Watch: LeVar Burton & Patrick Stewart Kiss + More From Star Trek: TNG Reunion in Toronto

Last night Star Trek: The Next Generation stars Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden reunited on stage at Toronto Comic-Con. Highlights of the event can be seen online including Stewart and Burton kissing and Frakes and Stewart trading impressions of each other’s TNG characters. Watch the highlights below.


Watch: TNG Toronto Reunion Highlights

Last night the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared together on stage at Toronto Comic-Con. Below you can watch video clips from the event (thanks to a Candace Salmon on YouTube).

Cast tell stories about each other – Stewart and Burton kiss…

Cast talk about what they kept from the show – Sirtis stole her wardrobe chair, tried to take set chair…

Reacting to fan on how show impacted her life Frakes does Picard impression and Stewart does Riker impression…

Asked what they would do differently Siritis says she would talk to writers about more Troi backstory, McFadden jokes "I talked to the writers and got fired!"

Stewart and Dorn quote Shakespeare…

Cast asked about how show represented minorities – Spiner jokes about being black.

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Still the best of all the Trek teams :D

DS9 was better.

Cor blimey guvnor.

Great crew…

Knowing how poor many Brits take care of their teeth, I can only hope that Levar kept his lips sealed during that kiss. LOL

PS: @2. Yes, DS9 better, by a long shot. And TOS was the best of them all.

That was uncalled for. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see two male actors kissing at a convention. In fact, I nobody needs to see any actors, male or female, kissing. It just adds a level of sleaziness that isn’t needed.

Especially in this day and age when Trek conventions are seen as easy punchline for jokes in the mainstream media.


Well, I think DS9 and TOS are tied for #1 in my opinion. TNG and “Enterprise” are tied for second, with “Voyager” and TAS in last place.

Oh yay, here go the nationality stereotypes and homophobia, before we even reach 10 comments! XD

Who wouldn’t like to be kissed by the Captain of the Enterprise or the immortal Kunta Kinte????????? It’s a kiss of affection, not of romance.

It’s definetly NOT sleazy. Ah, but I remember this Red Dead Ryan is a homophobic that once was very rude with me in a post. This guy doesn’t count, NCC-73515.

I was there. It was a totally awesome night. You got a real sense of how much of a family the TNG cast really is.

One wonders if during the kiss Stewart perhaps said, “Engage,” and then LaFord inserted his tongue?

Punch it!

#8, 10.

Excuse me? I said nothing homophobic. Read my post again, geniuses.


I really wish they could have one more shot together in their TNG roles. Hell, JJ can direct it. I don’t care. Just make it happen with a great script! I love these guys!

You didn’t have to say it, Red Dead Ryan, it’s between the lines in the way you write and express yourself.

Patrick Stewart kissed Gates McFadden and then LeVar Burton kissed Patrick Stewart…The audience didn’t seem to mind. Lots of fun to be had, it seemed.

I don’t mind the kissing so much. It would have been better, more appropriate, if they had kissed on the cheek or foreheads. Kissing on the lips tends to symbolize greater (sexual) intimacy between the couple kissing. I have never kissed my children or other family members on the lips, only my Chris. I do not mean Chris Pine. Never met CP. Love to give and get a kiss/peck on the cheek from CP…who knows?

It’s so good to see these guys enjoying each others company.
I don’t care what the excuse, they really should do a TNG story… somewhere.

#5 The two people from Britain were Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis. I saw nothing wrong with their teeth.

Do Brits take worse care of their teeth than other people? What makes you think that?

What the hell do we care if old friends kiss?
However… if they’re handin’ out kissies, dibs on Marina… and a little Gates as well, thankyouverymuch.

The lips must be drawn..HEEEEERE!



It’s common knowledge that Brits in general have the worst cared for teeth among peoples in the Western democracies.


STRAIGHT KIRK WHO ARE YOU? lol Star Trek was and is still the best show:-)



Ain’t that the tooth!


#2 and #5 LOL no, there would not be star trek today without TNG ;)

All Hail TNG!

The order is TNG, TOS, all others tied for last place lol

Yes we will keep it civil, no need for insults, just personal opinion hehe


Dam, I couldn’t go due to a bad cold….not sure when they will be back in Toronto again, sigh

#22 – Is it common knowledge though?

I recall a lot of people criticizing Tom Hardy when he appeared in This Means Wars because of what they considered bad teeth. This was because some of his bottom teeth are crowded and a bit crooked. One of top teeth stands out a bit from the rest. The reality is – they are NOT bad teeth. They just don’t look as good, as neat and tidy as teeth when they have received COSMETIC orthodontic treatment. Tom Hardy is wealthy enough to be able to afford any dental treatment he either desired or was necessary. What is more, if the dental treatment was necessary, as in having a tooth filled because of decay, extraction etc, it is likely that he would be covered by Britain’s NHS which provides necessary dental treatment, including orthodontics, for all of its citizens for a small fee that is capped.

In truth, it is possible that New Zealanders may have the worst teeth of any people of the affluent western nations. That is because orthodontic treatment is no longer free or even subsidized, for anyone, and once a person reaches the age of 18, ordinary dental coverage through the health system no longer applies. There is a limited Dental Benefit available but most people do not qualify. Oral health is becoming a major problem and it is literally embarrassing. There are so many people now walking around with partially empty mouths in the poorer areas. Dentists cannot apply for any subsidies in order to help their clients pay for the high cost of good dental care. My sister (bless her) has paid more than $8,000 to have her nephews, my sons, receive NECESSARY orthodontic treatment.

@ 28 yes. it is common knowledge. Brit’s teeth are often the target of jokes. It’s a common, rather harmless, stereotype that brits have bad teeth and/or dont care for their teeth very well.

Of course, like any stereotype, it’s probably based on something in reality….but in no way does it reflect the entire group.

view this old SNL commercial:

6 What an uptight cowboy you are. Why would people’s expressions of affection be so upsetting for you. Is hand holding ok is it a strictly a no touching world your looking for. Kirk kisses space tramp’s all the time. Or are you having an issue with male on male affection.

Yeah I love how homophobia is allowed on here, but I make one sexy comment about Marina Sirtis and it gets slashed. I’m starting my own forum, sod these double standards.

Tom Cruise has nice white teeth but he’s bat sh@t crazy. The point being the quality of teeth doesn’t describe the quality of the person. Defining someone due to their physical characteristics is just sad and I think star trek fans should be well beyond Homophobia and judging people by their looks. Shame on you all for being that way.

For all you dumbasses out there falsely accusing me of homophobia, I said I was against all types of kissing at Trek conventions. Especially between actors, whether they are male or female. It was done for shock value, nothing more. It was dumb. And it was uncalled for.

Patrick Stewart kissing William Shatner’s bum — now THERE’S a snap I’d like to see.

Make it hap’n cap’n!

“Oh yes, you do. This isn’t a holding cell. It’s a laboratory maze, a carefully structured test. It’s an experiment to see how well we kiss under pressure.”

My thoughts upon reading the headline:


Lay off Red Dead Ryan. Kissing like that is a dumb stunt. I’m not getting the purpose beyond the press sensationalism that two actors who are largely forgotten by Hollywood now are getting from this?


Thanks, man! Appreciate it!

I will correct you a bit though, Patrick Stewart is going to be in the next “X-Men” movie, so he isn’t forgotten yet.

LeVar Burton, is yesterday’s news, however.

Is RDR’s posts shielded by a mod? Looks like his is anti-gay and anything against him is blocked. Just saying.


I said nothing anti-gay. Geez!

Why are folks trying to make this into a gay rights issue? I don’t believe either actor is gay? Huh?

This seems to me to be more about dumb-ass behavior by probably drunk actors at a convention. Like we all haven’t seen that before, right?

A number of actors (yes, you Will Wheaton) seem to think it is OK to let F-bombs fly and act like they are such impressive trash-talkers now at these conventions. Well this is starting to turn a lot of us convention goers off. And this latest stunt by Stewart and Burton just builds on this moronic and negative trends in Trek convention programming. I want to see and hear about Star Trek at conventions, not people making out and throwing off F-bombs and dark humor.


Good to have you back. I remember all the of times over the years when you have posted here.

Oh wait a minute, come to think of it, I’ve never seen you post here before? But yet, you seem so familiar, and are calling Red Dead Ryan by his initials like you know him?

Strange, huh? Hmm?

(PS: Have the balls to challenge him by using your regular name here next time instead of hiding behind sock-puppet trickery like a coward)

#31 – Did your post about Marina Sirtis not go through or was it posted here and then deleted? I don’t recall seeing any post from you about Marina Sirtis.

Are you a new poster here? One thing you should know is that this site is a little daft in that if you write certain words, the entire post gets deleted before it even reaches the board. It is even stranger because they are not the bad words, like the ‘f’ word, they are words like p-rnography or in-s-rance or Philopino spelled with “F” instead of “Ph”. I kid you not. So check what words you are using and try again.

Saying you don’t want to see “especially two guys kiss” is the homophobic comment. Gay people are pretty sick of seeing straight kissing all around but if two guys kiss its “crossing the line” It’s a homophobic double standard and you better get used to seeing us because we are no longer intimidated by your homophobia and don’t care if you are bothered. In fact after a life time of being told not to “flaunt it” its fun to see homophobes get upset. :)

I am a gay man, and heterosexual guys pulling publicity stunts like this irritate me to no end.

I don’t think any of these great people are has-beens …

George Washington had wooden teeth …

Keachick … thanks for promoting The LOTLWC so well once again … (your comments make me cringe mate) …

Kissing is fine … welcome to the 21st century …

#45: you need to get over yourself. Patrick and LeVar are friends with over 25 years of history, who love each other as dear friends. They are family to each other. If they are comfortable kissing as friends, more power to them. They weren’t pulling a ‘gay’ stunt, and if two straight men kissing bothers you, that is your problem.

45 David H are there rules here two gay men is OK but two strait men not OK?. Are heterosexual men needing to ask the gay community to see if the way they express affection for each other is OK. I pretty sure that gay people kissing in public has caused media attention in the past. The only difference being that Burton and Stewart are not doing it for publicity they are already at a publicity event they have the attention of the audience. They are at work and are having some fun they have worked together for years/decades and I think that the kiss is an expression of how comfortable they are with each other an expression of trust and respect between the two.

It takes a well established relationship between people for something like a kiss to be of no consequence. Its the audience that plays it up and turns it into an issue. An issue that only exists in someones reaction to it and not in the actual incident. So in the end nothing happened but a few people were upset about something that made them uncomfortable.

Kirk and Uhura eat your hearts out…the interracial kiss for the next generation!…make it so!……..

Oh please, there was nothing sexual about that kiss. It was a somewhat dramatically comedic kiss between two old friends – showing genuine affection for each other.