where he unsuccessfully uses the FSNP on Harrison…

@ 12 ILM,

No argument there! Definitely has to be a Connie before the JJ Connie came to existence. I want more pics of it!

Incredible! It’s all coming together so well now. Easy to see why J.J. got promoted.

#29- you and me, both.


You are correct! I never made that connection actually. Interesting. So the melee between Harrisson and Spock will take place on the roof of that building.

Also, ILM Operative, is that ILM as in Industrial Light and Magic?

#29 and #34 – so say we all…

@ 36. GO – March 9, 2013

“#29 and #34 – so say we all…”

So say we all :)
God, I miss BSG

Indeed, gave me chills

Chris Pine with Michael Giacchino:

Perfectly perfect. You can show this one to your friends and they will not laugh at you for liking Star Trek.

#33 Do you mean promoted as in he is now going to direct a more popular franchise ie Star Wars?

“Are you the 1701?”

Makes more sense now given the two Enterprises.

Not a fan of these silly “dress uniforms”. The shoulder boards don’t correspond to anything, certainly not rank. Definitely not time in service… sry, my military service acting up again. lol.

I’m definitely excited, though it still doesn’t have that “Trek” feeling that I will always miss. Its become just another CGI filled action movie… that doesn’t mean its bad, just not “Trek”.

Live Long and Prosper, Roddenberry’s dream

Can’t wait!

#29 and #34 I am assuming that you would prefer a or more familiar Trek? Not possible if the franchise is to survive. It has to evolve and become fresh again. I am 52 years old and have been a treker the better part of those years, and I think this is awesome!

“Young minds fresh ideas, be tolerant.”

Kirk and Sulu are getting OLD.

deleted by admin

The federation ship over the moon has the same pylons and nacelles as the one that crashes into the water at the end. Just sayin’

That is a GREAT trailer!!!
Looking very forward to this. Pike looks like he’s sporting some Civil War era mutton chops, though; kind of funny…. maybe they come back in fashion?


However, my only nit is that Kirk is busted back to exec for violating the Prime Directive by exposing the primitives on Nibriu to the Enterprise in order to rescue Spock, whose mission was to drop a super-cooling device into the volcano (and presumably save the Nibriu primitives).

Um… isn’t dropping the super-cooling device into the volcano ALREADY an act of violating the Prime Directive?!? If they followed the PD to the letter, they’d just watch passively as the natives died….

Just my opinion, otherwise the movie looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
I’m counting the days now …. ;-)

Anyone notice, Chekov has hardly done any promos and he is very limited in the trailers. I wonder if he is to perish in the sequel.

For all we know, maybe that’s just what they did by preventing the eruption. Maybe Kirk persuaded his crew that it was only a ‘technical’ violation if the natives never knew they were there. Of course, it all hit the fan when Enterprise came out of the water in broad daylight to rescue Spock.