New ‘Star Trek: Attack Wing’ HeroClix Miniatures Board Game Coming This Summer

WizKids/NECA have just announced a new collectible Star Trek board game. The new "Attack Wing" game is the latest entry in the Star Trek HeroClix line-up. See below for more details and images from Star Trek: Attack Wing, including some exclusive first looks.  



NECA/WizKids Announce Star Trek: Attack Wing

WizKids/NECA, LLC has just introduced "Star Trek: Attack Wing," a new HeroClix miniatures board game where players can recreate some of the most iconic battles in Star Trek lore. The new game features collectible pre-painted Star Trek ships and the "FlightPath" maneuver system licensed from Fantasy Flight Games.

USS Enterprise D miniature from "Star Trek: Attack Wing" game

Players engage in exploration and combat, traversing sprawling Star Trek space maps made available via an in store Organized Play program. As commander, players have the ability to customize, upgrade, and assign famous crewmembers to their fleets, which feature ships from the series’ prominent empires and forces as well as special stats and abilities, and unique maneuvers on separate HeroClix Combat Dials.

Exclusive first look at packaging for TOS USS Enterprise "Star Trek: Attack Wing" Expansion Pack

“The FlightPath™ maneuver system used in FFG’s game is an amazing system for free-form movement in a space combat game,” said Justin Ziran, president at WizKids. “It’s a natural fit for the Star Trek universe. Players familiar with the FlightPath™ system will most definitely enjoy Star Trek: Attack Wing.”

Exclusive first look at 3D renders of more "Star Trek: Attack Wing" miniatures

Star Trek: Attack Wing is expected to launch late summer at Gen Con Indy 2013. For more information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, visit


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Why do I get the feeling this is less of an “article” and more of a paid advertisement?


ah, from the same retards who screwed over Battletech with their drek filled Clickitech Dork Age… the folks at CGL had to fling backflips to come up with the storyline and material JUST TO EXPLAIN the Blakest Jihad and up to the Dorkage time line… but who knows? it might…. tank. badly. Its really hard to justify anything with mini’s these days in the current economy (at least in the States… some other places on earth might make this sail in $$$…)

i mean… isnt there already a well established mini game for star Trek… Star Fleet Battles?

Guess the folks here don’t follow Star Trek boardgaming that much. This is WizKids 4th Star Trek product over the past few years. Most of the line is very popular. Star Trek Expeditions? Star Trek Fleet Captains? Star Trek Tactics I & II? No? Okay, back to your videogames I guess.

And Star Fleet Battles is not Star Trek. It’s Star Fleet.

Wow #3 (The Cheif) you’re like some kind of super savvy consumer able to suss out all attempts at trying to sell you something. So what if it is, how much do you pay to read this site again?

The negh’var and the Nebula class are pretty cool, they are about the size of the good old Micro Machines. I got those not to play the game, but because this was the first model of the negh’var I ever found! Now they added a Breen ship and even the Valdore type Warbird…

I’ve played a table top star trek game in the past but I can’t remember the name of it. You had little models (similar to the one above), and they had little strings connected to the base that you would use to see if you were in range of enemy ships and stuff. You had all these stats to keep track of pen and paper style. Does anyone know what this was???

#10 Platitude, that sounds like Lou Zocchi’s 1972 “Star Trek Battle Manual” (later republished in 1977 as “Star Fleet Battle Manual”). Used Zocchi models based on Franz Joseph’s Technical Manual, so big it was played on a floor with dials and strings as you referenced. Very cool game, much more playable than ADB’s wretchedly slow and complex “Star Fleet Battles”, which still exists today.

Star Fleet Battle Manual:

#8 Balok: 1) It’s merely my observation because ads are usually labeled as “Advertisement” – this was presented as a news article. It’s not even a review of the game. 2) Nice spelling (my name). 3) I’m not trying to attack anyone or offend anyone unlike your smart-ass, condescending remark – I’m merely making an observation.

Starfleet Battles is still the best Trek game out there. Bit complicated, but awesome.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a crap ton of, with beautiful miniatures. I have a Federation, Klingon and Romulan fleets. Fun and easy to play.

#11 – Yeah thats it! I’ve been wondering what that was called, thanks!

Man, #3, #12 1) you really told me, 2) it’s a review of a Star Trek game on a Star Trek site. I think it passes the smell test. Not everything is a conspiracy.3) LL&P but don’t take any wooden nickels.

If we were ever to do an article that was paid advertising it would be labeled as such of course.

The above is just your basic bit of news based on an official announcement from a Star Trek licensee. We have done countless articles like that.

This is based on the new Xwing game by Fantasy Flight Games and I can tell you that the game play rocks. Perfect beer and pretzels style that can be simple for kids or quite complex for adults. Excited.

I love how a simple observation ruffles such feathers – JESUS! Calm the f**k down, people. I’m not claiming conspiracy. I’m not asking for something to be up some “muster” or anything else… it feels like an advertisement. If you’re not getting paid, Anthony; perhaps you should be.