Bryan Burk Hints Next Star Trek Movie Could Arrive In 2016 – In Time For 50th Anniversary

One of the big questions for Trekkies is how long will we have to wait for the next movie following Star Trek Into Darkness? According to producer Bryan Burk, it may not be four years (like the wait since 2009’s Star Trek). He is now hinting the next Trek could be out in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016.


Next Star Trek as soon as 2016?

On Friday Star Trek Into Darkness producer (and JJ Abrams’ partner in Bad Robot  Productions) Bryan Burk was in London to show European press the same 38 minutes of the movie he shared with the Latin American press in Brazil earlier in the week (see TrekMovie spoiler article from that event). In London Burk spoke to Digital Spy about Into Darkness and he also talked about the future of the franchise, hinting that we may not have to wait to long for the next Star Trek…

Given that the Gene Roddenberry series debuted in 1966 and we’ve just had a huge Bond 50-year anniversary celebration – has Paramount been talking to you about making a 2016 release date for the next Star Trek film?
"We’re definitely talking about the next one, but we haven’t talked about a release date. We don’t want to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but it’s going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully."

So Bad Robot will still be able to balance working on both Star Trek and Star Wars?
"Yeah. Obviously they’re completely different universes, they’re completely different films. The only thing in common is the word ‘Star’, which is why we’re going to do the Ringo Starr movie as well. We’ll corner the market!"

Burk also talked about the kind of Star Trek references in Into Darkness that only the fans will recognize…

You created a new timeline with Star Trek in 2009, will there be a lot of referencing back to the original series and movies for those fans?
"Yes, one of the things is that the movie will always be for Star Trek fans. In the process of all us five producers working together, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, to a slightly lesser extent, are crazy-hardcore Trekkies. They understand the world so we had long conversations where they put things in and would be laughing hysterically. I had no clue why they were! There are tonnes of references and nods."

Producer/director JJ Abrams on "Into Darkness" set with co-writer/producer Alex Kurtzman

Could Next Trek be in 2016?

Burk’s comments are very intriguing. We know that JJ Abrams is set to direct the next Star Wars movie, which will be coming out in 2015 – two years after Star Trek Into Darkness. Two years is about the time it takes for a big film to go from development to release. The reason there was a four year gap between Abrams’ two Treks was due to other projects for himself and Burk (movies like Super 8, Mission Impossible IV, and TV shows like Revolution), as well as other projects for his collaborators (including Cowboys & Aliens for Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman).

While in theory Paramount could probably get a new Star Trek movie out by 2015 (with a new director and possibly even without Burk and Abrams) it seems unlikely as that would end up going head to head with JJ Abrams Star Wars movie. Waiting until 2017 would give Abrams and his team plenty of time, including allowing JJ to start on the film after completing with Star Wars. But Burk says no one wants to wait four years again and 2016 has a historical significance.

The problem is that Summer 2016 is only a year after the release of Star Wars Episode VII. The only way to make that date would be for Abrams to start shooting the next Star Trek film during that same summer. That means finalizing pre-production on his Star Trek movie at the same time he would be finalizing post-production his Star Wars movie. And it was exactly that kind of overlap with the Star Trek sequel and Super 8 that got the Trek sequel (originally planned for Summer 2012) delayed in the first place.

The two mostly likely options for Bad Robot to get a Star Trek movie out in 2016 would be to bring in a new director (with Abrams and Burk producing) or to shoot for a holiday 2016 release with Abrams directing (and finding other ways to mitigate the Star Wars/Star Trek overlap of a few months).

An Abrams-directed Star Trek movie for summer 2016 is theoretically possible, but it would take a major effort on his part and likely require him to forego working on other projects besides Star Trek and Star Wars for the next three years.

For now we will have to just wait and see but Burk’s comments about not waiting for four years are promising.

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If Abrams weren’t to direct, who would they bring in?

Bring it on! Why not 2015?

I am first this time!

@fwise3 – many choices.

Brad Bird for one.

He would get paid for doing them at the same time over tree years, so what is the problem, do people also need an oscar?

I hear Nicholas Meyer is a good director and might be available

For the sake of J.J.’s health and our sanity, bring in a new director!


while I woud love a movie on the 50th anniversary, yeah, that timeline is sounding iffy

Stuart Baird again? He was a great director. /sarcasm

I’d love to see Joss Whedon’s take on Trek

If they do make it for the 50th anniversary, i think Bob Orcis scene with William Shatner and Leonard Ninoy should be reworked and added as a nod to the history of the franchise. Totally fitting dialogue and all

I get the impression no one expects Abrams to return. Paging Drew Goddard…

Give it to Seth Macfarlane! Why not?

Seth said he pitched a Trek TV idea to CBS?Paramount and he loves the franchise. Plus if he is indeed wanting to branch out into live-action directing then Star Trek (with JJ Producing) would make all the sense in the world :D

I want Seth ^_^


–ducks and runs after blowing raspberrries–

Perhaps take a leaf out of Doctor Who’s book and celebrate the 50th Anniversary, with a movie which criss-crosses the franchise and involves characters from different decades.

Here is a short list of my favorites:
1) Josh Trank
2) Duncan Jones
3) Brad Bird (a longshot at best)
4) Matthew Vaughn
5) Steven Spielberg

Now before you laugh off #5, know that Spielberg was very interested in the Star Trek reboot in 2009, even visiting the set a few times. He also has said he would be interesting in directing a Star Trek film if the story were interesting. Is Spielberg likely to direct…no way. But it would be a hell of a choice.

Most likely we will end up with one of JJ’s protege’s who will step into the director’s chair, while JJ produces. Paramount would be foolish not to release a Star Trek film on the franchise’s 50th anniversary. I would count on the third film of this series to reach theaters in Summer 2016.

What’s Nick Meyer up to? Last time I checked he has a pretty decent Trek record.

I think perhaps holiday 2016 could work…

Lets face it, Avatar, The Hobbit and Skyfall were all fall blockbusters and made over a billion (dunno if Skyfall has but still).

It also has significance since it was towards the fall that Star Trek first aired so that could work out for the best.

I think a new director could work but I’d like to see Abrams involved heavily and I think really the cast would love him back as director so I think he may want to return to that world just because he and the crew seem to have had a huge amount of fun.

As for the future of the franchise. I think Paramount, Bad Robot and CBS have something good going here and whilst I doubt JJ Abrams will want to stay directly involved in Star Trek beyond a third movie, I hope he holds onto the Star Trek franchise within his production company and maybe gets some new blood into develop future projects within the Star Trek universe he created.

I am relieved that this trilogy will come to an end. Maybe the future holds a different perspective on the Trek franchise. Once Hollywood will get over the mega blockbusters of visual effects spectacles, may we dare ask for thought provoking plots, serious writing and character driven stories…

Love the new Star Trek 3.0 icon Anthony!

I have a feeling STID is going to end with a vitual “to be continued….” I also think we’ll see some sort of post-credits preview/hint at what’s to come.

Khan and someone leaving the storage bay with the cryotubes????

Sherlock’s director Paul McGuigan. He has tremendous visual flair. Great with actors too (Still love his film Gangster No 1 with Paul Bettany).

All these super-nerds suggesting Nick Meyer… No.

If there gonna go for a different director it’s got to be someone with a track record in the modern movie blockbuster arena…

Joss Whedon, Jon Faverau, Marc Webb, Christopher Nolan

But honestly I think the only person who could wrap up this trilogy is the guy who started it… JJ Abrams.

While it would be cool to have a movie come out on Trek’s 50th anniversary, I don’t want to wait until 2016 for another Trek movie. Whatever they do, it won’t be as awesome as Trials and Tribbleations.

they should come out every 3 years, less time to wait, and actors age less from film to film.

Question is will their be a new TV series before or after the third movie? If its after then we wont see a new TV series until 2017 or 2018. Imagine the SFX they would have then.

Bring in George Lucas lol I kid.

When’s the last time Nick Meyer directed a movie?

14 years ago.

They ‘d better do an amazing job on the Star Jones story.

I’m a pessimist and believe a third Trek will never happen in my lifetime. I’m not even convinced that STID will ever see theatres. ;).

Do you think 5 or 6 years will make much of a difference for modern fx? Everything still looks animated to me.

Okay – a couple of thoughts.

Nick Meyer hasn’t directed Trek in a long, long time. Actually, it looks like he just writes these days. Personally, I’d rather not see anyone connected with old Trek anywhere near new Trek. Nothing against Meyer or Frakes, but give it to someone with a new vision for it, for a new generation. I know JJ has his detractors, but give the guy his due, he did CPR on the patient when just about everyone else was willing to watch it die.

It’s about f**king time someone acknowledged talking to Paramount about the third installment!!!! If JJ is letting Mr. Burke take the point on promoting this one, that speaks tons!! Hopefully more news about the third installment is coming soon.

Kinda exciting, really….

I’m thinking… that this is a clarion call for TPTB to consider the anniversary as large an opportunity for this franchise as it has been for the other franchises!

Hey you! In the suit! I’m talking to you pal!!!

It would be great if the next Star Trek movie was released on 8 September 2016, with hopefully JJ Abrams and the KO team directing, writing and producing.

Somebody thought that Bob Orci seemed a bit down. It must be a difficult time for the Bad Robot team now. All I can say is – take care of those nails, Bob Orci. Only two months until STID’s release and audiences can be so fickle…I am excitedly nervous as well.

its got to be 2016,not 2015 or 2017,
paramount should be pulling all the stop out,new film,new docs, i would love to see a TV film about how gene and co came up with star trek and how it was made a kind of Bruce lee story and yeah a TV program even if its a limited episodes,say 10 to 12 episodes,set in the prime universe

Could Alex Kurtzman direct III?

Assuming that he continues to live long Nimoy has a number of movies both Trek and non Trek under his belt and would be the best nod to 50 years.

Without JJ Without ME!!!!

I think Brad Bird does way better at animation than live-action, cause M:I 4 was actually kinda bleh.

@31…I can’t even imagine why it would be bad times for Bad Robot have two of the biggest SF franchises under one roof and more work the you can possibly handle. This is an excess of riches, and a management team that at least seems dedicated to keeping the work local when most everyone is off-shoring as much as they can to add a points to the margin. Most folks in the business would sell off their first born to be able to have the luxury to pick and choose their projects, seems to me this is a great time to be JJ, and anyone associated with him…

Who’s counting their chickens before they’re hatched??

William Shatner has been pegged to direct 3, while only doing a small cameo.

Yeah…Spielberg directs TREK!…certainly JJ couldnt direct TREK and WARS at the same time???… 2016 sounds about right for a big blockbuster and the 50th anniversary is perfect!..There are plenty of great directors out there to man the helm. Spielberg, Whedon, ….Ridley Scott??

I predict the next Star Trek director will be….
Matt Reeves.
As the director of Cloverfield, he already has a good relationship with Abrams & Co., plus he’s proven at Scii Fi / Action.
(As long as he keeps the hand held, shaky home video look to a minimum)

Come on people. Isn’t it time for Goerge Lucas to direct a Star Trek?

OMG #25! That makes two of us!

2016 for the release of the next film! It just has to be. Make it so. As much as I like him JJ won’t be able to direct and that’s fine by me. He’s not the only person in the known universe who could deliver a great sci fi film. Just get started with the writing and write on hell of a threequel! Four years is too long anyway. And with all the projects Bad Robot juggles successfully (for the most part) I don’t see why a Trek tv show can’t be one of them. This might be sacrilege to say but it just might be possible Bad Robot takes TOO measured an approach to Trek.

Oops! I said ‘Make it so’ when I should’ve said ‘Punch it!

JJ made the Trailer for Empire of the Sun’s new Album
Ice on the Dune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Star Wars gets pushed back to 2016, then Star Trek 3 will get pushed back to 2017 regardless.

I like your Star Trek 3 logo, Anthony!

Last year, at a Montreal comic convention, during a conference with both Bill Shatner and Patrick Stewart, while they were talking about the next movie, Patrick Stewart talked about 2 and 3 being shot back to back. Bill remained strangely quiet over this comment. It never made the news. I guess everyone felt Stewart was misinformed or confused. Could he have been right? Could there be a third movie already in the can? That sure would explain the level of secrecy during filming… That would also explain a third movie ready by 2016… Or maybe I’m reading too much into this…

They might keep it within bad robot, I’m thinking Kurtzman. Whoever mentioned Paul McGuigan– nice call! Too bad he’s not back for Sherlock3.

@48. Might have been a faux pas on Stewart’s part. Sir Patrick, who’s been very public about acknowledging that his Trek ship has sailed, speculatng about how installments 2 and 3 might be shot back to back, sitting next to the man who is whoring himself out with his ‘will he or won’t he’ whining, not knowing he’s just shut Shatner out of any chance of appearing in the new universe. Kinda funny, if you think about it…